Gearxs/Regal 1800 Series Deep Pocket 6 Piece Bed Sheet SetFalse advertising

1 Jun 25, 2015 Review updated:

I ordered 100% cotton Regal 1800 Series Deep Pocket 6 Piece Bed Sheet Set. I received 100% polyester. This company has sold over 500, 000 items on ebay. They have a canned response for everything. They sell fake and counterfeit products. Rather than own up to their fraud and refund. They just keep you chasing your tail until you give up. There was no labeling on the package indicating the contents are polyester. After opening the package I could read the label that said 100% Poly. Ebay sided with them and refused to refund my money. I filed a complaint with the FTC. NEVER BUY WITHOUT READING THE REVIEWS. Which are full of similar cases. They even got ebay to remove my negative review.


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      Jan 12, 2016

    oh no I just order those sheets. I got to start reading reviews before ordering.

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      Jan 12, 2016

    1800 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton does not exist! Only microfibers can have a thread count over 1000. Do not open the package. Do not wash them, Those are some of the excuses they used. For me, I paid the full price. After my complaint to Ebay the product was reduced to $13.99 70% off. The package does not state the fabrics material (also Illegal 60%/40%). I had to open it to find out it was polyester. Because I opened it it was non refundable. They offered a partial refund that was less than what they were selling it. It was an insult. a. Take screenshots of the selling page proving they are selling it as 100% Egyptian cotton and not microfiber. b. file a complaint of fraud with who you buy from (ie ebay, amazon) c. Go to the FTC and file a complaint. ( ) They have fined companies like this one millions for false advertising.
    Dig around the FTC's website to read to what extremes they went to protect consumers like you. (if you have a clear record. I did not and they changed their ad after I made a stink. I wish I had screenshots.)
    Because they sell millions of products on online websites. Those sites have policies for complaints and refunds. This company knows exactly what to say to wiggle out of refunding, accepting returns and even removing negative feedback. I hope you become one of the FEW that WIN. Keep me updated.

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