Fruit of the Loom Complaints & Reviews

Fruit Of The Loom / cotton underwire bras

Aug 27, 2019

I purchased several of your underwire, all cotton bras in 4 different colors. Every bra gets holes by the hooks. Same place on every bra. I'm so disappointed in this product as I love the all cotton. I looked for these exact bras online as was unable to find the all cotton with the...

Fruit Of The Loom / women's bra

Aug 12, 2019

i brought two Fruit of the Loom bras (that come in the two pack) a Walmart and one of the bra straps was made backwards--it twist on the back instead of laying flat (like it is suppose to). i am not going to wear a twisted bra strap and don't believe any other woman would. i would like a...

Fruit Of The Loom / women's microfiber briefs

Jul 04, 2019

Fruit Of The LoomDecember 2017, I purchased 2 boxes of the briefs...size 9 and I left for a month long trip to SE Asia January 9, 2018. Love them, they fit perfectly. I was going to Italy, leaving May 30th. Went to Walmart, found the exact same briefs, bought 2 boxes, took 12 brand new briefs. Again bought...

Fruit Of The Loom / womens black ankle socks

Jul 03, 2019

I purchased 2 packs of womens black ankle socks. I assumed since they are fruit of a loom. That they we're going to be the best of the best. Since they are name brand. I was dissapointed. I used black socks for my job. It's part of my required uniform. I put a pair on. Off to work I go...

Fruit Of The Loom / men’s white a-shirt

Jun 16, 2019

Fruit Of The LoomThe A-shirts I bought were right size as also described on back of packaging. How ever the first one I wore the seam/ stitching on the bottom was on the outside of shirt, now the second one and the 3rd one I put on the bottom was so tight, much smaller than rest of shirt, the bottom seam...

Fruit Of The Loom / women's cotton brief panties, 6 pack qty-3 packs (total 18 panties)

Jun 06, 2019

I purchased from Wal-Mart on March 3rd of 2019 three packages of you panty briefs. Basically ALL the panties waistbands tore away from the fabric, I have 3 pair that are still good!! I purchased a pkg of white (6pk), a pkg of black (6pk) and a pkg of heather (6pk). They were $8.98 a pk for...

Fruit Of The Loom / boxer briefs

Jun 01, 2019

I have been buying your product for many many years and today I have had enough of some of my boxers are made with the opening on the wrong side, the slit where you need to get into is way to the left side of the front. Now I realize that not everyone pulls their unit out the same way but...

Fruit Of The Loom / mens sweat pants

Apr 07, 2019

i have purchased at least 9 pairs of mens sweat pants recently, i have returned 3 pair back to Walmart. apparently the draw strings are put in differently and tack sewed in the back. when you wear them the drawstring comes out. date as of last pair returned is 4-7-2019. I did get to...

Fruit Of The Loom / men’s boxer briefs

Apr 02, 2019

I recently purchased a 4 pack of your men's boxer briefs. After wearing a pair for several hours I came to the realization that men didn't design these because there's no fly for accessing the hardware. I thought maybe it was just one pair that had the fault in the package. Not! after...

Fruit Of The Loom / 6 pack of bikini briefs size 6 to 8 seamless stretch

Dec 17, 2018

I got a receipt and your pack of underwear fruit of the loom seamless stretch size 6 to 8 I just bought do not fit as big as your size 7 or 8 so I was lied to and wasted money on a should be trusted product. I got bikini style which fit my 12 year old niece and fit me wrong in wrong...

Fruit Of The Loom / mens boxer briefs

Oct 03, 2018

For at least 15 years I have purchased exclusively Fruit of the Loom brand boxer briefs. however, the last few times I have purchased new, I have noticed a decline in quality and comfort. My latest purchases were 2- 10 Brief bonus packs and needles to say I am seriously considering...

Fruit Of The Loom / kids socks

Sep 24, 2018

I just purchased a pack of 6 socks for my son. When I gave them to my son there was only 5 1/2 pairs of socks:( The packaging was not tampered with and I was not expecting to be missing one sock!! Now I have to make an extra trip to the store and hopefully have no hassle in returning...

Fruit Of The Loom / men briefs underwear bad elastic

Jun 11, 2018

I brought I 2 packs of the men 3x color Brief's underwear I washed them TWO time and the elastic fell out of the under wear, underwear is to pricey for this to happen i'm very disappointed in your product I would like a replacement of these underwear I brought them at the Walmart in...

Fruit Of The Loom / fruit of the loom womens bikini size 6 cotton underwear

May 20, 2018

I just purchased a pack of 6 bikini underwear and washed them. so far, two pairs have unraveled at the elastic waistline and I have not even wore them. I have noticed this in my other hipsters underwear that I bought a few months ago. I am very disappointed in your product. This is what I...

Fruit Of The Loom / beyondsoft (4 boxer briefs) size medium

May 07, 2018

Fruit Of The LoomI live in Canada I bought fruit of loom men underwear 4 in Pack (beyond soft) size Medium for my son last week from Walmart was missing stitches from one side..went to Walmart..they asked me to contact you in order to replace them..thank you in advance My address 928 Westwood...

Fruit Of The Loom / black packs of underwear

Apr 16, 2018

I have been a faithful fruit of the loom purchaser. I am a female that is involved in many events and organizations. One of the events our dress wear is in white. I have a question or request. It is so simple to purchase full packs of white under garments but I have to buy several packs of...

Fruit Of The Loom / mens pocket tee shirts

Feb 09, 2018

My husband has worn Fruit of the loom brand Boxers and T-Shirts for many years. January 2018 We purchased new to replace the old. We purchased 3 packs of the 2xl pocket Tee's and 3 packs of the 38-40 Boxers. After only a couple of washings the pockets and the seam at the bottom of the...

Fruit Of The Loom / 5 pack mens boxer briefs

Sep 12, 2017

Fruit Of The LoomI purchased two five pack men's boxer briefs from local Walmart Store on 6/12/2017. The seam between the leg openings on a couple of the briefs have opened on some of the briefs after only 6 machine washings. The briefs are medium in size and fit my 164 pound body comfortably. I am...

Fruit Of The Loom / tube socks

Sep 10, 2017

My wife bought a package of 10 tube socks and within a month they had holes in the heel. I've never had socks wear out that quickly. I am very disappointed in ur product and will not continue to use ur products. My wife then bought me a pkg of 10 Hanes tube socks and the elastic at the top...

Fruit Of The Loom / pocket t shirts

Aug 26, 2017

I had just bought some pocket t shirts and washed them no drying hung them up and pocket ripped out haven't even worn them yet can u please reinforce p0ckets they need much better stitching on the pockets and u can come out with better colors than red and orange and also seams at bottom of...

Fruit Of The Loom / fruit of the loom beyond soft boxer briefs

Aug 11, 2017

Fruit Of The LoomI made two trips to Walmart today to by these boxers. First Time today I had to return them cause the size on the box was xl-18-20. When I pulled them out to wash them they were 12 to 16, big difference in size took them back and they would only allow me to exchange. Was not happy that I...

Fruit Of The Loom / woman's package of brief underwear

Aug 03, 2017

Hi I'm purchased a package of women's briefs size 8 at Kmart in Wind Gap Pa. I came home and washed all the pairs prior to leaving for vacation. Imagine my surprise the next day when I realized all pairs were a size 6 and not an 8 as the package stated. Since I washed and tossed the...

Fruit Of The Loom / t-shirts — and superviser corey in kentucky

Jul 17, 2017

t-shirts the bottom of the pockets are not sewn causing me to lose my inhaler . called three times to fruit of the loom. 3rd time asked for supervisor the man was very arrogant and would not tell me he's name. I don't need fruit of the loom they need us the customer's worst company I ever had...

Fruit Of The Loom / fol 6-pack nylon briefs, size 7

Jul 03, 2017

Fruit Of The LoomOn 06/20/17 I purchased a package of your underwear at Walmart, see attached scan of the receipt. I usually buy Hanes, but they were out of my size and it never occurred to me that there would be much of a difference between Hanes and FOL. I made a big mistake. The waist ban on all six...

Fruit Of The Loom / underwear 92%polyester 8%spandex

Jun 26, 2017

Fruit Of The LoomI had purchased this pack of underwear a few weeks ago- this was the second wash that it had gone through. I separate this type of clothing and wash on the "delicate " setting. And then dry them on the lowest setting. However the entire elastic came undone around the top of the panty...

Fruit Of The Loom / men's cotton gym shorts

May 23, 2017

Hello, I have purchased fruit of the loom men's shorts for my husband for many years and have been very happy with the quality and price. I recently purchased a couple more pair for this summer and after one washing, the stitching around the waistband completely came apart. They are completely...

Fruit Of The Loom / fruit of the loom men's ringer boxer briefs, 4-pack

May 19, 2017

What happened!?!?! I used to be all about your undershirts but they have taken a serious turn for the worst on comfort and quality, I have 3 left from 10 years ago and they are still awesome! I have destroyed a few dozen shirts of your newer style that shrink up, loose there comfort and become...

Fruit Of The Loom / men's pocket tee shirts

May 15, 2017

My husband has bought Fruit of the Loom t-shirts for years to wear to work. The last four pack we bought seems to have a problem with the neck band. After the first few times they were worn the neck band has stretched to such an extent he can no longer wear them. We bought the package at a...

Fruit Of The / fruit of the loom ladies algodon underwear and other clothing products

Apr 21, 2017

Today is friday 4/21 2017 i purchased the above clothing items a couple months ago. When first bought them, they felt fine. As always when i buy new clothing as soon as i get them home i wash them in cold water and also use "oxyclean", plus "tide downy fabric softner". And i...

Fruit Of The Loom / the fruit of the loom women's clothing are horrible.

Apr 21, 2017

When I first purchased the clothing, including shirts, underwear, pajamas, etc. they felt great. However although I wash in cold water and use "non-clorine oxyclean", when they come out after drying, they feel like sand paper as they scratch my skin terribly. I have used everything to stop...

Fruit Of The Loom / fruit of loom 100%cotton tshirt black... they shrink!!!

Mar 14, 2017

In feb 2017, I purchased 11 of these black fruit of the loom tshirts at a cost of about $5.00 each from wal-mart. I had my company logo put on all shirts at a cost of $15.00 per shirt. Putting my total out of pocket expense at about $220.00. I handed out 6 of these shirts to my customer...

Fruit Of The Loom / fit for you underwear

Feb 21, 2017

Fruit Of The LoomI'm writing this to inform you that I'm not pleased with this product. I've never bought underwear that has acquired holes after one wear. But two pairs out of the five pack now have holes. I bought these underwear two weeks ago. And they should not be wearing out this soon. Also the...

Fruit Of The Loom / women's breathable bikini item no. 4dbbik1 4dbbik1 - skin reaction

Feb 02, 2017

Hello! First of all, these are granny panties. Meaning they are no wear close to "bikini" looking. Might want to re-think the labeling on those. But that's not a huge deal. My other concerns are much larger. I bought the smallest size you have.?? I just wanted to inform fruit of the loom...

Fruit Of The Loom / 4 pack pocket tees

Jan 14, 2017

Fruit Of The LoomI Purchesed two four pack packages of heather gray pocket tees from a Kmart Store that is going out of business so all sales are final. One of the tee shirts has a big hole in the armpit. Size 2XL. Would like a replacement sent. Seems like this should have been caught by some sort of...

Fruit Of The Loom / men's thermal underwear

Dec 30, 2016

Fruit Of The LoomI recently purchased 3 pair of thermal underwear from Walmart. One white, one black and one gray. I have had stitching/seam issues with all 3 pair in crotch area and knee area. The complaint is made worse by the fact that each pair were worn 1-3 days in a row and each washed once. When I...

Fruit Of The Loom / woman's brief underwear

Nov 29, 2016

Bought 3 packs of brief underwear from the store 1 had elastic band the other 2 packs were not elastic band, though it was new I know this is my size I just bought 2 other packs a few months ago, when I opened all the packs they looked great but for some reason when I went to wear 1 pair...

Fruit Of The Loom / never again!

Aug 05, 2016

Ordered something from Fruit of the Loom website and when I received my order I was very disappointed because everything was too small. I contacted their customer service and said that I received an incorrect size order and asked for an exchange. They insisted I received the correct size...

Fruit Of The Loom / boxer briefs "legs don't ride up"

Jun 29, 2016

I brought 4 packs of these in packs of 5 for my husband & son about 5 months ago, after 1 wash in cold water only no dryer, the legs do ride up & found hole in the leg part, my husband found out it not 100% cotton as i seen on the back of the pack, he pointed out its mixed with polyester...

Fruit Of The Loom / men's long underwear not sewn in crotch area

Jan 28, 2016

I recently purchased 2 pair of men's long underwear for my husband. They are worn underneath pants in cold weather. When my husband put a pair on, he noticed they were not sewn in the crotch area. After inspecting the 2nd pair, we found they were also not sewn. These were not cheap item...

Fruit Of The Loom / tee shirt

Jan 08, 2016

I've been buying these tee shirt for years but lately I've been getting some real bad batches of t-shirts . The t shirt collar are getting all unsewed for some reason when this started I was throwing them out but now it's gotten down to the point where it's like I have...