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Fruit of the Loom reviews & complaints

Fruit of the Loom complaints 54

Fruit of the Loom - T shirt with pocket

The last package of 6 T-Shirts Size Medium, made in El Salvador, were in extreme stretch. I compare the length of the underarm seam to my other T-shirts, and they were about 2 inches small. As my experience in manufacturing, I assume that either they were labeled incorrectly; or the manager to reduce cost is operating at the lower end of the specifications.

I will dispose the T-shirts in the fabrics recycling bin. Will have to think twice before risk buying your garments.

Desired outcome: Improve the quality of your manufacturing facilities

Fruit of the Loom - Pocket t shirt

I wear grey pocket T-shirts every day, the problem is not being able to find just grey without buying a packet of mixed colors, the t-shirts without pockets are made of a different material and are not comfortable, when I look on line the price for pocket T-shirts is around $28 for 4 price is way out of control, probably wasting my time sending this email, have a nice day.

Fruit of the Loom - Women's cotton panties

I purchased 2 packages at walmart in Gatesville, Tx for just at $20. There is not elasticity in these under- garments. I believe someone tried to cut costs and ruined products. I cannot use these. I wish for a full refund. I also suggest you start making the products with the same quality that you had before this virus shut us all down. Contact me Rene Blackwell [protected] North Alamo St. Hamilton, Tx 76531

Desired outcome: refund

Fruit of the Loom - Men socks

I bought a pack of 12 Fruit of the loom mens socks size 9 to 12 at Walmart and tried to wear a pair, But when I put them on they were extremely tight. After one hour I had deep indentations in my legs. It seems that the elastic doesn't stretch enough. I have never had a problem with your socks since I was a kid growing up. I am returning them to the store where I purchased them for a refund. I will try to find socks that are not so tight. Ben Benedetti Bartow Fla. 33830


Fruit of the Loom - Ladies underwear

I purchased from Giant Tiger in December of 2019 two packages of your ladies panty briefs 6 pack size extra large. Basically ALL the panties waistbands tore away from the fabric, I have 3 pair that...

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Fruit of the Loom - Women's micro mesh size 9 underwear bonus 5 pack

I purchased 2 packages of your Breathable Seamless Micro Mesh size 9, bonus 5 pack underwear at Target. Both packeages were not tampered with but there was only 3 pairs in both packages. The...

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Fruit of the Loom - Cotton underwire bras

I purchased several of your underwire, all cotton bras in 4 different colors. Every bra gets holes by the hooks. Same place on every bra. I'm so disappointed in this product as I love the all cotton. I looked for these exact bras online as was unable to find the all cotton with the underwire. These are so comfortable and was ecstatic when I found them. I'm asking for a replacement for these. Thank you

Fruit of the Loom - Women's bra

i brought two Fruit of the Loom bras (that come in the two pack) a Walmart and one of the bra straps was made backwards--it twist on the back instead of laying flat (like it is suppose to). i am not going to wear a twisted bra strap and don't believe any other woman would.
i would like a replacement bra--these are the only bras that i like and they fit good and they are comfortable.
i have sent an email to the company and left a message today 08/12/2019.

Fruit of the Loom - Women's microfiber briefs

December 2017, I purchased 2 boxes of the briefs...size 9 and I left for a month long trip to SE Asia January 9, 2018. Love them, they fit perfectly. I was going to Italy, leaving May 30th. Went to Walmart, found the exact same briefs, bought 2 boxes, took 12 brand new briefs. Again bought size 9. Of course I didn't try them on, I bought them for the trip and they were the same brief, same size. They are way too small, they didn't fit well, but I was stuck as I was not home in the USA. I wored them, washed them out, and the elastic broke in the waistband. I threw awy several pairs...and I didn't wear 6 of them...still rolled up...and back in the box. What the heck, I should not have had an issue with the briefs, your sizes should be consistent and they were not. They are not expensive underwear, however, not having comfortable underwear when traveling in a foreign country and doing a LOT of walking is not pleasant.

Thanks for listening! I have pictures, comparing the size 9s I got a year ago and the size 9s I purchased for the trip. The new ones are definitely smaller.

My 1st scene I recorded I was wearing the bikini briefs seamless microfiber, and my daughter loves the thong cheeky and boy short panties and has been wearing the thongs since 6. We both want fruit of the bloom to make crotchless micro g strong things and start offering all size and style in see through nylon.

Fruit of the Loom - Womens black ankle socks

I purchased 2 packs of womens black ankle socks. I assumed since they are fruit of a loom. That they we're going to be the best of the best. Since they are name brand. I was dissapointed. I used black socks for my job. It's part of my required uniform. I put a pair on. Off to work I go. Not even an hour had went by. My socks we're comming off inside my shoe. As I was walking into the front of my work. Those socks I purchased are the size of my foot. My shoe fit me perfect. None of that is even questionable. I would never wear anything that didn't fit me. I had to stay at my 8 hours shift really uncomfortable with this huge inconvieience. What a waist of money. I couldn't return them. I had to use them. That's all I had. I had no choice. The minute I had money to buy more new socks. I did! I purchased haines her way. I had a better experience. Hains socks are thicker did not slide once inside my shoe. Come on now guys. Your company has been around for years and years. I will never purchase any of your products ever again. I'm very dissapiontment in fruit of a loom products. Good day!

Fruit of the Loom - Men’s white a-shirt

The A-shirts I bought were right size as also described on back of packaging. How ever the first one I wore the seam/ stitching on the bottom was on the outside of shirt, now the second one and the 3rd one I put on the bottom was so tight, much smaller than rest of shirt, the bottom seam started to break. Now these are not cheap to purchase, $14.98 for a 6 pack of A-shirts

Fruit of the Loom - Women's cotton brief panties, 6 pack qty-3 packs (total 18 panties)

I purchased from Wal-Mart on March 3rd of 2019 three packages of you panty briefs. Basically ALL the panties waistbands tore away from the fabric, I have 3 pair that are still good!! I purchased a pkg of white (6pk), a pkg of black (6pk) and a pkg of heather (6pk). They were $8.98 a pk for a total of $26.46 for the 18 pr. I am very unhappy with this product!! I just purchased Hanes brand cotton briefs to replaced your product. I have bought Fruit of the Loom for decades, but not sure now if I will trust your product again for a future purchase. order #[protected]
Online order
Mar 3, 2019
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Fruit of the Loom
Women's Cotton Brief Panties, 6 Pack
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217 reviews
Fruit of the LoomWalmart # [protected]

Thank You
Patricia Johnson
233 Corrington Circle
Newfield, NY 14867

Fruit of the Loom - Boxer briefs

I have been buying your product for many many years and today I have had enough of some of my boxers are made with the opening on the wrong side, the slit where you need to get into is way to the left side of the front. Now I realize that not everyone pulls their unit out the same way but I have to throw away at least one pair out of every new package out because the are just to hard to deal with. I will bet I have thrown away as many as 40 pairs of boxers over the years.
I would like you to rectify this problem so I don't have to throw away new underwear.
Now if the reason is that you make lefts and right hand boxers then mark the package so people can not only buy the ones that work for them but tell your workers to package them that way.

Thank you jamie rosochacki
Ps: I just want to get it out when I need to please help i'm stuck in a hole!!!

Fruit of the Loom - Mens sweat pants

i have purchased at least 9 pairs of mens sweat pants recently, i have returned 3 pair back to Walmart. apparently the draw strings are put in differently and tack sewed in the back. when you wear them the drawstring comes out. date as of last pair returned is 4-7-2019. I did get to exchange them, but i have done this 2 other times. I am writing this in hopes you will find a solution to this problem. You cannot restring them back in. thank you

Fruit of the Loom - Men’s boxer briefs

I recently purchased a 4 pack of your men's boxer briefs. After wearing a pair for several hours I came to the realization that men didn't design these because there's no fly for accessing the hardware. I thought maybe it was just one pair that had the fault in the package. Not! after further analysis all four pair have the same defect.

These must have been solely designed for the guys playing on Survivor where they wear the same pair of underwear for 40 days straight.

So for your future consideration to keep men as part of your customer base. You going want men's underwear to have a fly/access. It's a no brainer decision.

I have thrown away my package and receipt. If you can please forward me a package of boxer briefs with a fly I'll gladly return these with a defect.

Tim Taylor
PO Box 608
Brownsville, CA 95919

E mail address: [protected]

TOOLMAN4591 is not alone NO MEMBER escape! Unreal!! found out today after driving miles stop at gas station and go to urinate NOPE NO ESCAPE? how in the world does this happen? ME TOO?

Fruit of the Loom - 6 pack of bikini briefs size 6 to 8 seamless stretch

I got a receipt and your pack of underwear fruit of the loom seamless stretch size 6 to 8 I just bought do not fit as big as your size 7 or 8 so I was lied to and wasted money on a should be trusted...

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Fruit of the Loom - Mens boxer briefs

For at least 15 years I have purchased exclusively Fruit of the Loom brand boxer briefs. however, the last few times I have purchased new, I have noticed a decline in quality and comfort. My latest...

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Fruit of the Loom - Kids socks

I just purchased a pack of 6 socks for my son. When I gave them to my son there was only 5 1/2 pairs of socks:( The packaging was not tampered with and I was not expecting to be missing one sock!!
Now I have to make an extra trip to the store and hopefully have no hassle in returning them. What nuisance. He was excited to get the new socks - too bad e has to wait until I have time to hopefully return/exchange them. This obviously missed the quality control department. Please feel free to send him new socks. size 9-2.5 Anklets FRB10204Q6 Black.
8146 Prince Edward Cres
Prince George, BC
V2N 3X7

Fruit of the Loom - Men briefs underwear bad elastic

I brought I 2 packs of the men 3x color Brief's underwear I washed them TWO time and the elastic fell out of the under wear, underwear is to pricey for this to happen i'm very disappointed in your product I would like a replacement of these underwear I brought them at the Walmart in Gastonia NC in the Myrtle school area. or two pair of the underwear the elastic has fallen all the way out and on all of the rest of them you can see the elastic.

Fruit of the Loom - Fruit of the loom womens bikini size 6 cotton underwear

I just purchased a pack of 6 bikini underwear and washed them. so far, two pairs have unraveled at the elastic waistline and I have not even wore them. I have noticed this in my other hipsters underwear that I bought a few months ago. I am very disappointed in your product. This is what I always purchase and just recently now I have had problems with two different packages. I do not feel it is worth my time sewing them myself, but I am angry I will be out the money having to repurchase new underwear. Also, I would not return underwear to store. That's why I am contact your customer service. I would greatly appreciate two coupons to replace the two packs of underwear I have had problems with.
thank you,
Barbie Smith

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