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Geek Squad - laptop unrepaired and agent threatening

In March of this year I took my HP laptop to Best Buy because I could not get on the internet. All other systems on the system were working fine.

The next day I got an email saying the hard drive was bad so I went back to the store. The young guy at the desk told me if I would bring them my receipt of purchase from Staples they could replace the hard drive under the manufacture’s warranty. I promptly took the receipt to the store.

The next day I got an email telling me the computer was repaired and ready for pick up. I drove the 25 miles to the store only to be told that the email was in error and the computer was not ready. I was upset and told the “agent” as much and he was extremely rude and arrogant. He told me that I had not brought a receipt in and it was my fault. By this time I was getting a little upset and asked to speak to the manager. She determined that I had in fact brought the receipt in but they had not entered it into their system. She apologized and told me that she would make it right with a gift certificate or something (which they did not honor).

The following day I went back to pick the computer up (5 trips, now) only to discover a large scratch across the cover. The same “agent” that was ugly to me before apologized and told me he’d like to give me a gift certificate for the damage. I refused, initially, but felt like $25.00 was a small fee for the damage so I accepted.

Now, thirty-one (31) days later my laptop began “blue screening” so I took it back to Geek Squad since they had done the work. They looked it up and told me it was one (1) day past their warranty but if it was the hard drive again they would replace it at no charge. The “agent” even called the manager over and he said the same thing to my granddaughter and me.

The next day I get a call saying the hard drive is bad and they will replace it but I need to bring in all discs that came with the computer. No disks come with this particular computer and they should have known how to restore it as it is customary with this particular model. I took the paper work I have back out to them and he again told me and my granddaughter they would replace the defective hard drive at no charge.

The next day I get a call from the “agent” (“Hello, this is agent?”) and he informs me that I am several days out of their 30 day warranty and it will be $100.00 for them to replace the hard drive or I can order it directly from the manufacturer. I told him that he and his supervisor had told me twice previously that the hard drive would be replaced at no charge. He was rude and abrupt and told me he was trying to help me in a very condescending tone. I told him the manager said he’d honor the warranty since it was just one day over the 30 days but he told me he could not do that. I told him to leave it as is and I’d come to pick it up.

If all this was not bad enough, I went just now to pick up my laptop and was told I needed to sign a piece of paper. When I read the paper it stated that I had been informed that my “work” was out of their warranty and the hard drive was not under warranty. I refused to sign the form and told them I would not sign anything stating that the hard drive was not under warranty when it was only 31 days old and had a one year warranty. The “agent” became angry and told me I could not take my laptop unless I signed the paper. I already had it in my hands so I proceeded out the door. He yelled at the security guy to stop me. I stopped once outside and explained the situation to the security guy. The angry “agent” came out the door and told me he would not allow me to take my computer unless I signed the form. I finally told him it was my computer, I did not owe them anything and I was leaving. He yelled at the security guy and told him never to let me back in the store.

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Brooklyn Park, US
Jul 09, 2009 11:20 am EDT

Technically, 31 are out of the warranty. Electronic, anything can happen.

, US
Jul 05, 2009 8:26 am EDT

what a bunch of ###

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