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Geek Squad - lost files

Computer won't turn on. Brought it in. Said I just want my files. If I can fix the computer, great. If not, just need the files. They give me a form and ask for important files. I say "I can't think of every importatn file off the top of my head here". "No problem, we get it all but just want to make sure we get the priority ones." Picked up my back up cds. Well, since they weren't on my list they didn't retrieve them. The drives have been scrubbed and they are gone. Kids photos, budget info, music. I can't put a price tag on the damage these people did. If I would've known I needed to tell them EVERY file I would've but "we get them all". So now I'm totally ticked off and lost a year's worth of photos of my kids. Nice. Thanks Geek Squad.

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juno, US
Jun 25, 2011 11:16 pm EDT

Jkrue, for the $100 to $150 they stall for back up files (seriosuly give me a break, assuming the computer turns on any idiot can do that themselves at home with minimal equipment), they certainly should save everything that isn't irretrivable. For that amount of money they ought to image the harddrive (which everyone that I know that repairs computers does for free with a repair, I might add), but they don't seem to offer that. Or if they do, god knows what it costs.

, US
Jan 09, 2011 5:54 pm EST

They did a back up for me. They saved everything for me except pictures from October and November of the last 2 years and a very important document for our tennant. I think they gave me back my old hard im taking it somewhere else and hopefully they can get them off of it.

Huntersville, US
Dec 18, 2009 10:44 pm EST

actually when you reinstall an operating system, everything you had on your hard drive is lost. As far as your complaint with the backup, Geek Squad backs up everything they possibly can off of a bad hard drive. They have you fill out a form with what you want backed up (documents, pictures, music, etc.) and also where they are saved on your hard drive (file path.). If you did not tell them what you wanted backed up, that's not their problem, that's your fault. Don't blame them.

For the original poster: Geek Squad does not "scrub" hard drives. If you had a back up done, all they would have done was exactly what you asked for. They would have put the files you asked for on a cd/dvd/removable media then they would have given you your own hard drive back, exactly as you gave it to them.

For the "extremely angry" poster: you probably did "have viruses" on your computer, don't blame Geek Squad for making you aware of the fact, blame yourself for getting them. Geek Squad is not out there to screw people over. It's hilarious to me to see comments like these.

extremely angry
Colorado Springs, US
Apr 13, 2009 4:08 pm EDT

Exactly the same problem my wife had. No power. Turns out the monitor was the problem. In the meantime, those incompetent worthless jerks destroyed all the data on the hard drive, even though they were told to back up the data before reinstalling the OS, which should have been unnecessary anyway, but they "found viruses". By the way, you DO NOT have to delete the data in order to reinstall the OS. A second copy can be installed with a choice as to which one to use at startup. But in the meantime, irreplacable data collected since 2002 has been destroyed. Lesson learned: The Geek squad is incompetent and will never be used by anyone I have the opportunity to talk to. The best thing they can do is just go out of business, They do more harm than good for customers that need some help with their computers

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