Gala Hotelsrefund for cancellation not received. gala hotels are a fraud!!! do not use them

S Aug 07, 2018

I have been trying to call them for a whole week regarding the money they owe me for a cancellation but there is no answer and all the options lead to nothing!!! they took 2 payments form my account on 31st July:

Booking ref [protected] - £551.00
Booking ref [protected] - £499.00

I then cancelled one of the bookings - ref [protected] and they sent me a confirnamtion email but they have not refunded the money to my account? They have taken £1050 from my account but just send me an email telling me there was no charge for the cancellation when you have already taken the money from my account. Basically this is theft and I will be getting in touch with the authorities and leaving bad reviews wherever I can and I will be speaking to the hotel concerned to let them know they have stolen money from me. Their customer service is appalling and the whole business is a fraud

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