Gander Mountaincustomer checkout experience

L Jul 17, 2019

I came in to return a product. The checkout person had 3 people in line in front of me, 2 joined behind me. I requested another checkout person be called. Jeff appeared very overwhelmed. He called for additional help and Andrew came out to help—as
S L O W as possible... Jeff struggled through and eventually I came to the checkout. Jeff tried several times to figure out how to complete a return. I was asked repeatedly if I was a Good Sam member, my phone number, etc. eventually (when Andrew has cleared all the other customers and was preparing to go away again) I asked Andrew if he could help Jeff with a return. I was asked ALL the same questions again and Andrew completed my return (total process took about 12 minutes). Jeff clearly needs additional training—on the register and with returns. Andrew needs customer service reminders (attitude, hustle).
During this entire experience I saw 1 woman lay her item she wanted to purchase down and walk out.
Marcus talks of GREAT customer service. You feel far short here.

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