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Gallagher Bassett ServicesWorkers comp claim

Dol - 10/5/18
Case worker#011316002004wc01
My husband has been getting shots in his back for this injury and were helping. We recently put in for shots again that lasted a little over a year on august 2020. He has since changed case workers diane lewis is now the new case worker. She is very nasty and condescending. She said he was not approved because she feels this isn't helping and he has 7 rounds of shots. He only had 4 and this has been helping. They did a lime without him present with a orthopedic which I never heard of this I work for a doctor's office and all ime patient is present!!! My husband has been dealing with pain since august all he wants is relief which are the shots. Can someone please get this in the works!!! I have made several calls and the last call was january and they were going to give him a new caseworker. Still nothing!! I called today 2/24/21 and according to gb diane is still the case worker!!!

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    Gallagher Bassett ServicesClaims department

    2 weeks ago an amazon delivery driver took the rear lights off of my van while it was parked outside my property.
    My van is my business and had to be repaired quickly, Gallagher and Bassett agreed to reimburse me for this. I have emailed them with the pictures of the damage and the invoice etc several times and no one has so much as confirmed receipt of my emails. I have been trying to call them but cannt get through to talk to any one.
    This is an appalling way to treat people and to leave them out of pocket is just disgusting.

    Claims department
    Claims department

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      Gallagher Bassett ServicesThey are the worst workers comp company I have ever seen

      When I fell on may 22nd of 2019 and broke my hand they were ridiculous towards me it took them 3 weeks to schedule my surgery appointment and also they never answer the phone so I can get in with my doctor for them to look at my hand I would never recommend using Gallagher Bassett to anyone and my resultion manager Tammy Clark never helps me with anything and I have also dealt with them not helping for over a year and now they won't answer at all

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        Gallagher Bassett Servicesworkman comp injury

        My husband was hurt on the job 1 1/2 years ago and had to have neck & spinal surgery needs rehab therapy per surgeon of course not approved by gb. We have not received any back pay to date. Gary s. The only adjuster for this office has issues he lost his staff twice, didn't work for several months and defies judges orders.
        Now we have an eviction notice and both our cars have insurance and registration expirations that passed so in 2 weeks i'm set to lose all I own. He recently gave us a number we agreed on but somehow he forgot to put the medical bills on the agreement letter. Accident? I think not. By the time our lawyer calls him 50 times for the next month as has happened since the beginning even when his boss was called my deadlines pass and we lose what we worked hard for, for last 45-50 years. Now there will be no way we will save ourselves from homelessness without even a car left. The on purpose mistake on the letter will set us back another month. Apparently we have no recourse why are these people allowed to do this and what's the purpose of sitting in front of judge when her word means nothing to them. I plan to get over to lake oswego or. Branch when i'm on the street and protest and look those people in the face everyday until they drag me away...

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          • 12
            1280169 Jan 31, 2020
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I understand your suffering I myself dealt with them on a work comp situation with a back injury and was severely screwed to the point where now I am so severely sick because they insisted upon allowing need to not be cared for by the medical professional doctor and I now have blood cancer and there's nothing I can do there's no way to sue the doctors for medical malpractice even though it is a legitimate medical malpractice issue I cannot get disability because the work comp doctor keeps getting involved in my social security disability case and claiming that whatever it is he saving keeps getting me denied disability even though I only seen it that doctor four times and everything he says is supposedly the word of God even though the doctors that I've been seeing every month for the last four plus years their word means nothing so I'm not sure how a Gallagher Bassett gets around and gets away with what they get away with but they have been getting away with it for a long time I too went through a year-and-a-half almost two years of them stringing me along with no payments from them no anyting got fired from the job I worked at for over 10 years 18 vertebrae in my back are completely damaged pinched nerves in my spine 1 mm is what is stopping me from being permanently paralyzed and as I stated because it would work comp doctor refuse to treat me and listen to my complaints I now have blood cancer I wish there was some way we could form some sort of class action lawsuit I'm sure there is if we got all get together we probably could you can email me at SAR a1976 50321 at And that is not the first time that I had to deal with the company 5 years earlier with the same company that I worked with I had a lot of accident on the job and hasn't my ACL torn out and had to have my whole entire knee repaired through surgery and replaced my ACL with what they did was the surgeon removed my hamstring for my right leg from the bottom of my foot at my achilles tendon to the very top of my hip and then they braided it and restrung it to form an ACL so I have no hamstring in my right leg and I went through a year abalone about that to begin with I worked for 6 months with no ACL because Gallagher Bassett refused 2 deal with the work injury the doctor they sent me to insisted upon that I was mental and making it up even though my boss send pictures to the insurance company of my knee which was 16 in wide it was so swollen and the doctor released me to work with the restrictions of not to use my right leg ever there is nothing wrong with me just don't use that right leg ever again that's the type of company Gallagher Bassett is I still have all the paperwork from that case.

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          Oct 16, 2019

          Gallagher Bassett Services — insurance claim handling and denied

          In December of 2018 I sustained damages due to negligent behavior from Gallagher bassett insurance McDonald...

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          Jul 15, 2019

          Gallagher Bassett Services — claim adjuster service

          Hurt at work, went to company Doc, all was okay until they saw I was hurt. Gallagher and Bassett take over...

          Gallagher Bassett Serviceslate payment of claim

          This is a copy of my letter to your company, I believe this shows the incompetence with which my claim was dealt with. It took 3 months for me to receive the cheque after we all agreed on the settlement.

          Gallagher Bassett International Ltd 20 Bracken Drive.
          GBUK-CHELMSFORD Chigwell.
          HALFORD HOUSE Essex.
          2 COVAL LANE IG7 5RF.
          CM1 1TD

          Your Ref: [protected]-GD-01

          12th April 2019

          Dear sirs
          I write in reference to the above claim which was settled by cheque dated 19-MAR-19.

          Unfortunately due to your company I have lost out to the sum of £218.75.
          This is due to a price increase by Waltham Forest Council for an application for a drop curb to
          be installed at Victoria Road and due to the delay in payment from you I missed the three month

          The time scale of events are as follows:

          1. The damage was inspected and assessed by Mr Carpenter of Questgates Ltd and damages agreed
          on 04-JAN-19.

          2. The Form of Discharge was signed and returned to Questgates Ltd 06-JAN-19.

          3. I contacted Mr Carpenter several times requesting where the cheque was and he advised me
          he was chasing it.

          4. I rang your office the end of February and was advised a cheque was in process which was not received.
          I rang again and given the same advice.

          5. Eventually I rang on 18-MAR-19 and was advised that two cheques had been sent to Victoria Road
          when you had been clearly instructed to send them to my address which was given to you on 06-JUNE-18
          in an email to Gaby Andrews.

          I made application for the drop curb directly after the Form of Discharge was sent to Questgates Ltd as
          I was advised payment from you may take up to three weeks and that allowed me plenty of time within the three month time frame.

          I therefore hold your company responsible for my loss and would appreciate recompense by return.

          Yours faithfully

          Roger Longman

          I have contacted WFBC and they have referred to your complaints department.

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            Gallagher Bassett Servicesrental insurance claim

            So the mission statement of GB is to put the needs of their clients first.
            Well, I had a very lazy, unhelpful, deceptive, unprofessional and sneaky employee by the name of Jami assigned to my case.
            First, it took her two months to calls, which only came after complaining to Jetty about not getting back no reply.
            Then she claimed she had to talk to maintenance, then property manager.She promised to call that first week in January, 2019.Again, she never called back.
            And in between last year, 2018 till January when she does call once or twice, she'll hang up before I could take the call.
            Her excuse, the phone never rang.So I sent her a very shrewd email week of 2/18/19, where she defended her actions and was going to let me know her decision, one way or the other.
            Well, I advised her to send an email because she has never been a straight forward person.
            She calls, today, 2/22/19, that my claim was denied based on some clause in my rental policy.
            She never made any attempt to request pictures or send anyone out or ask..All her decision making was from the comfort of her office.
            Personal belongings are protected and because she was a very dishonest person from the beginning, I want this whole claim investigated.
            If not, I will file a lawsuit against both GB and Jetty.

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              Gallagher Bassett Servicesworkmans' comp claim & communication skills

              I was contacted today at home in regards to a claim placed by my wife through her work place. First off, GB was specifically told to call her work place and shouldn't have had her home phone in the first place. Secondly, after fully identifying myself, the GB person would not identify herself properly. Thirdly, she was evasive about what the call was in reference to and persisted in asking for further information about my wife. Lastly, after hanging up on the person, I called GB back to speak to her supervisor who was just as rude and useless. Customers would be better off with any other provider other than Gallagher Bassett.

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                I had taken my car into a repair shop for an oil change. I was contacted by the shop telling me O'reilly auto...

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                Gallagher Bassett — Very poor customer service

                Hello my name is Tience Anderson claim# [protected]-WC-01. On Feb 14, 2017 I contacted my claims adjuster...

                Gallagher and Bassett — Bi weekly checks

                I have been under a workman's comp claim since June of 2016, and it is now days away from 01/01/17...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Gallagher Bassett — Crooks and Trained Liars

                These people are trained liars and scammers. You are directed toward them for a claim and in return you will...

                Gallagher Bassett International — This company is awful

                We had an outbreak of bedbugs in one of our four bedrooms. We hired Gallagher Bassett International to make...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Gallagher Bassett Workers Comp Insurance — Never deal with this rude company

                I have had to deal with this company for over eight years theyre my employers Workmen's Comp. insurance...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Gallagher Bassett — Rude Employees

                ran across the most hateful woman by the name of Suzann at this company. Prior to that I had spoken to a...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Gallagher & BassettThe most hateful people ever.

                I ran across the most hateful woman by the name of Suzann at this company. Prior to that I had spoken to a woman name Joni. They transferred my case to this Suzann woman and that is when the evilness began. This woman is hateful, unproffesional and harrased me and my familly. She denied our insurance claim and refused to release the contents of the tainted object that was in our pasta sauce at Fazoli's Restaurant. I am more concerned with the fact that this woman is pure evil and hateful than not getting an answer to my claim. To top it off we were never reimbursed for the food that was overly priced and of poor quality. But to be threatened by this insurance claim employee and to be treated less than human sickens me. She did everything she could to make my family feel worthless. I will never deal with Fazoli's ever again all because of this hateful Suzann woman at Gallagher & Bassett. I received a nasty letter from her in the mail which was a slap in my family's face. My disabled mother and small child were ill and she denied all claims. She tried to threaten that she would take us to court for slander if we tried to do anything about the foreign object that was found in our food. It is their fault but they tried to claim zero responsibility. They refused to top send us a copy of the report from the forensics lab that tested the foreign object also. They said they were not obligated to inform us what it was. I mean who is to say they even really sent it in to the lab. they could be lying to us about it. This company is pure EVIL.

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