GAPproduct and boxes

M Dec 09, 2019

Today, I went to shop at Gap for Christmas gifts. During check out, I requested 2 boxes for items that I was purchasing which were about $300. I was told that the boxes are for card holders. I told them that I had the gap card; the lady proceeded to check out and when I went to pay with my discover card, I was told that I could not have the box. The box is only, when I would pay with the gap card. I was told that this is policy change for Gap and Boxes are provided, when it was paid with gap card. I decided to return everything and went to Nordstrom to shop. I returned him and the items that I gathered all the items I purchased a few days ago to return to gap as a sign of protest. If a company is so desperate that cannot provide a card board box during holidays, then I do not need to shop there either. I am going to spread the words and ask my family not to shop at gap either. The company is going down and its stocks are on life support. Nordstrom provided a gift wrapping for free and added ribbon. There are plenty of stores in Houston that would take my money in any form.

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