Geek Squadgeek squad - is a total rip off!


I scheduled a Geek Squad appointment just after Christmas to set up my wireless internet connection on my Macintosh. I waited 2 weeks for appointment.

When the day finally came my Geek Special Agent was an hour late. We were already off to a bad start as I left work an hour early to accommodate the appt.

The Special Agent spent a total of 15 minutes making the connection as I had already set up the Airport with Apple over the phone. I was charged $169. plus tax and he was on his way. The connection worked for about an hour until the computer went to sleep and I found out he hadn't locked the settings and hadn't changed the sleep mode. Since i was was not privy to his geek magic, I did not know the IP addy he used to set up the wireless on my Airport Extreme. I immediately called Geek Squad back and I was told I would receive a call to reset things. When this did not happen i called the next morning and made 2 subsequent calls until I was given appt that day at 2:40 PM. Well, the Geek never showed up. when I called back at 5PM to find out what happened, I was told the appt wasn't on record and that they would text the Geek to call me immediately. Ten days and many phone call later, I am still waiting. The Geek Squad people tell me they are only a franchise and can't help me. Best Buy, who holds the franchise, ignores my calls. I have put the payment in dispute with my credit card company and I am hiring a reputable tech company to correct the problem. The Geek Squad guarantees their work for 30 days. I am betting they are waiting for the guarantee to run out!

Meanwhile, no wireless!


  • Sh
    Shannon Jan 25, 2008

    Geek Squad actually ruined my brand new lap top! When I took the problem back to them they were rude. I wish Best Buy would stop associating with them.

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  • De
    Debbie Logan Feb 13, 2008

    I purchased a plasma tv and surround sound system from Best Buy and paid $800 to have Geek Squad come out and install it. I was told this price would cover absolutely everything. I did check out their web site a few days before my appointment and noticed they said they do not bring any mountings for the tv, speakers, etc. As my tv and speakers were to go on the wall, I called to find out if there was anything I needed to purchase in addition to the money I already spent. I was told by Geek Squad that I had paid for the premium service and their techs would bring everything out. Sitting here this morning, waiting for them to show up. Just got a call asking me if I had my speaker and tv mounts. I was shocked. Told them no and that I had called their customer support a few days ago and they confirmed I didn't need to worry about a thing. Was told."oh, they dont know what they are talking about". Unbelievable.

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  • Jo
    Joe May 08, 2008

    My computer hard drive was mistakenly formatted by Geek squad and all my programs were lost. I had a virus on my computer and they tried unsuccessfully to remove it. They said the only way to remove the virus completely was to remove the files and put them on a portable drive, then formate the hard drive. I told them NOT to formate the hard drive and only to remove my files and put them on the portable drive so I could take my PC to another place to have the virus removed. I went to pick up the computer and they informed me they accidentally formatted the hard drive. Now they are giving me the runaround and refusing to replace my programs. They simply want to place the the program file, pictures, and documents back on and have me go away. Geek Squad has put me in a terrible position.

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  • Ge
    George Morris Jul 31, 2008

    We just got ripped off by Best Buy and the Geek Squad. The clown, possibly an insult to guys in red noses, showed up late and charged $350 to mess up the home theater I bought, fail to install all the components, program the remote and give instructions "Its all self-explanatory" and leave in 30 minutes.


    Best Buy can't correct it and the Geek Squad wants to send another guy out to waste 4 more hours of my life.

    RUN AWAY!!!

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  • He
    Heather Fairman Aug 01, 2008

    I took my 16 month old hp laptop to best buy to have the ac jack replaced, I paid 254.00 dollars because it was not under warranty. I took it home only to find that it was worse than when I took it in, my ac was not fixed, and none of my quickplay and volume buttons worked, however I am a very computer literate person and have always kept all my computers cleaned up and running great. I decided that I needed to return to best buy and have the issued looked at again, a week later I get a call saying that it was going to cost me another 441.00 dollars to fix the ac jack and that my hard drive was no good, all I have to say is wtf my computer worked great before I took it to them (besides the ac jack that was only loose) I told them to send it back that I would not ever pay that much to fix something that should never had been broken to begin with. NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER TAKE ANYTHIONG TO BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD!!!

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  • Ro
    Rob Aug 13, 2008

    I'll keep this short, brief, & to the point. Here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, took my "Best Buy Purchased" Toshiba laptop to the Geek Squad on August 2, 2008 because the power cable was not working. They also determined that the DC connector needed repair. They "Estimated the Repair Completion" date as August 9, 2008. Today I spent almost 3 hours on the phone getting a run around by the local/national geek squad agents because they really couldn't determine or provide the status of what has been done to the laptop to date. Needless to say, The Geek Squad do not seem to have a sense of urgency to support the customer or expedite the repairs...not even for a student that needs the laptop for school immediately. Also, when they spoke, they hip-shotted to the point where there days/dates were inconsistent and couldn't do anything except send an "Escalation Request" via response yet though 2 were sent last weekend...they never called me as they indicated on August 9, 10, 11, or 12; hence my phone calls today. Oh - the laptop was received at the Geek Squad City for repairs on 8 August 2008...the local office failed to mention this. Bottom-line, I still don't have a laptop, it was obviously sitting around the local office for a few days, no repairs or status exists, they are waiting for an e-mail response because they obviously can't collaborate by phone, and no immediate resolution is evident.

    I provided this information for consideration when weighing the pros/cons when selecting a technology support vendor.

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  • Ni
    nicetgirl Sep 14, 2008

    I can beat all of that. Comcast decided to contract them out when we got the cable/internet/phone deal. I work nights, so I needed an afternoon appointment or later. He started calling us at 8 AM, trying to get us to agree. Finally, he just showed up at 10:30 unannounced. He didn't want to use our crawl space, which was fine with us. We hate to use it, so we aren't going to force anyone else to. However, he decided to put the cable on the wrong side of the house.

    The side he put it on is between our house and a BAD neighbor. We just have a narrow space between houses, and their kids are always pulling stuff, like drain pipes, off of our house. A month later, we're still surprised they haven't managed to remove the cable. Of course, the job he did was pathetic. Comcast has had to come out THREE times to redo various connections, including what ever he did up on the pole.

    One of the problems was with the phone. I have my 90 year old grandmother here. We need to have a valid phone at all times, just in case we need 911. Thankfully, there are two cell phones in the house, since we were without our Comcast number for awhile. We still have problems with one of the phones.

    And then we come to the best of all. The computers. He was refusing to set up my desktop at all. He even claimed that a) no one told him we had a desktop; b) Geek Squad (the company) doesn't work on desktops. When I told him I wouldn't sign off on his paperwork without the desktop, he did something with the LAN card set up, said it didn't work, and told me that he would have to charge me $100 an hour (he would charge, not Geek Squad) to work on it.

    So I told him I'd just try to run Linux and see if that would help. He gave me a dirty look, then stopped working. He said the laptop was set up, and that's all we needed. He also left our second TV unconnected. He told me that I could do that however I wanted. I still wouldn't sign off, so he said he needed something from the truck. He left me upstairs to hook up the TV, and got someone else in the family to sign off before he snuck off.

    Still not convinced that the computer was the best part? Well, there's more. He didn't actually set up the laptop to use our connection. That would have taken effort. Instead, a neighbor had an unsecured account in broadcast range, so he just tapped us into that. Technically, that's illegal. But then, so is trying to bully a customer of $100 in cash for what Comcast / Geek Squad paid him for.

    So, to sum up - The idiot wired the wrong side of the house, because it saved him five minutes of work, did a [email protected] job with the cable, resulting in it being redone by Comcast at their expense, messed up the downstairs TV (took the DVD & VHS off line to save time), gave us what was obviously a used cable box for On Demand (it had to be replaced the next day), a used router that had to be replaced, messed up a desktop (for the record, the LAN worked with Ubuntu Linux), and set up an illegal connection for our laptop. Then after all of that, he expected us to be stupid enough to give him a $100 tip to finish his job.

    Yes, I would recommend Geek Squad. To everyone I don't like.

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  • Ke
    Ken Sep 25, 2008

    Geek squad was a total joke. Phoned them about a diagnostic for a PC not posting. They said to take it into Best Buy Geek Squad and it would take a couple of hours to diagnose. Got to Best Buy and the guy plugs in the computer to tell me it was not posting. No is why I brought it in. I asked how long for a diagnostic. Response was 5-6 days and if I wanted to double my payment he could get it done in 3 days. Let alone they even charge for a diagnostic. The agent was really a rude ### to add onto the situation.

    Took the computer down the street to a mom & pop store, they plugged in some new memory and solved the problem. Cost was for the memory only.

    Stay away from Geek Squad.

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  • Jb
    jbgfarms Oct 02, 2008

    Geek Squad in Gainesville, GA. I took my laptop in because it would not charge properly. The Geek Squad told me that it was obviously the DC Jack. Everything in my computer worked fine before I took it in, it would just not charge without wiggling the wires. So, I had to send off for the DC Jack and get them to send it to me and then go back to Best Buy for them to fix. When I took it back there was a young guy there. He took my computer and I asked him when I could pick it up. He said that he was about to leave to go on vacation but that he had to fix my computer before he could leave. (This should have thrown up a red flag but from what I read it seemed like an easy fix.) Well, when I went back to pick it up that afternoon they told me the DC Jack was fine but that there was something wrong with the motherboard. The charged be to do a diagnostic and told me that it would be too expensive to fix and asked me if I wanted a sales person to look at laptops. Well, I found out later that the young guy who could wait to go on vacation fried my motherboard when he was soldering in the DC Jack. Thanks Geeek Squad!

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  • Br
    Brandon Shelton Oct 06, 2008

    They are rip offs. They charge way too much for little things. i think they target people who no nothing about computers and pay big money because they think it's hard to do easy things.

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  • Em
    emmy Oct 30, 2008

    Back in Jan. "08, we had a computer under warranty that was replaced by Best Buy (Milpitas, Ca.). We asked the Geek Squad technician for the hard drive of the old computer and we were told that they can't do that and that they will retrieve all data and dispose of the computer. We paid for the retrival of all data from the old hard drive. Fast forward to Oct. 30, 2008, we received a phone call from a company in So. California informing us that they do have our hard drive with personal informations and family pictures. The company wants us to pay for the hard drive plus the shipping and handling. We called the 800# and spoke to several people with promises that they will call us back. We spoke with Best Buy Geek Squad supervisor and all they could do is just give us another no. to call while those vital informations in our hard drive is still out there somewhere. We asked for help and all they could do is give us more phone numbers.

    In their information card it says that their "task force was established to protect society from the assault of computerized technology." Technology with responsibility should be included in their training. Trust is what I gave them that very first time I let them hold that computer. Irresponsible mishandling of vital information of this company's workers should be one of their main concern.

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  • Ma
    Marjorie Nov 08, 2008

    I had a popup that I thought was a virus on my computer. I called geek squad to have them help me. I was told they could fix it over the phone. What a mistake I made. My computer was working good until I called them to remove what I thought was a virus. Geek was on the phone for 4 hours with me. Then all of a sudden there was a busy signal on the phone. They hung up the phone. I tried to call back but was told they did not know who it was that was doing the work and they would credit my account back $100.00. I said wait a minute I paid $185.12 and my computer didn't even work. At least before it worked except the ignoring pop ups. We agued for 20 minuts on the phone. They couldn't even figure out what the guy did to my computer. It was five days before I got the credit back. They wanted me to spend another $299.00 to have a guy come to my house. I said no. A friend of ours came to fix our computer and she knows what to do to fix it. She worked over 20 hours before she could get the internet connection back. Don't go to Geek Squad Ever unless you want your computer to not work and cost you big bucks for it.

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  • Jo
    John Nov 17, 2008

    Phineas Fogg almost met his match! On August 30th we dropped a computer (Dell XPSone) which had an ODD failure. Now this was after a week or so of my diagnostics and getting them and Dell to stop pointing fingers at each other. Note: I did not buy the extra 'Juice' for the computer, figuring I would have Dell's warranty. Wrong. They sold it to Best Buy, who in turn trys to re-sell you this at 300.00. But that is another story (and maybe an Attorny General or two)

    Well on October 2nd, we got our PC back. Same problem.
    They then re-sent it out, this time replacing the LCD monitor, ODD, and Mother board.

    Well on October 26th, it returned. More problems. Not just the ODD, now it auto shuts off.
    They re-sent it out, this time replacing the motherboard and ODD.

    Just got it back. It appears to be working.

    Of course there is a recomendation to replace the hard drive and OS. This computer has barely been used

    A little more than 80 day turn around. Actually 80 days and 3 hours. And since there is no international date line between Rhode Island and Louisville, Phineas Fogg wins!

    So right now I am up to 4 ODD, 3 mother boards, 2 LCD monitor, and one ex customer

    (Phineas Fogg---Around the World in 80 days--Jules Verne)

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  • St
    Steve Curtis Nov 21, 2008

    Geek Squad is unprofessional, understaffed and overrated. They have had my laptop for 8 days now. They can never take my call because they are too busy. They do not return my messages. When I finally managed to get through to a Geek I was put on hold hell and then finally told my computer shoud be ready the next day. Called the next day and was told they confused me with another client. My computer could take up to 3 more days. I will never use their service again and rcommend that you look elsewhere for your computer service needs.

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  • Bo
    Bolan Feb 13, 2009

    Santa Clarita, CA - The Geek Squad tries to portray itself as computer savvy nerds. It's a great image and is exactly the type of person we wanted to install our new surround sound system from Best Buy. Trouble is, the people who actually showed up were unhelpful, unfriendly and in some cases down right hostile. If you have ever noticed, the nerds are strategically employed as the first people you see when you contact Geek Squad. But the guys who come out are seasoned A###holes

    We purchased nearly $3000.00 of stuff. We payed for (what we thought) would be a full installation of our speaker system. What we got was our speakers not attached to anything. They were connected to the new TV ok, but just placed on shelves behind our couch and they had stuffed the speakers wire behind the couch to hide it. No wires were ran along the walls. They simply trailed them across the floor.

    I took photos and showed them to a manager at Best Buy and he was shocked. Two weeks later they send another guy and he too refused to attach the speakers and finish the job. Even though we had payed top $$$ for an install.

    Spoke to the manager again, He said he would get it fixed, I said "OK, just don't send the same guy again". so two weeks later - they send the same guy. and again he refuses to fix it.

    Now Best Buy are not returning my calls. My advise is use anyone but the Geek Squad.

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  • Ms
    Ms Neicy Jun 05, 2009

    geek squad sucks. i bought my computer the end of Feb (27th) of 09'. Well, exactly one month later, the computer is lagging. I hadnt used the computer much (just for emailing back and forth and occasional facebook checkups) so i couldnt understand what was going on. Thankfully for me i had bought the extended warranty with geek squad, so i brought it in and they looked at it for free. they told me they needed to run more tests on it and it would take 2 days. 7 days later i finally get a call saying there are corrupt files on my computer and it will cost 50 bucks to fix. i told them to kiss my @ss! And the worst part of all, my computer got even slower! ha, thanks geek squad. ill never buy from best buy again.

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  • Cf
    cfunkbner Sep 04, 2009

    I took my laptop in to get fixed. It was blue screening. they said my hrdware was messed up and I was going to need a new one. Guy gave me the prices and I told him to install a hard drive so that when I get there it is ready for pick up. When I showed up nobody knew what I was talking about. Laptop didnt have a new drive and there was no note about my call. After arguing a lil bit I got a discounted hard drive and tey installed it. I ended up paying $360 to get my computer fixed jsut to find out while I was trying to install ym operating system, there was still a hard drive problem. sent ti to my friend, a guy who fixes Dell computers, and he swapped that hard drive for another one which I had to pay for. Also, he found that when he got my laptop up and running ti only had 1Gig of memory and my memory sticks wern't the same. He said Dells come wit identical memory sticks and that was not the case for my laotop. Along with that, my cd rom drive wouldnt work. Couldn't read all of my discs. Ended up paying my friend $140 to fix my computer properly.

    Well guess what? Geek squad was supposed to back ALL of my files. I made it very clear and specified how important my music, school work and years worth of pictures are. I emphasized the importance of my files and asked to PLEASE save all my files on a series of discs. None of my drivers were on my computer. I couldnt listen to any of my music. I have no sound now. To top it off some of my Itunes music is missing and my files were scattered throughout. Oh and NONE OF MY PICTURES ARE THERE!!! NONE! ALL GONE!

    I called Geek squad yesterday and tried to get a refund for the ### hard drive they sold me. They pretty much said I was screwed unless I take them the one they sold me. I guess thats understandable.

    Well, I called back today to speak to the manager and he wasn't there. I had the rep take a message with my problema nd my number. I told her I wanted to know what he plans to do about all of this. I am now awaiting for a call back.

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  • Mu
    MunchieT Oct 08, 2009

    yep - If you like waiting 4-5 weeks until your TV gets fixed...then the GeekSquad is for you. My Panasonic 50" Plasma has broken twice since I bought it in Dec 2008. Both times, it takes 4-5 weeks to have a working TV again. It's STUPID!

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  • Yc
    ycp Oct 09, 2009

    i have had geek squad at my home 4 times since 9/13/09 to repair a tv that we bought on 1/4/08 . At that time we purchased the PSP service plan. As of today 10/9/09 the geek squad has still not repaired the tv & has come to make repaires twice with the WRONG PARTS !!! Avoid BEST BUY & the GEEKS they are not customer oriented & they certainly do not have a clue to what they are doing !!! I have dealt with DAVID Z & DALE C from the Stockton area. I have also spoken to GEEKS GREG with consumer relations; who then passed me to Renee an appt clerk; who then passed me to her supervisor MARY. They each have passed the buck & have told me we are not entitled to a new tv until the tech has an opportunity to repair the set. I did not order the wrong parts-- so how am I responsible for their lack of ability to even order the correct part ???? Have also talked to BEST BUY manager Yolanda & was given the brush off as well. Take your business elsewhere. I have contacted AIG Waranty who funds the waranties for our tv & told them they should not pay the geek squad for service calls when the service wasn't rendered.

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  • Kw
    KwameAnsah Oct 10, 2009

    Geek squad is the worst and I predict its demise. My opinion is totally based of service recieved from Boston area-Landmark Center-Bestbuy. The worse service ever. Sent in my iphone for repair three weeks ago and still cannot get a word as to it's the status. I cannot even get the supervisor to give me a definitive on the status of my phone. I have had a hellis experinece with these guys. I spoke to a Richard today who hang up on me twice. Customer service is extremely poor. Techie with no sales or customer experience. If you have to go to geek squad for anything I feel sorry for you. My efforts are geared towards respect for the customer is responsible for their business existence. Change or demise.

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  • Bo
    bostonjohnny Oct 17, 2009

    They are terrible, everytime we've gone there (yes, we've made the mistake more than once!) its been an awful experience. Over charged, horrible service, very impolite, slow, and i had to do all the checking in! they were never proactive to let me know anything! We just use Secure Remote Support now, and they're great. I highly recommend if you want the opposite of Geek Squad!

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  • K3
    K3ROJ Dec 23, 2009

    In April 2009, we bought a nice laptop for $500 and purchased the 2 year warranty for an additional $159. In December this year (2009) it began to make a clicking noise when booting it up. Took it to the store for repair and right away the store repair manager turned it on and said it was a bad hard drive. On December 23, 2009 I checked on the internet as to it's repair status where you can enter the Service order number. I then called the store and contacted the repair shop and after he typed my service order in, he said it had been shipped out to the Geek Squad City for repair. He read the repair order they had sent to the store and said the laptop had liquid damage and it would cost $199. My wife and I know better than that since we only use it in the living room where we never eat or drink. After reading the many complaints here, there is no doubt we are being ripped off since how could the hard drive go bad? The laptop is a Gateway and prone to hard drive failure according to various sites.

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  • Co
    Computer 777 Jan 21, 2010

    So I took my alienware computer to "GeekSquat" and they told me I had a virus and needed to pay 460.00 to have the computer restored. My mouth dropped, I stood there for a moment and decided to go buy a new laptop with more bells and whistles for 479.00. They told me it was going to cost me 99.00 dollars to have the information transferred, I said no problem. The Geek Squat then asked me if I needed "back-up" disks, I said sure, I'll take those so I can reload the old Alienware. They were unable to transfer the information for old p.c. to new p.c. They said there was too much information and I needed to buy an external hard drive. Oh, did I mention this was after we dropped everything off and about 8 hours after they said all of this would be complete. This was the very first contact they had. My wife is on her way to go and get our money back for EVERYTHING. I told her not to leave the store without ever penny. I told her to call me and I would come up there, these thieves aren't getting away this time. Never again, NEVER AGAIN will I do business with Best Buy and Geek Squad. I am posting this website on my blog...the people need to know. NEVER AGAIN!

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  • Ju
    Justin Hilton Jan 22, 2010

    From: Justin Hilton
    To: Geeksquad Corporate
    Subject: Best Buy GeekSquad: Kannapolis, NC
    Problem: I have not received my laptop back from service after initially checking it in on 1810, as order #01132-953111020. To begin, the cashier rang my item as my Dell computer instead of Toshiba laptop. This has caused problems in documentation and not allowed me to maintain accurate records.
    Upon getting home and attempting to start the laptop on 11410 it was evident that the staff did not listen to my problem, as the laptop failed to start at all. It is disturbing this professional repair service failed to perform the number one rule of PC repair, an initial startup test! Returning to GeekSquad about an hour later, The “Agent” – Drew, told me to “forget it ever happened” as he checked my laptop back in and disregarded the mistake on documentation. Obviously, this isn’t something that should be easily dismissed if GeekSquad is to be in possession of my laptop for this length of time.
    The laptop was then returned and checked back in the same day as order 01132-953227453. After another week of an inability to resolve my problem, GeekSquad has procrastinated on shipping my laptop to Toshiba and continue to hold my laptop for “diagnostics testing.” As an educated consumer and all around technology buff, it’s hard to claim such testing is taking place when the computer will not even boot properly or in safe mode.
    In my most recent communication with the Agent, the hard drive was replaced and is incurring errors and they “might” send it to Toshiba. “Might?”
    I expect a quality solution to this problem as I have now been without my laptop for quite some time with no results. I am a valuable Best Buy costumer with over $3000 in purchase this year alone. I get a new story every time I visit or call this location about my laptop.

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  • An
    Andrea Viel Mar 16, 2010

    In November 2007, I purchased a front loading LG washer and dryer. Because of the electronics, I also purchased an extended warranty from Best Buy. About six months after purchasing, the dryer stopped drying. I called the Geek Squad, waited a week for them to come out, and then waiting another week for the parts to be delivered. In January 2010 I started getting an error message on the washer. The manual said, "Unplug the machine immediately and call for service." I did. I waited another week for the service appointment. I was told, "I found a loose wire. It's fixed." Three weeks later, the same error message. Again, I waited a week for the appointment. And of course, the error message wouldn't come on when the repairman was there. "Nothing wrong."

    Around March 1, my washer stopped completely. The same error message. I suspect the error was a common one and they knew what needed to be done, but... Again, the Geek Squad couldn't come out for a week. I told the Geek Squad service coordinator that this was an on-going problem and couldn't they please just bring the parts when they came. But, no, of course not. The guy shows up without parts. "I'll have to order the parts." and "I'll call you." No call. Finally, almost a week later I get a phone call saying that a service person would be at my house between 8 a.m. and 8 a.m. "Great, " I thought, "I won't have to miss much work." A little after 8, I get a call from a person who told me the appointment was from 10 to noon and he couldn't help it. So, I plan to be at home. At 12:30 I call the Geek Squad and find out that my appointment had been canceled because the parts hadn't come in. Hmmm, I wonder why I got those confirmation calls when no one had bothered checking to see if the parts were in.

    I asked for a supervisor. "I've now missed a full day at work and I haven't had a working washer for two weeks." They were sorry, but they couldn't schedule another appointment for another 10 days if I wanted Saturday service or 8 days if I wanted to take more time off work. I demanded that someone come this Saturday. in 4 days. "I'm sorry, but the repairmen only work every other Saturday."

    As I see it, the Geek Squad owes me. I've taken a total of two days off work waiting for them and will likely take another half day. The words "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" seem hollow, don't they? I'd rather hear, "We blew it. What can we do to make this OK for you?" A gift certificate? Another year of free warranty?

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  • An
    Andrea Viel Mar 18, 2010

    This is an adendum to my post: Yesterday, after not hearing from the supervisor who promised to get back to me, I called again. Needless to say, I was upset. The supervisor promised to call the local service manager and when she got back to me, she told me I had an appointment for this morning between 8 a.m. and noon. I was told I'd get a confirmation call between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. At 9:15 I called only to learn that I didn't have an appointment for today. Again I asked for a supervisor. I think she is the fifth supervisor I've talked to. She has now GUARANTEED an appointment for tomorrow morning. We'll see. This will mean that's I've stayed home from work a total of two days without pay waiting for the Geek Squad. I will be complaining to corporate and in case you need their address:
    Customer Service Inquires
    Best Buy Corporate Customer Care
    PO Box 949
    Minneapolis MN 55440

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  • Ji
    Jijo George Apr 21, 2010

    "Geek Squad actually ruined my brand new lap top! When I took the problem back to them they were rude. I wish Best Buy would stop associating with them" That is true I had the same problem please do not go to this
    Geek Squad
    Golf Mill IL (Store 321)
    9530 Greenwood Ave
    Niles, IL 60714

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  • Po
    Podtesja May 21, 2010

    They repaired my laptop under warranty, but didnt return my power cord. What was bad is how they handled it. They say they couldn't replace the cord right away, which was not true - they could have given me a universal one on the spot. They said they would do an escalation to get it from the warehouse, but after 5 days I heard nothing back so I called. The guy said, Oh I'll just give you one tonight if you come in - not very apologetic. Then I told the manager when I came in that customer service was bad and that I was going to write a bad review online. he said, oh well if you are going to threaten me then I wont give you the universal cord now, I'll just make you wait till it comes back from the warehouse. I said I didn't threaten him, I was just telling him I was going to write a bad review. Then he told me again that if I threaten him he wouldn't give me the cord. I said just give me the cord and I'll leave. he gave it to me. Wow, Best buy had bad service. I had big problems with the appliance department as well.

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  • Di
    DisappointedGal Jul 20, 2010

    I went to Best Buy and utilized their Geek Squad services about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was told when I arrived that my computer had several viruses that needed to be removed and that I would need to purchase a data restore package if I wanted to keep the files on my computer. The gentleman who assisted me stated that I would need to "clean" each of the files on my computer and that the Geek Squad had a process to do this. This, as he explained, was the only way to free my files of any viruses. 2 1/2 weeks later, after getting countless calls that they were waiting for the data backup machine to be repaired, I finally asked to take my computer home. I was told that the data backup was only if the computer ever crashed and I needed the files. After waiting 2 1/2 weeks for my computer, I was told that all my files were still on the computer and they would offer me 50% off the data backup for the inconvenience. (Service should be free since apparently I never needed it and was tricked by a con artist). The agents at Geek Squad speak quickly and try to rush you off the phone which is a sign that they are pushing customer service aside and concerned more about how many people they can overcharge for their underdelivered service. I am so disappointed with the company. Definitely not a service or company I would recommend to others.

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  • Kr
    kristyp Jul 22, 2010

    When I bought a new Mac at Best Buy I also bought insurance which included 6 months of phone help with Geek Squad. I could not immediately get on line so I called to get help. Actually getting someone on the phone took awhile, but after the tech tried for 20 minutes or so to solve my problem he told me he would have to get a "Mac specialist" to call me back and that it would be a few minutes. An hour later I still had not received a call so I called back. I was told this "Mac specialist" had been in the office but had left and I would just have to wait until they could call me back. I asked to speak to a supervisor who apologized and informed me that it could take up to 3 days to get a call back. One week later, after fixing the problem myself, I decided to call and complain that I had NEVER gotten a call back. At this time the customer service person informed me that they DO NOT EVER make call backs and was surprised anyone told me that would happen! This person also told me they don't have "Mac specialists", they are all trained the same and have some, but very limited Mac training. I spoke to their consumer complaints department who said this would be an internal issue and they wouldn't do a thing for me, I spoke with Best Buy and let them know that they shouldn't even mention the fact that Mac users have Geek Squad help since there is none available. I will not recommend this company to anyone and will in fact talk them down every chance I get.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 13, 2010


    You are really misinformed on what they have to do to hold up their end of the deal. "Qualifying repair" to them means that the computer has to have a faulty piece of hardware replaced (Batteries, A/C adapters, and cosmetic repairs don't count). It doesn't mean every time that you bring your computer in that it counts as a repair. You need 3 qualifying repairs previous to the 4th prospective 'repair' for them to even consider doing a "NO LEMON EXCHANGE". If the exchange is approved you get a computer based on comparable specifications NOT how much money you paid for the original machine.

    Soooo you are really kinda screwed for putting the money down on the service plan anyways. Next time use that money to invest in another computer when your previous one breaks.

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  • Te
    Termnee Aug 18, 2010

    I took my computer to Geek Squad to have it upgraded. I was intending on giving it to my daughter for her school work and wanted it to be able to be used for that purpose. I needed a larger hard drive, more ram and a new video or graphics card. I told the young man when I brought it to them exactly what I needed. He asked if I had considered purchasing a new computer and started that dreaded sale pitch. I couldn’t even get a word in until his 5 minute presentation ended. I again told him what I wanted and nothing more when he told me that he was going to get me someone who could help me with that and he walked away in search of this person. I stood there for another 10-15 minutes waiting for his replacement to return. He never showed. I had to flag someone down and start the description process all over again with a new person. This took another 10 minutes of talking and 10 minutes of paperwork and finally I was able to leave the store. I called them a few days later, as instructed, to confirm that it was done before heading over. They informed me that it hadn’t been started yet because of the hard drive being out of stock. I then explained that when I dropped it off the hard drive I purchased from them was taken off the shelf while I was there. He said, “..uh, oh okay”, and put me on hold. I waited until another person got on the phone and explained there was a mix up and they’d get started on my computer right away and it could be picked up tomorrow. We agreed that I would call tomorrow before coming in and picking up the finished machine. I said okay and called back the next day. Again I was told it was not ready. I finally gave up and decided to pick it up and take it elsewhere. I called a couple of places, wasn’t happy with their prices (as high as Geek Squad and with no warranty. I was able to find a company called Secure Remote Support ( I found them to be pleasant, informative and very cost effective considering what I had just paid for basically nothing. I logged into their remote service with the instructions of the tech over the phone (3 minutes at the most!) Everything was as I ordered. There were no up sales, no hidden fees and no excuses thankfully (don’t know how much more I could handle of that.). It was a night and day difference between the two services. So thank you Secure Remote Support for showing me the light. Geek Squad Get your stuff together, then offer customers your service….

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  • Ma
    matlock1981 Sep 14, 2010



    YOU ARE REALLY MISINFORMED!!! "Qualifying Repair?" That's a bunch of BS! There is no such freakin' thing as "Qualifying Repair" in the world of computers! When it comes to providing a service...especially a computer repair matter how many freakin' times a user brings it in...YOU DO WHATEVER THE HELL IT TAKE S TO GET THE DAMN JOB DONE! And as for Worst (Best?) Buy they don't offer that kind of professional customer service! Why? Because due to the stupid fact that an employer has to provide an Equal Opportunity of employment...who in the hell do they hire within those stupid guidelines? Some stupid "un-edumacated" high school kid or college kid that wouldn't know the first thing about a hard drive from a hard on! And what good is a Best Buy employee if he doesn't follow the rules by telling somebody that their computer isn't within the "Qualifying Repair" limits right? (thats pretty chicken sh*t) If any noble computer repair person would know they would get it resolved or fix right the first time! All the service plans that Worst Buy/Geek Squad offer for any type of electronic device is BS! These service plans are only available for the best buy employee to make money on top of the potentially expensive sale! They could care less if something wrong occurs and that you have to take it back! They already got their end out of your [censor]! So why the hell should they even bother honoring any service plan or extended warranty?!

    Soooo in short gnarkill5821!...the next time you decide to take in your system into a best buy store for the 4th or 5th time think about how much the best buy employee promised you when you were about to buy a computer system in the first place! Attempting to promise you the moon but in the end didn't deliver!...Next time just use that money as toilet paper because if you are seriously thinking about just re-investing money into another system after the fact that the previous one breaks or fails...then your gonna need a lot of toilet paper to wipe up your a$$hole after you just got screwed a second time with another system..when you could have just gotten the first one repaired somewhere else probably for way less $ and not in need of buying another system!


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  • Kw
    KWS1949 Dec 22, 2010

    DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, TAKE YOUR ELECTRONICS TO THE GEEK SQUAD! They haven't the foggiest notion of what your problems are, much less how to fix them. When my $1200 HP suddenly died, I rushed it into the Geek Squad. After all, I purchased it from Best Buy (another story!). I have a lap top to use as a back up, so I wasn't concerned about speed. A week later I was told that, basically, my machine was dead, that it had so many problems it simply could not be repaired. That sounded fishy to me, so I took it to someone who knows a bit more about computers than I do.

    "Your hard disk died, not the whole machine."

    The GEEKS could not tell me that it was simply a matter of replacing the hard drive in my computer. When I returned complain, no one there could respond. Again, they didn't have a clue.

    And don't bother to fill out their on-line "tell us how we did" survey. When I down graded them big time, it got kicked back to me as "undeliverable" four different times.

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  • Ju
    Juan Sola Dec 30, 2010

    Geek Squad have no responsibility, all they care to do is make the sale at the store and then screw the customer.
    After purchasing a Logitech remote control for our home theater system and setting installation date/time at the store everything was perfect.
    The day of the installation December 30, 2010 (I took the day off from work) I called the GS 800 number to verify the time slot that we had agreed (0800 to 1200), I was notified that my service was in a reschedule list since December 27.
    At no point the GS had the decency to contact us by either phone or e-mail. The responses I received from the GS phone Agents (idiot moppets) was basically your appointment is reschedule and that is it. I have not talked to someone who has sufficient brains to give me a reasonable explanation how this was handled out.
    After reading some of the complains listed here I see what kind of service is provided by the Geek Squad, USELESS.

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  • Ae
    aejbenge Jan 01, 2011

    We took our son's notebook into the geek squad because it wouldn't charge anymore. It's in warranty and we didn't think we had to do a back up, cause it's just the charging that's a problem. Without contacting us the geek squad replaced the hard drive. According to them it was faulty. Now they wanted us to get an operating system for the new hard drive. That will cost us, while it should be in warranty! The cost will be around $100 and Best Buy or the geek squad wouldn't help us with the cost. We will never buy anything from Best Buy again and definitely never ever use the geek squad!!!

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  • Un
    unhappyinindiana Mar 12, 2011

    Have extended warranty on 50" RCA DLP TV. In 5.5 years since purchased have had 6 lamps, color wheel, power unit, DMC Module(Control Module) replaced. Latest repair-12days(Monday) ago called because problem again, was told it'll take 2 days to find service cntr. Squad called following day(Tuesday) with service cntr name & address. I waited until Thursday no word from Service Cntr. Tryed to call Secvice Cntr Friday, Saturday & Monday still no contact. Monday called Squad again-2 more days to find a different service cntr. Wedensday called Squad AGAIN- There're looking into it. Thursday called Squad AGAIN. Was told moving the issue up to a "high authority". Service cntr. finally called. Squad called back and I was told by Squad person the part was going to be overnited to service cntr. Friday no call from Tech @ Service Cntr. Called Service Cntr. he was never told part was being overnited he was told parts be there on parts Monday. 2 weeks, 5 calls to Squad, 2 to service cntr. and still no tv repair. Geek Squad service sucks, will never use it again after warranty is up. Everyone my wife & I know are being told NOT to use Best Buy or Geek Squad. They just keep lying, no one cares, after their shift in (so called)customer service they go home to a working tv

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  • Ke
    Kelly Austin May 13, 2011

    100% right a very bad company to deal with, I took out insurance for my iphone, it went missing from the doorstep even before I received, this was over 2 months ago, called GEEK SQUAD for help; was put through several lengthy phone conversation, then lengthy police report followed, as they required one, week or so later called again, still 2 more long phone interviews, 2 months later, , , Nothing, was put through more stress than the actual phones worth.. just called and cancelled the policy. The customer service representatives are really abrupt and sometimes really rude, this is with the claims, but all sweet when setting up the policy to take your money for their commission; suppose they are trained in that way, to be rude when its payout time. Advice to all: KEEP AWAY!!!

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  • Gi
    GIDoc May 29, 2011

    Today I called geek squad for the first time, to see if it was worth renewing..

    I was very dissappointed.

    I described a simple problem relating to file associations. Powerpoint was not associated with .ppt. and clicking on a powerpoint file did not open powerpoint.

    First she directed me to control panel and told me to click on add/remove programs.
    There is no add remove programs in windows 7. So I found it my self.
    She had me uninstall an older version of powerpoint...useless waiste of time.

    I told her I thought the problem could be solved by going to "default programs" and using "associate files."
    She told me that Geek squad couldnt help with individual programs.

    I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor. she said there was none available.
    I asked if one would call me back and gave her my phone number.

    She said they would when they got out of a meeting... I guess they never got out of a meeting.

    Geek squad is the biggest waiste of money in the world. I went to Google and found the answer to the problem myself. I am definately not renewing.

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  • Gr
    grandsurfer Jun 04, 2011

    Geek squad show a guarantee on the front of their website but when I tried to use it they IGNORE ME. Any suggestions how to get my money back.

    They didnot fix my computer.


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