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N Review updated:

Totally lacking in professionalism, coordination, customer service or business sense of any type. Simply high school drop outs in white shirts with a skinny black tie. No training. No ability. A waste of time and money to even enter their store.

Beware of:
General Manager, Edwin Smith.
His name is given out by underlings often, because he simply doesn't return calls, so it doesn't matter.

Beware of:
Operations Manager, Todd Harmon
He was trained by Edwin at how to blame other departments.

Beware of:
Night manager, Zach Ferrell
He was trained by Edwin at customer avoidance skills.


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      Jun 29, 2009


    suggestion -copy/paste yr comment on this site as well -

    see other best but/geek squad complaints there

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      Feb 09, 2010

    I brought my laptap in for repair because it wouldn't connect with the WiFi network at work. I described the problem in detail. At their suggestion, I authorized a software scan, for which they charged me $70, to check for viruses. On their service order they wrote: "Client opted for DIAG to find the cause of the problem client is aware of $130 for repair if software related." After the scan, they said they found one virus, so I authorized the $130 to fix the problem, for a total of $200 paid. But when I brought the computer back to work, it STILL didn't work. Not one thing had changed. So I asked for a return of my $130. They refused and told me to call "corporate" Best Buy. I did, which took forever (three different agents, after long waits for each). Got cut off and had to start all over again. Finally got through and got the runaround. I told them I shouldn't have to pay the $130 because they didn't fix my computer. I could have bought a functioning used laptap for the $200 I paid to them for absolutely nothing! I said I was happy to eat the original $70, but thought paying another $130 for work which did NOT fix the problem was unfair. We got cut off, so I called yet again. This time I was told that only the store manager could authorize a refund. Yet the Geek Squad guy in the store had told me I had to call corporate! What a runaround!!! Total incompetence and fraud.

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