Geek Squadextended warranty

K Aug 02, 2018

August 2, 2018

Complaint is regarding the coverage for my device.

Cell phone with a cracked screen. Your website says "dont worry, we have you covered" much to my surprise when I caled to make a claim I learn not only do I need to make a $1120.00 refundable deposit I also need to pay $250.00 to have the glass replaced on my phone.

What type of extended warranty service is this. I have 2 cell phones registered with Geek squad as well as a Samsung Gear.

Best Buy staff spoke highly of your extended warranty service, telling me that everything was covered. " dont worry, even cracked glass will be covered"

Overall, your companies extended warranty and misrepresentation has ensured that I will no longer use this service and never ever recommend it.

My claim # is [protected]. Cracked glass - that Geek Squad wont fix.

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