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Gander Mountain Customer Service


Gander Mountain Company/Overton’s Inc.

111 Red Banks Road
North Carolina
United States - 27858

Customer Support Phone Numbers

Mon8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sat8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Sun9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Gander Mountain Complaints & Reviews

Gander Mountain / I am not really complaining, I do have a question about a flashlight.

I have None already on Jul 9, 2018

I have a great little flashlight that actually has gander mountain printed on it. It is an LED bulb and recently I noticed a dark spot in the middle of the lighted area. After turning the light off I noticed a dark spot in the middle of the bulb itself. I wondered if the light would be...

Gander Mountain / range passes

Benny Riv on Nov 20, 2017

I purchased several range passes at different times. These range passes cost $100.00 each for 5 visits to the shooting range. I have 4 passes left for a total of $400.00 of value. I go shooting often. One day the range was closed and a sales person told me they are having a closing sale...

Gander Mountain / I bought a pair of gander mountain boots, scent free 2400 thinsulate boots

Neil Schneider on Nov 16, 2017

The boots were camo over a $100.00 they are all faded I just got a year ago, the black on toes and heels is faded the camo is faded. I want a new pair size 9 I am a paying customer and I want this made right, I have bought a lot of products from you folks and I always pay my bill. I work...

Gander Mountain / purchased a gun range punch card and was told the store was not closing

[email protected] on Oct 11, 2017

They lied to me when I purchased my gun range punch card. I informed them that I heard they were closing all stores and the manager assured me this store was not. Well I paid $100 for the card and low and behold the store closed and so did every other store around. It is unbelievable that...

Gander Mountain / refund check for sale they reversed

Gr8xcape on Oct 2, 2017

Purchased a handgun and NICS check was delayed. They cancelled the transaction (with handgun already added to my permit) and said a refund check being sent to me. Waiting 2 plus months now and have yet to receive. Attempts to contact main office met with message saying all busy and...

Gander Mountain / I have a $500 gift card you guys have me because you ruined one of my antique guns

Nothappy19 on Oct 1, 2017

And now what I am sopused to just lose the money is is absolute deal I spent thousands of dollars at your store I need my money back in cash and in the earliest timely matter I expect a call from you guys today!!! My name is Mike Luck my phone number is 6085098053 you guys need to send me...

Gander Mountain / raincoat #77113 seam tape peeling off.

Boot Strap Bill on Sep 29, 2017

I purchased this Rain coat a few years ago as my back-up. It usually does not rain enough to need rain protection, but when it does I want it to do it's job. Well we just went thru a rainy hurricane, no problem. I went to use my Gander Mountain Rain coat model #77113. I was putting it on when...

Gander Mountain / gander mtn fishing line

Rochelle Rae on Aug 18, 2017

I purchased the Bonus Pack 400 yard 8lb 100% Fluorocarbon line at Gander Mtn in Fayetteville, NC on 5/8/2017. The salesman seemed very knowledgeable on this specific line and offered suggestions on using it. It was the first time I had used Fluorocarbon line. I went fishing with a new...

Gander Mountain / firearm sold to me and resold to someone else

thekid001 on Aug 16, 2017

On August 11, I went to GM and bought a 1911 Remington Hand Gun. I did the background check and paid for the gun with my credit card. The background check was delayed. I called On 8/15 to ask about the background check and they said it still hadn't came through. I went by today a guy told...

Gander Mountain / metal detector

TheTruthwillsetufree on Aug 12, 2017

I purchased a high dollar metal detector yesterday and gave it to my son for his birthday last night. To my horror we found the box had been opened before detector was not packed properly, a screw driver was in the box, and it eas partially assembled and I instructions were missing. I...

Gander Mountain / dog collar sold to us with false info at gander mountain york

Jtyson01 on Aug 12, 2017

We were in the york store to buy a shock collar for our dog we asked very specific questions and were not allowed to open the box in store after getting to our car we opened the package and determined the info we were given was false we went back in the store to try to get a refund/return...

Gander Mountain / service

kivaka pavin on Aug 6, 2017

Hello I stopped into a Gander Mountain location located in Joliet Illinois. I seen a pair of snowshoes that had a price on it saying $29 I went up to the manager supposedly his name was Bill. And asked him I'm like do I still get 70% he then became rude and said no because somebody must...

Gander Mountain / gander billing

David K. Simms on Jul 22, 2017

While I was in Wisconsin, I mistakenly went into Gander thinking it was Dick's. Nevertheless, I needed something to help with the cold because it was 17° below zero. I had the funding to pay cash for my purchase, however the cashier talked me into application for a credit card stating that...

Gander Mountain / horrible transaction

Jhur on Jul 13, 2017

today was all bad. Myself and four coworkers (all police) visited the gander mountain in Utica. My boss, who is a Sgt, and I both wanted to purchase firearms. My boss gets denied because he is honest and tells the salesman that the address on his DL is of police headquarters because he...

Gander Mountain / gift card

Mejiaaurora on Jul 9, 2017

I bought a $25 gift card for my brother's birthday back in February not knowing the store in Sugar Land was going to close and my brother went into that store to buy something just recently and was told they are not taking gift cards anymore. Are you kidding me!! SO YOU JUST TOOK MY MONEY...

Gander Mountain / thieves

CaptainGus on Jun 22, 2017

You sold us $100 dollar gift card when you knew you were going out of business. The Minnesota bankruptcy office is telling people you haven't even filed a plan for reimbursements - so it could be years. No one will shop in your "new" store with how lame-o and shady you are. At least refund...

Gander Mountain / sales

Joseph Collier on Jun 15, 2017

Gander mountain is falsely advertising "sales" as they are "going out of business" they have marked up all their prices and then offer 10%-50% off. Yet all these items that are on "sale" are still cheaper any where else and where cheaper at Gander mountains normal prices before they were...

Gander Mountain / red wing irish setter logger boots

Big nate Dawg on Jun 6, 2017

I bought a pai of boots from your grandville store. Tried them for 3 weeks and found that I was really hating them. I decided to go return the boots, but I was told that all sales were final because of whatever is going on with the company. I was not told this when I purchased the boots. I...

Gander Mountain / ar15

Josh232 on Jun 3, 2017

I was waiting for almost two hour just standing (while the employee keep helping others all) when he finally came over I ask to see three different ar15. While we was talking there was a guy came up so the employee ask if he could check him out real fast. As he was checking him out the ask...

Gander Mountain / shotgun

Phillockhart on May 25, 2017

Went to Gander in Algonquin IL last night (5/24/2017) to buy a shotgun. The guns were marked with a price tag with two prices, first the original MSRP and then just under it was a reduced price. There were signs on every shelf (and directly in front of the guns) that read "Firearms 15% OFF...