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workman comp injury

My husband was hurt on the job 1 1/2 years ago and had to have neck & spinal surgery needs rehab therapy per surgeon of course not approved by gb. We have not received any back pay to date. Gary s. The only adjuster for this office has issues he lost his staff twice, didn't work for several months and defies judges orders.
Now we have an eviction notice and both our cars have insurance and registration expirations that passed so in 2 weeks i'm set to lose all I own. He recently gave us a number we agreed on but somehow he forgot to put the medical bills on the agreement letter. Accident? I think not. By the time our lawyer calls him 50 times for the next month as has happened since the beginning even when his boss was called my deadlines pass and we lose what we worked hard for, for last 45-50 years. Now there will be no way we will save ourselves from homelessness without even a car left. The on purpose mistake on the letter will set us back another month. Apparently we have no recourse why are these people allowed to do this and what's the purpose of sitting in front of judge when her word means nothing to them. I plan to get over to lake oswego or. Branch when i'm on the street and protest and look those people in the face everyday until they drag me away...

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    1280169 Jan 31, 2020

    I understand your suffering I myself dealt with them on a work comp situation with a back injury and was severely screwed to the point where now I am so severely sick because they insisted upon allowing need to not be cared for by the medical professional doctor and I now have blood cancer and there's nothing I can do there's no way to sue the doctors for medical malpractice even though it is a legitimate medical malpractice issue I cannot get disability because the work comp doctor keeps getting involved in my social security disability case and claiming that whatever it is he saving keeps getting me denied disability even though I only seen it that doctor four times and everything he says is supposedly the word of God even though the doctors that I've been seeing every month for the last four plus years their word means nothing so I'm not sure how a Gallagher Bassett gets around and gets away with what they get away with but they have been getting away with it for a long time I too went through a year-and-a-half almost two years of them stringing me along with no payments from them no anyting got fired from the job I worked at for over 10 years 18 vertebrae in my back are completely damaged pinched nerves in my spine 1 mm is what is stopping me from being permanently paralyzed and as I stated because it would work comp doctor refuse to treat me and listen to my complaints I now have blood cancer I wish there was some way we could form some sort of class action lawsuit I'm sure there is if we got all get together we probably could you can email me at SAR a1976 50321 at And that is not the first time that I had to deal with the company 5 years earlier with the same company that I worked with I had a lot of accident on the job and hasn't my ACL torn out and had to have my whole entire knee repaired through surgery and replaced my ACL with what they did was the surgeon removed my hamstring for my right leg from the bottom of my foot at my achilles tendon to the very top of my hip and then they braided it and restrung it to form an ACL so I have no hamstring in my right leg and I went through a year abalone about that to begin with I worked for 6 months with no ACL because Gallagher Bassett refused 2 deal with the work injury the doctor they sent me to insisted upon that I was mental and making it up even though my boss send pictures to the insurance company of my knee which was 16 in wide it was so swollen and the doctor released me to work with the restrictions of not to use my right leg ever there is nothing wrong with me just don't use that right leg ever again that's the type of company Gallagher Bassett is I still have all the paperwork from that case.

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insurance claim handling and denied

631628 In December of 2018 I sustained damages due to negligent behavior from Gallagher bassett insurance McDonalds in Boston Massachusetts . I wed every step to work with the insured...

claim adjuster service

Hurt at work, went to company Doc, all was okay until they saw I was hurt. Gallagher and Bassett take over, Windy the adjuster poses as a doctor for first call until I caught her. She got upset when she found out the Comp doctor referred me to a surgeon, then said she would deny it if I went, I said I am going, she sent a Nurse Case Worker that did not show, the doctor saw my injury said surgery on the spot, then the case worker calls and spent time calling and sending stuff to the doctor, bringing up that I had a gallbladder surgery 6 years ago? Everything. The whole group lies. Then they stall until they file so you have to change the type of lawyer you are getting. The way its worded also leaves the Company you work for open for responsibility when the company does not deny that the accident happened, but Gallagher and Bassett does.
Never thought I would see so many people work hard to lie.

late payment of claim

This is a copy of my letter to your company, I believe this shows the incompetence with which my claim was dealt with. It took 3 months for me to receive the cheque after we all agreed on the settlement.

Gallagher Bassett International Ltd 20 Bracken Drive.

Your Ref: [protected]-GD-01

12th April 2019

Dear sirs
I write in reference to the above claim which was settled by cheque dated 19-MAR-19.

Unfortunately due to your company I have lost out to the sum of £218.75.
This is due to a price increase by Waltham Forest Council for an application for a drop curb to
be installed at Victoria Road and due to the delay in payment from you I missed the three month

The time scale of events are as follows:

1. The damage was inspected and assessed by Mr Carpenter of Questgates Ltd and damages agreed
on 04-JAN-19.

2. The Form of Discharge was signed and returned to Questgates Ltd 06-JAN-19.

3. I contacted Mr Carpenter several times requesting where the cheque was and he advised me
he was chasing it.

4. I rang your office the end of February and was advised a cheque was in process which was not received.
I rang again and given the same advice.

5. Eventually I rang on 18-MAR-19 and was advised that two cheques had been sent to Victoria Road
when you had been clearly instructed to send them to my address which was given to you on 06-JUNE-18
in an email to Gaby Andrews.

I made application for the drop curb directly after the Form of Discharge was sent to Questgates Ltd as
I was advised payment from you may take up to three weeks and that allowed me plenty of time within the three month time frame.

I therefore hold your company responsible for my loss and would appreciate recompense by return.

Yours faithfully

Roger Longman

I have contacted WFBC and they have referred to your complaints department.

rental insurance claim

So the mission statement of GB is to put the needs of their clients first.
Well, I had a very lazy, unhelpful, deceptive, unprofessional and sneaky employee by the name of Jami assigned to my case.
First, it took her two months to calls, which only came after complaining to Jetty about not getting back no reply.
Then she claimed she had to talk to maintenance, then property manager.She promised to call that first week in January, 2019.Again, she never called back.
And in between last year, 2018 till January when she does call once or twice, she'll hang up before I could take the call.
Her excuse, the phone never rang.So I sent her a very shrewd email week of 2/18/19, where she defended her actions and was going to let me know her decision, one way or the other.
Well, I advised her to send an email because she has never been a straight forward person.
She calls, today, 2/22/19, that my claim was denied based on some clause in my rental policy.
She never made any attempt to request pictures or send anyone out or ask..All her decision making was from the comfort of her office.
Personal belongings are protected and because she was a very dishonest person from the beginning, I want this whole claim investigated.
If not, I will file a lawsuit against both GB and Jetty.

workmans' comp claim & communication skills

I was contacted today at home in regards to a claim placed by my wife through her work place. First off, GB was specifically told to call her work place and shouldn't have had her home phone in the first place. Secondly, after fully identifying myself, the GB person would not identify herself properly. Thirdly, she was evasive about what the call was in reference to and persisted in asking for further information about my wife. Lastly, after hanging up on the person, I called GB back to speak to her supervisor who was just as rude and useless. Customers would be better off with any other provider other than Gallagher Bassett.

investigation of a claim

I made a claim against Steak & Shake and these were the folks they hired to carry out their investigation.

Right off the back, Lucas Stepp gave all the assurances of an impartial investigation, but then tired intimidation tactics such as questioning why I waited two weeks to report my incident when I had actually reported it the Monday morning after the Friday evening of the incident. He then asked me to provide information that the location of the incident had. He even asked me to return for photos, which I did.

I suppose they decided to push my case on some intern because I received a call from some young woman that basically told me that they found that Steak & Shake was not in fault. When I asked if she saw the video of the incident, she stumbled and told me that there was no incident. So I asked her if she looked at the video and she replied that the incident did not even happened. It was at that moment of that blatant lie that i knew the calibour of this company and that they were willing to outright lie and forsake honour for the price of an iphone.

It comes to no surprise that both clients, employees, and investigate individuals have qualms with their dealings with Gallagher Bassett Services. They are morally irreprehensible and lacking in class or taste.

worker's compensation insurance claim

It has been two years since the date of my injury and I have been jumping through hoops to collect my claim money and still have not been reimbursed for my loss of wages. I have...

Gallagher Bassett — service

I had taken my car into a repair shop for an oil change. I was contacted by the shop telling me O'reilly auto parts truck was making a delivery and backed into my car as it wa...

Gallagher Bassett — Gallagher basset representing coscto trucks

A Costco truck backed into a bollard and gate at a Glasser-Schwartz Investments property on December 16th, 2016. Glasser-Schwartz was notified by a tenant at the property and wa...

Gallagher Bassett — Very poor customer service

Hello my name is Tience Anderson claim# [protected]-WC-01. On Feb 14, 2017 I contacted my claims adjuster Sheila Klimczak at the number that I normally contact her on 847...

Gallagher and Bassett — Bi weekly checks

I have been under a workman's comp claim since June of 2016, and it is now days away from 01/01/17. Everything has been so slow, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and...

Gallagher BassettCrooks and Trained Liars

These people are trained liars and scammers. You are directed toward them for a claim and in return you will never be able tostate your case. The worker or the consumer gven the situation will never have their rights protected. Their sole job is to protect their client and you mea nothing to them whatsoever. Even though you are the injured party, they are protecting their client of losse no matter how small. I spoke wiith a Joni and a Suzann and both of them are trained to deceive the individual making the claim. Therefore, you will be constantly mislead and give false hope and things you were promised in the beginning will be denied. You will come out empty handed and still with the injuries you had when you stepped in. Only the creator can help bring justice when people have lied to you as such.

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    gahan Sep 12, 2013

    I have been dealing with GB for years .The only thing they are afraid of is the judge at the worker comp court. You can file over and over yourself. The judge has an obligation to make sure you don't get screwed by GB. Hit them where it hurts them the most the pocket. They have to pay their attourney 300 an hour to appear in court and febilly try to defend them. It usually takes about half a day.. you have nothing to lose, and it doesn't cost you a dime . They have to spend 1200.00, so do this once a month and they start to take notice. After a while you will be ably to file out the paper work in minutes. It becomes therapeutic and the satisfaction of having their lawyer beg you not to go to trial. Intentional delay labor code 5814 in California . Some times their lawyer will buy you off instead of going to trial and being found guilty. The fines by the judge the judge can be really steep. 10, 000 to buy you off is not uncommon...

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Gallagher Bassett InternationalThis company is awful

We had an outbreak of bedbugs in one of our four bedrooms. We hired Gallagher Bassett International to make cleaning. This company is awful. After cleaning we spent hours getting flooring quotes and costs to replace the affected furniture.

Gallagher Bassett Workers Comp Insurance — Never deal with this rude company

I have had to deal with this company for over eight years theyre my employers Workmen's Comp. insurance company and they have done nothing to help all of This time except...

Gallagher BassettRude Employees

ran across the most hateful woman by the name of Suzann at this company. Prior to that I had spoken to a woman name Joni. They transferred my case to this Suzann woman and that is when the evilness began. This woman is hateful, unproffesional and harrased me and my familly. She denied our insurance claim and refused to release the contents of the tainted object that was in our pasta sauce at Fazoli's Restaurant. I am more concerned with the fact that this woman is pure evil and hateful than not getting an answer to my claim. To top it off we were never reimbursed for the food that was overly priced and of poor quality. But to be threatened by this insurance claim employee and to be treated less than human sickens me. She did everything she could to make my family feel worthless. I will never deal with Fazoli's ever again all because of this hateful Suzann woman at Gallagher & Bassett. I received a nasty letter from her in the mail which was a slap in my family's face. My disabled mother and small child were ill and she denied all claims. She tried to threaten that she would take us to court for slander if we tried to do anything about the foreign object that was found in our food. It is their fault but they tried to claim zero responsibility. They refused to top send us a copy of the report from the forensics lab that tested the foreign object also. They said they were not obligated to inform us what it was. I mean who is to say they even really sent it in to the lab. they could be lying to us about it. This company is pure EVIL.

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    Betty Sue Wilkie Walton Dec 07, 2016

    Tamika Penney is the most rude and incompetent person I have ever tried to deal with. She lied about everything she told us. Still trying to get results through her supervisor, Roy Bullock. Next step will be contacting our attorney.

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Gallagher & BassettThe most hateful people ever.

I ran across the most hateful woman by the name of Suzann at this company. Prior to that I had spoken to a woman name Joni. They transferred my case to this Suzann woman and that is when the evilness began. This woman is hateful, unproffesional and harrased me and my familly. She denied our insurance claim and refused to release the contents of the tainted object that was in our pasta sauce at Fazoli's Restaurant. I am more concerned with the fact that this woman is pure evil and hateful than not getting an answer to my claim. To top it off we were never reimbursed for the food that was overly priced and of poor quality. But to be threatened by this insurance claim employee and to be treated less than human sickens me. She did everything she could to make my family feel worthless. I will never deal with Fazoli's ever again all because of this hateful Suzann woman at Gallagher & Bassett. I received a nasty letter from her in the mail which was a slap in my family's face. My disabled mother and small child were ill and she denied all claims. She tried to threaten that she would take us to court for slander if we tried to do anything about the foreign object that was found in our food. It is their fault but they tried to claim zero responsibility. They refused to top send us a copy of the report from the forensics lab that tested the foreign object also. They said they were not obligated to inform us what it was. I mean who is to say they even really sent it in to the lab. they could be lying to us about it. This company is pure EVIL.

Gallagher Bassettwork comp

was injured at work and claims adjuster has made us go to court and get everything court ordered. i had mri done two weeks after injury and showed torn rotator cuff, but they insisted it was tendonitis. they convinced dr treating to change his story numerous times. i almost lost my vehicle, home and everything i own because the claims adjuster had a stick up her butt. i just hope when i take her, her company and the dr to court they remember they left me out in the cold for damn near a year before i had surgery and it is taking forever to heal. if they did this to me who knows how many were before me. i will no doubt make an example out of these people, i will not rest till they lose their job and see how it feels to lose everything

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    dddavis Mar 22, 2012

    I was railroaded into taking an Epidural Steriod Enjection for a broken tailbone. The birddog that was sent with me to the doctor said it was the law and if I refused it would mean my job. That epidurial changed my life. The did not follow medical procedure and use Floroscopy so as to see where the needle was going, and hit a main nerve. It put me in such pain that I passed out. Had to go to the hospital and put on morphine for a week. Even the morphine did not take away the pain. Have been in pain ever since, lost everything. The insurance adjuster working for Gallagher Bassett was making all of the medical calls for treatment. My medication has been cut off twice, and I almost died. Cant find an attorney in the state of Oklahoma that is honest. I pray that the lady responsible stands beside me at judgment day.

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    rodney stuart hatley Apr 28, 2012

    They've jacked me around for ten years and have not done anything except get rich from delay tactics and court filed documents.

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    Carlton smith Jul 03, 2014

    I broke my knee at work jammed my pelvic and was diagnosed with si of lower back right side. G B is approving doctor mri and physical therapy but in this three months I have received two hundred sixty seven dollars a month ago and that it. My attorney said last week that's it we are going to court I hope we fry that sorry ### company and I pray my adjuster Sherry Adams is there so I can see the look on her stupid face. Don't get hurt at work and deal with Gallagher Basset they don't care about no one.

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Gallagher Bassett Workers Comp — Rude & Unprofessional!!!

I'm convinced it is a prerequisite to be a cold hearted, mean, evil person to work here!! I got injured at work the beginning of Jan. 2011. I submitted a claim through our...

Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.Bunch of lying ###

I was contacted by Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. in regards to an incident I had at the McDonald's in Lake Buena Vista, FL where they ruined my digital camera while I was on vacation at Disney from Idaho. They asked me to get a quote for service or replacement of my camera, which I did. They then contacted me telling me that the McDonald's where this occurred had no recollection of the incident and they weren't going to do anything about it. This is after the owner of the McDonald's where this happened had contacted their insurance company (Gallagher Bassett) to report the issue. The person I spoke with is Patrick.

Gallagher BassettDisreputable service

Gallagher Bassett provides a service, in fact many services. I think they make their money out of what many would call a "Run araound" Statements like let me help you, and it will take time, , but then play the game of never returning the call, saying it is out of my hands and putting it back to the company that hired them only to hear that the company has no control over the decision to pay or not to pay it is the insurane company Gallagher Bassett. Which bb y the way is not a true statement, the state does not show them as an Insurance company, the state only shows them as a third party adjuster... What a scam... My ordeal comes from Holiday Inn, , , I left my room at about 7:30 am and returned at abou 4PM to see a door wedged open... I went to the front desk and a employee and I returned to find a room open and am I pad gone. A statement from the maintence person says the lock showed only one entry and that was House keeping... Hmmm all those hours and no one else except the door was wedged and open a length of time??? Ipad gone but Gallagher Bassett wants to play games. Tey wont return calls, and they act as if they dont wnat to settle this... MY sugestion is DONT STAY AT HOLIDAY INN and you wont have to deal with these JERKS

Gallagher BassettStay away

I too had a workman's comp claim in which my actual doctor and the doctor I was sent to from work both put me on work restrictions after a shoulder injury. GB denied my claim but stated that I could file for an appeal within twenty days. I had it sent in 2 days later. Still to this day have never heard from them whatsoever. They played it off as a shoulder sprain. Well 5 and half months later my shoulder is still not like it used to be. It's got about sixty percent of its strength back. Pretty crappy since I was supposed to start firefighter training in the fall and now because of GB, I may not be able to ever achieve that dream. Thanks alot [censored]s!

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    1ltallen Jul 17, 2011

    hi i had and have actually and ongoing case with this insurance company. I hurt my neck at work last fall. They took three months to finally approve PT then sent me to a doctor who didnt even look at the MRI sent by the preovious doctor. The first doctor told me I had an unstable neck from a C 5-6 herniation and put in a referral. The doctor said Oh is Muscular skeletal gt a better attitude go back to work. So I asked for a second opinion. The second surgeon said sure it s surgical she needs it. They denied the claim, They GB sent me to another surgeon for another independant opinion. He agreed with MD 1 and #3 I needed surgery but still GB said no. They then hired a PI to follow me around day and night. However they only submitted film of the one day I had the nerve to actually take medicine so I could function in hopes of getting the MD to change their opinions. However I looked up Florida law and this type of thing is illegal to do pursuant to 440.10 comp regulation. You cannot make statements to pursuage or convince or discolor evidence in hopes of denying a claim. If any of you are still reading this blog please reply here as If I can prove that this is a normal behavior and the normal status of how they handle claims, which it seems from reading here above that it is then this is just their attempt to get out of paying claims . ( a big no no ) I even have a statement from the adjuster in an email saying my doctor directs my care not me. ( aparently she doesnt even follow her own rules as the doctors x 3 say I need surgery and still denying the claim. According the the patients bill of rights ( Federal Law - Which superceeds State stautes), Section iV of the Federal patients bil of righs states ( I have copied it direct from the site) IV. Participation in Treatment Decisions
    Consumers have the right and responsibility to fully participate in all decisions related to their health care. Consumers who are unable to fully participate in treatment decisions have the right to be represented by parents, guardians, family members, or other conservators. ( Quote obtained from ). We need to stop this behavior of insurance companies, while I under stand that there is alot of fraud in these areas, that sould be a risk of doing business, if they dont want the risk they should not sell the insurance. If the company I worked for paid the premiums for coverage it is their job to satisfy the claim. So by trying to not pay the claims made by an employee I think this constitutes some breach of contract. But that would be their fight. I just want this to be over get my surgery and move on with my life. There is a board who investigates these problems in every state. I am curious if anyone has sent a complaint to the state about Gallagher Basset. And if so what were the findings?

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    Timmerman Sep 20, 2011

    Hello I'm having the same thing happening to me, I've had 2 surgeries on my ankle and still hasn't gotten any better so i went back to the othropedit that done my previous surgeries said i need a third one to fuse my joint and clean catrlige out of my ankle and Gallagher Bassett is refusing to pay and now they sending me to see an independent Dr. on the 28th of this Month for they don't have to pay for anything and my Dr. said that that i need the surgery so what kind of crap is G.B. trying to do? Make people suffer that's not right at all. They should my pain and what i'm going through with my ankle on a daily bases...

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Gallagher BassettThey do not do their job

This company needs to be investigated. They steal from the companys they work for and do not do the job intended.

However, the companys who hire them probably get just what they want. An insurance company that screws the employee and saves them money. Where has loyalty to an employee who has given blood sweat and tears for them gone. This should be illegal. And any one who works for them endorses this practice. I guess anyone can be bought for 30 pieces of silver.

We need to get the media involved in disputes with this company. Also the states need to stand up to them then they do not comply with orders from the state. Where is justice in this country? Where is fairness and fighting for the rights of others. This is why we need government intervention. I pay my taxes and I want the government to represent me when crooks like this take advantage of me. They force you to get an attorney so that you will lose part of your money and they sit back and feel vindicated.

Have we on empathy for the injured?

Gallagher BassettTerrible service

Well, I have read other complaints here, and am greatful that we have not had as much trouble out of GB as some, but our problem would be such a simple one to resolve and in 4 months they have done nothing.

My husband was injured on the job in early June of 2009. When he finally received his first WC check, it seemed low. I knew that he was supposed to receive 2/3 of his average weekly wage. So, I went to his employers website and printed out all of his pay records and turned them over to our attorney. It turns out that his checks are about $55 less each week than they should be.

Our adjuster at GB is Gary Jones. Our attorney has called, written, faxed, and emailed Mr. Jones. He has simply ignored her. We know he has gotten her messages because our mailing address was corrected as instructed in such contact. Yet, the W/C check amount has STILL not been corrected.

We have also had slight delays in approvals for treatment and meds, but nothing like the others I read here. $55 may not seem like a lot of money, but when your income has already been cut by a third, every dollar counts

  • Ra
    Raymond1978 Apr 01, 2016

    I was dealing with Mr. Andrew Mc Intel at the company about Born Fishing food poisoning me. Mr. Andrews stated that they will send me my hospital check once my insurance paid for my bill. I been calling him for a week straight no answer I been leaving voice mails still no return calls. They are so unprofessional. I advise no one not to deal with them.

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Gallagher Basset — rude claims agent

Had my 2008 Honda Civic oil changed, they admitted they put the oil filter on backward, or had problems with the oil filter in the past, but my engine siezed up that day. Now I...

Gallagher Bassett — workman's comp

I sustained a work related injury to my left knee. I have had problems with Gallagher Bassett since day 1. I have had difficulty with my doctor's appointments and payment...

Gallagher Bassett — Very rude and unprofessional

I agree about the rude adjuster. I talked to Robin to find out why the second week of pay was 1/6 that of the first week. She was very rude acting like I should know this and...

Gallagher BassettTerrible experience

I was injured on the job working for a large photography studio. Gallagher Bassett refused to pay any bills or pay for health care I needed for a herniated disc in my back. Now after 2 years of no help from the company I settled for next to nothing with the company and now I just had surgery and am partially paralyzed in my leg and tremendous back pain because of lack of cooperation of gallagher bassett and a nationwide large photography company. Do I have recourse with G & B for suffering and permanent damage? I am so very pissed.

  • To
    tom johnson Oct 27, 2008

    did you get a lawyer, most lawyers work pro-bono. I am going through the same thing right now. I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back and I hired a lawyer right away for this. The employer that I was working for was a little shady, so I could only imagine how the insurance companies that they hire were going to be. My lawyer cant even get an answer out of them, so he filed a hearing claiming "bad faith". most insurance companies dont want to be called to a hearing on bad faith, it doesnt look good for them. what a coincidence, its gallagher basset also.

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  • Ta
    tasha prince Nov 12, 2008

    I too have had a bad, a rental van experince with Galligar Bassett, they have such unprofessional adjusters it's a shame. I was hurt on a bus that my company provided for me to ride in only to find out the seat wasn't secure. I was thrown to the back of the van, I suffered a upper/lower back injury. They rushed me to their doctor right away to be looked at that I have no problem with I just wish they felt our pain. This too shall pass.

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  • Su
    susannie May 14, 2010

    I would be very interesting in knowing if you do have the right to legal action against Gallagher & Bassett for dragging there feet and freezing up your injury by ignoring your medical treatment and causing further damage, I have been done the same way by them, and if you didn't know there claims are there the third party involved in your injury, they are hired to save costs, to your company and are a risk management company, which I currently became aware of. Please keep the forum informed, alot of people have been further injured because of Gallagher & Bassett !!! Thanks!! Susananne

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  • Lo
    lost-erik Jan 07, 2011

    they r horrible. i have three herniated discs from a work injury. today i got the run around so i couldnt get my medication so who knows how bad im gonna feel going cold turkey this weekend. i hate this company n i am being forced to get a lawyer. all i wanted is treatment but all i get is [censor] in my face by these [censor]s. latia wallace has screwed me so many times we should have kids. i have been more than polite and patient but they really took me through the ringer this time. all they needed to do was fax one paper yesterday, or at least today, but now im out of meds and have no doctor to see. im so lost, scared, and confused. if anyone can give me some pointers and help on how i should b working this out please tell me. everything was not great but going ok til now. who should i call at this company to go above my case worker? is there any easier way to get things done?

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  • Ga
    gahan Sep 12, 2013

    You can take them to department of workers compensation your self, and it doesn't cost you a dime .The judge has an obligation to make sure you don't get screwed by GB. Their attourney costs them about 300 an hour and a half a day in court (1200). You will love it when their lawyer beggs you not to go to trial... labor code CA 5814 is intentional delay and will cost them thousands in fines if you push the issue to trial. It becomes very easy to win when you have your doctors request and a fax confirmation. They have no legal excuse for not granting your doctors request for your treatment. Their lawyer will try to intimidate, bully, and manipulate you. This is normal . The day of the trial their lawyer will catch you in the hallway and purpose a buy out instead of going to trial . You will then ask for ten thousand dollars. The judge will fine them much more, don't forget your are dealing with a multibillion dollar company. These guys are ### and need to [email protected]

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