Gardening Expressplants

R Aug 16, 2018

Ordered 3 plants, totalling £35.00. The clematis was the most expensive one at £15.00. The delivery took 3 weeks to arrive and the clematis was dead. The other plants were certainly not healthy either. They all looked like they had been bought from the end of season dead stock in a garden centre but the clematia was my main complaint. It was supposed to be a summer flowering plant supplied in a 5l pot. It was dead twigs and leaves and was certainly not in a 5l pot! No buds or blooms at all. Awful. I have sent the company 2 emails asking for a refund and have still not received any response. There are so many complaints about this company they are a con company and I don't understand how they are trading legally. Products are certainly not as advertised, customer service doesn't exist and they should be fined for mis selling!

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