Frontier Communications Corporationcustomer service

H Sep 05, 2018

I closed my account with frontier and I returned my equipment. Now, frontier says that they never received the equipment and if just may be that it was lost via mailing process... but I called to speak with a rep. The first woman couldn't help me and said I had to go back to find the receipt. I couldn't find the receipt and the UPS store claimed they couldn't help me track it. I called again (frontier) to update them and the representative I spoke with said you're all set, I cleared all charges and I'm sorry about the bother. OK, now 2 months later I receive a bill again for the equipment. I called today and spoke with a supervisor "Debar" she was absolutely rude and had no communication and customer service skills what so ever. She was nasty and stated that she couldn't help me and that what I chose to do with my credit was on me... EXCUSE ME?! You guys are making it impossible to rid of you.

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