Frontier Communications Corporationcable boxes

T Sep 04, 2018

We started service with Verizon which was changed to Frontier in our area. Frontier left the Verizon equipment after the takeover of programing and billing. During an electrical storm 2 of the 3 cable boxes we have are no longer operable. I have called to have them replaced 5x's. Initially the service rep came out and got the DVR to work and the internet but not the two other boxes. I have been told by Frontiers scheduling department for technical service rep, that the technician can charge whatever he feels like if he comes out to replace the inoperable boxes. I asked what would constitute a service charge, and was told what ever the technician feels like charging for and whatever the amount the field technician feels like charging. I asked to cancel the 2 boxes and have been told 3x's now that they can't cancel the inoperable boxes since it's grandfathered Verizon account. That there is nothing they can do. So I am now left paying for Quantum Enhanced DVR $22.00 a mth, Fios TV Ultimate HD $99.00 a month AND Quantum Enhanced 3-room pkg $29.99...for one hook-up DVR in one room.

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