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3rd party billing

I do NOT want Frontier allowing companies to bill me on my phone bill!
I never signed up for this protection service and yet they were allowed to charge my phone bill without me being aware of it until my bill came out. I cancelled the charge with no problem...but when I called Frontier...I was told there is nothing I can do about is a COURTESY that Frontier gives to these companies. I DO NOT WANT THIS COURTESY!!! I certainly WILL NOT continue with Frontier if this is what they consider a courtesy to their customers.

poor service

Plan on spending an afternoon on hold if you have to call Frontier Communications customer service. I waited on hold, listening to extremely poor quality muzak, for 18 minutes before I hung up and called back later. The second time I waited 42 minutes before getting totally frustrated and hanging up. The third time I selected a billing branch from their unintelligible phone tree and as soon as I got ahold of a real person I demanded to speak with a supervisor. Lo and behold I had to wait on hold another 10 minutes before I got someone who could help me. It took him about 45 seconds to take care of what I needed. This company needs to hire some more service representatives as they are demonstrating a total disrespect for their customers by making them wait on hold for so long. Thank goodness I've moved out of their service area.

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    Reviewer20162 Jan 07, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    a continuous battle to get the speed they say they give me, for the price I pay, from 3 mbps - 6 mbps checking constantly thru out different times of a 24 hour . I do not get the 12 MB im paying for. geesh. 3 years now. its usually about 4 - 5 mbps I get.

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I disconnected services with this company after only 5 months. My bills fluctuated every month and credits were given because they couldn't get their accounting correct. Due to me being in a contract with them for my telephone, internet, and cable, I had to pay $281.00 to disconnect, but it was worth it. However, 5 months after disconnecting services with them they continue to send my bills and the most recent one is about me not sending their modem back. I sent the modem back to them in July and they are saying they never received it and now I owe them $113.56 and if I don't pay within 10 days they will send it to collections. DO NOT do business with this company. They are trying to get over on their consumers in any way possible. Their bundle packages may seem lower than their competitors, but really they are not. My bill was suppose to be around 165.00 a month, for the 5 months I was with them it was over $220.00. I went back to Comcast and have my bundle package through them and pay $175.00 a month and their internet is so much better.

terrible transfer from verizon

One day on my TV I saw the logo change from Verizon to Frontier when you turn off your cable box but not the...

erronious charges

I have been a Verizon customer for 15 years. Recently Verizon sold their land line and internet services for our part of the country to Frontier Communications. That's where the problems started. Soon after the switch was made to Frontier I received a promotional card in the mail to receive a phone/internet bundle at a price lower than I was already paying. I called Frontier but was told since was not a new customer I did not qualify for the deal. The represenative told me however that I could switch to a faster internet service for 69.99 which would save me about $5 month. I said no-brainer, make the switch. My next statement came and it was for $88. I called Frontier and was told that the bundle price is $69.99 + taxes, surcharges, gratuity, etc. I got nowhere with the representative I was talking with so I asked for Genivie's supervisor. Her supervisor, Dalton, came on the phone after about 10 minutes. He was real jerk. (I guess I probably wasn't real nice by then anymore either.) I asked to go back to my old plan for $73 but he said that I would be breaking my contract and the cost for that would be $160. I asked to have my original conversation reviewed (they always say they may be recorded) but he said those are for training only and not all are recorded. He went on to say that was sent paper work in the mail with the new rates and that by not replying to the charges listed on their I had given my approval for the new charges. he said I had 30 days to review them. Well it just happens that 30 days from the time I would have received the papers would be several days from this call. So I said well my 30 days aren't up yet. He quickly said, no, it's 30 days from when you make the change, not from when you receive the paperwork. So it was past the 30 days by 2 days and he would not let me go back to my old plan without the penalty.That's the policy! The original representative had offered a $15 month discount for 12 months. Dalton said that was an invalid offer and he would not honor that. So again one of their employees made another offer that was not valid, just like what was made on my original phone call. I'm dropping Frontier and going to someone else. I asked Dalton if he wanted a happy customer? he wouldn't directly answer the question. This change to Frontier was a bad move for many customers.

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    benterry Apr 18, 2009

    Flight canceled out of Denver tonight, even though every other airline has flights leaving tonight. Wanted me to fly standby for the next 24-48 hours, telling me that the earliest they may be able to get me out would be Monday (Its Friday now). Poor service, even worse terms of carriage, which oblige you to accept their poor offerings of two day standby or forfeit your refund. Had to book a flight with United (Leaving tomorrow AM) at considerable expense. Interesting - in their terms of carriage they state the they will attempt to put you on the next flight out, even if it is with another carrier - not so, you have to book yourself. Also, trip insurance is a waste of money, since Frontier offered me weak standby, they technically did not cancel my flight for longer than 12 hours, thereby nullifying my ability to obtain insurance reimbursement. Weak, very weak, will never fly with these fools again. A cheap flight ends up costing three times more, and still not at my destination yet. Boo

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  • Ni
    Nick Apr 18, 2009

    I am in your same boat! Stuck in Denver for 2 days for 6" of snow?!?!?! I will NEVER fly Frontier again!!!

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    Pamela Fries Jun 25, 2011

    I will never fly Frontier air again!

    Check in: Not seated together after seats had been bought in advance of 4 mths. I have a handicap husband with( ALS ) look it up, and an 8 yr. old daughter.
    Wheelchair was not door when I had put an order in for one to be at the door.
    I pd. for the plus plan tickets and got nothing for it.
    So called flight attendants with no training in how to deal with passengers are the ruddiest I have ever come across. You could find better if you walk down the streets of San Francisco .
    We were not the only people complaining on the flight.
    I have been putting out the word to everyone I know that travels by air, DO NOT TRAVEL FRONTIER!
    Don't feel bad you're not the only one I am upset with, is a sight that you should never get cheap tickets through. I have never filed a complaint before. I do feel my Husband, daughter and myself are owed three round trip tickets to anywhere in the United states, and would prefer them to be with another airline. Just because your airline is (CHEAP) doesn't mean you need to act it! Sincerely, Pamela Fries

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too many problems to mention

geeeeez where to begin. well, i ordered a bundles pkg online from them on aug. 2-3. received call and email...

erroneous charges for dsl

I agreed over the phone to a DSL promotion from Frontier two months ago. They have not honored their original promotional package fees and have erroneously billed me overcharges for three months’ statements now. Two months ago, the overcharges amounted to $137.20. Last month and this month, they amounted to around $20 each.

I agreed to try DSL for an introductory cost of $24.99 a month for High Speed Internet Lite and $4.50 for the modem rental. Two months in a row, they charged me $39.99 for the Lite package and $6.99 for the modem rental. This is not what was promised in a taped phone call or in subsequent calls. They have thus far refused to fully reimburse me for those overcharges. They also offered a $34.99 installation fee and charged me $134.99 on my bill. That $100 was taken off after two phone calls to two different representatives.

Frontier then charged me a late fee of $2.06 the next month for not paying their overcharges, and for no valid reason since I had paid my bill in full, the amount they told me to pay, by phone. After grossly overcharging me on my bill two months ago, the bill was adjusted down $137.20 (the amount of the original overcharges) and I paid that bill, so I was not late in payment. They still haven’t removed the other overcharges.

They also charged county, state, and federal taxes on amounts that were too high to begin with and I have not seen where any of those taxes were adjusted down.

When I received the first inflated bill, I called Frontier’s office “residential” phone number [protected]) and listened to scrambled menu messages that were almost impossible to understand for fifteen minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Then I called back to the same messed up menu messages and waited another five minutes with no answer. I then called Frontier’s “business” number and after several menu choices, the phone went into a busy signal and no one ever answered.

I then emailed Frontier on their website “contact us” link, wrote about this experience and the overcharges on my bill, and I have not heard anything from Frontier by email or any other means from that correspondence. I again called the 800 “residential” number and I was put on hold for five minutes, with annoying harsh music and no promise of a person coming on, so I hung up. Since I had no way to contact Frontier, I wrote a letter which they also never responded to. I have now written another letter, and I have emailed both letters as well to their online customer service for my second time contacting them online. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

This month’s bill did show a credit of $11.50 under “Other Charges” and then the account was billed “$11.00” for “Subse Sv Order Chrg-Res NRC” under “Other Charges, ” so in effect most of the credit was re-billed in the same section. I have no idea what the charge or credit was for and there is no explanation. So I received one credit only to have it taken away, and with no intelligible explanation as to what it was for. And the bill still reflects the same overcharges.

In a time of cell phones replacing landlines, and during a down economy, I would think that good customers would mean something to companies. I am seriously considering getting a cell phone, satellite hook-up, and doing away with any services that require me to deal with Frontier. For two years, Frontier tried to get me to sign up for their DSL service. Now that I have, I have been treated very poorly by their company ever since.

I have had Frontier as my phone provider for almost 13 years and I am treated this poorly as a customer. Someone needs to do something about the way phone companies no longer treat customers as human beings, and how they fraudulently charge customers extra fees and then provide no viable recourse when they are caught. I would not recommend this company to anyone anymore.

  • Cy
    cynthia W Aug 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are having the same issues AND they want to charge us $250.00 two hundred fifty dollar cancelation fee on our phone and internet and said we had a two year contract but have no proof wither in writing or recorded verbally of this contract. I've NEVER heard of such a thing! Please turn this company in to the federal trade commision, BBB, consumer protection, Calif Public utilities commisioner (we're in Ca. by the way) at 800-649-7570 and the attorney general at 585-327-3240. We are turning them in to ALL these places. They have been in trouble for this since 2003? Can't remember the article year but anyway, Also if anyone can help us out and put out a craigslist ad about the scams for frontier communications and encourage people who feel they have been cheated as well to also put in complaints to all these places it would really help to get this company in check. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Thank You for helping
    cynthia w Far Nor California

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  • Co
    Comfynose Jun 03, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    FRONTIER is charging me thousands in fees. I cannot catch my breath! Their charges are astronomical. They are repeating fees on the billing statement.
    They are fraudulent.

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fraudalant billing practices

I moved from my residence on March 6, 2008. I cancelled services when I moved into my new home March 28...

stay away

Other than the problems we have with DSL every once in a while which reminds me of 3rd world countries here is my biggest problem with Frontier:

We got a CD with their modem and it was suppose to install the modem ONLY. What it did was, it installed like 3 or 4 different software packages WITHOUT asking me anything!!! I uninstalled all of them but one of them I can't find anywhere and it's still on my PC!!! Their company doesn't follow even a single principle mentioned here:

If you want to get a DSL or phone form Frontier be aware. I would stay away!!!

unauthorized charges

Called company on 10/9/2007 to cancel my service because my financial situation has changed and I am now retired with very little income (I explained this to the rep) but rep informed me that I couldn't do that because my service was on a contract together with my internet. He said that I could save money if I cancelled my long distance. At this time I asked if I would be penalized and he said no. So I cancelled the long distance to streamline my bill. When I returned from my vacation on 10/28/2007 I found that my current bill was in the amount of $370.14 and last bill was $159.01. Instead of going down it went up. I was tagged a penalty fee of $200 plus. The supervisor said that to remove the fee I would have to add another year to my contract and go back to the package I had before the change. There was no compassion. The rep I spoke with said he wasn't illiterate when I questioned him about the procedure and the supervisor said that that was all she could offer me.

unauthorized billing

The only land line telephone service in the Delta town of Rio Vista is through Frontier. We have lived with 5 years of FRUSTRATION with this phone company. When we first signed up for service we were billed $300.00 for the first month - August to September, but did not move into our house until the very end of August. When we moved from our first residence in Rio Vista, having been with the phone company 4 years, we were charged a $400.00 termination fee. For six months we tried to get by with just our cell phones, but recently decided we need a land line. Frontier is all there is in Rio Vista. We have been trying to get connected for over two weeks now. Frontier said they would apply a $300.00 refund we are owed to our new service. We still have no connection, and the 5th, 6th, 7th??? person with whom we have spoken says there is no refund being applied to new service and we owe them $30.00. I don't know if this next statement is true, but I have heard that the city of Rio Vista will not let any other phone company into this area.

early phone shuffoff

With prices rising on everything including the phone bill, I decided I needed to cut back on the phone services as my agreement was over. I thought about just keeping my prepay cell phone, but I found that Time Warner offered a better level of service than Frontier $20 a month cheaper. By switching, I would have my cable TV, Road Runner and Phone all on the same bill for only $10 more a month than I was paying for just my phone.

I wasn't porting my old number so I was instructed to discontinue Frontier. This was on a Tuesday, and I told them I wanted it terminated on Monday. The said okay. When I came home from work on Wednesday, I had no phone service. Did they think I wanted them to backdate the shutoff?

Personally, I think they did it on purpose because I was terminating service. Now Time Warner came upon a glitch that will delay my services for a few days, but it is not specifically their problem. I live in one township and the phone number is for the adjacent township. They have to program that flaw in their system so 911 will give the proper location. This problem originated with Rochester Telephone(absorbed by Frontier) back in the '60 s.

  • Br
    Brandon Mar 17, 2009

    I'm a former customer. The billing cycles were always confusing. I never really knew how much I'd owe because I'd only get a bill if I was past due. The bills didn't show up at regular intervals. Frontier also doesn't offer online account services either. That's pretty embarrassing considering they are a telecom company.

    Anyhow. They are sending me about 1-3 pieces of mail per week with various offers. I called the Customer Service and the woman claimed it's bulk mail and there is no way to remove me from the listings. So is that how they attract customers? By junk mailing them to death?

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  • Te
    Telling the True Oct 25, 2012

    The digital phone essential plan supposed to offer 30 Minutes of Long Distance Talk Per Month*, Calling anywhere in the continental U.S. and rollover your unused minutes. I have been Switched to Frontier Communications for five month now, I did not make many long distance phone calls and should have about 100 roll over minutes now. However, Frontier did not give me the rollover minutes, but trying to charge me every long distance phone I made. I have been calling their customer support every month and trying to correct the problem. I am so tire of Frontier and trying to find a good phone service with a fordable plan.

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  • Ti
    timco135 Dec 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    im in the fairmount, ga area and i have there triple service bundle. this company is the worst, just simply horrible. i think the only reason they survive is most of there service area is in rural parts of the country with no competition. my advise for any frontier customers, in any part of the country, is to continually complain to your state public service commission. im in the process of getting new home phone service and wouldnt even think about trying to port, switch my tel number from them to the new service. im going to try and keep the dsl service only because there is no other option here. a suggestion, go to there website and sign into the customer chat option. after ending the chat session, wait a few seconds and youll be given the option of having the chat log sent to your email. have it sent and you have a record of what was discuused during the chat. then when the bills arrive with charges well above what you agreed to, youll have even more info to send to the public service commission.. make sure you ask what the total charges are for the service/s. total charges with all fees, surcharges.tarriffs, federal, state, local taxes, 911 charge. continually ask and have them confirm the total billing cost. my advise to anyone whos looking at this company is to NOT do it.

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poor service

I'd like to tell you a story about a work at home professional who lost a contract because of: 1) Poor billing practices, 2) Ineffective customer service reps, and 3) Incapable programmers/technicians.

Three months ago, I chose Frontier because I work at home and needed a reliable land line. After weeks of rescheduling appointments, their technical group was finally able to port my existing number and activate my phone line. At the time, customer service reps blamed my existing provider for the issues, and I believed them.

After using the phone for about two months, I noticed that I hadn't received a bill. Once again, I contacted customer service. The rep told me that my account was past due because their records showed an incorrect address. I contacted my bank immediately and authorized payment.

The same day I authorized payment, my phone stopped allowing long distance calls. At first, I thought it was a temporary outage. Then, a day or two later, I noticed that my long distance service was still not working and that my caller ID didn't work. I was outraged: I contacted the company and fixed its mistake and the company cut my service? I couldn't believe that I'd been treated in such an unprofessional and shoddy manner.

Before this fiasco started, I accepted a job to prospect for an IT firm. But, days after authorizing payment, I still had no long distance service. So, I pushed back the job's start date, relying on Frontier to fulfill its promise to restore service.

After staving off the start date as long as possible, I contacted customer service once again. Without being prompted, I provided a check number and verified that the funds had been removed from my account. During this conversation, the rep assured me that my phone would have full service the next day. I contacted my new employer and agreed to start the next day.

The next morning, I sat down at my desk to start work, and (no suprise!) my phone didn't allow long distance calls. So, ONCE AGAIN, I contacted customer service. And, ONCE AGAIN, the rep assured me that I will have full service - within the next thirty minutes.

I wait thirty minutes and then some, but my long distance still did not work. Then I called customer service again to no avail. I tell my story to another wonderful, polite customer service rep who is completely unable to solve my problem.

My issue is still not resolved. Because I have no long distance service, I will probably lose my job. And how could I blame my employers? They have every right to expect a productive, capable, reliable business relationship.

Evidently, this rule doesn't apply to phone service.

  • Ch
    Cherry Wood Sep 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't feel too bad. I just got Frontier service and someone here may end up in jail because the service is not working right, and you must have a local land-line for home-detention instead. If the phone doesn't work, the officers monitors won't work, home-detention will get denied, and this sweet, wonderful person, (who just had driving offense and went to report a robbery in progress, and got arrested in the process) may have to do jail time instead!!! 99% of the time all we get is static. All the phones are new and have been tested in other places, so we know it's the company!!!

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  • Ja
    janet21 Apr 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not get Frontier service it had been a nightmare for me even since they took over for ATT 2 years ago. They are lazy and don't want to deal with customer. Several times I call to have issue resolve and all they do is transfer you without saying anything, when you get transfer it all over the country and everyone tells you something else. The over charge you and it hell to get your money back and the equipment does not work right. I got the service over a year ago and every month since they I have to call them about my home phone stop working... They are a horrible company and should not bein business.

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  • Sa
    Sajuday May 17, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were switched from Verizon to frontier about a month ago. Since then we have had nothing but problems. No ""On Demand" movies work, and as of today we have had no internet for 5 days. I have called at least 8 times. They just don't show up to fix it. They don't even call. And when I call I get shuffled around to different departments. It is maddening!! We run a business out of our house and we cannot send or receive email. Today they said they are trying to fix it internally; but, I won't hold my breath!!

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fraud and cheating

Frontier Communications is a pure rip off company, with their own self serving concerns in mind. Their end...

not provding telephone service for the elderly

Frontier telephone company 105 s hazeldell ave Crandon, wi 54520 [protected] Formal complaint I am...


Within the past two months. I noticed I was being charged $14.95 a month for...

fraoud email

Home office: 165 fulham palace rd. w6 8jb united kingdom.
(customer services)

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Note: make sure you contact them before 24hrs.

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  • Vi
    vinod Dec 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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    C. Normal Class Delivery: in 5 Days
    Mailing GBP £200.00 00.00
    Insurance GBP £100.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £90.00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £390.00 00.00

    Please be informed that the charges of delivering Must be paid as stated by the British Law and Our Courier's Entity before we can commence with the delivery of your winning Cheque.

    We will direct you on how to pay the charges of delivery as soon as you have choose one from the above option.

    We have verify your valid contact address and Please kindly send to us the attach copy of your International passport or any available ID card for proof of identity and proper verification. Be reminded that the deadline for the claiming of winnings is exactly 7 days. If you don't claim your prize After this period, your cash prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by you and your parcel will be returned to the lottery board and reused in the next edition of the draw.

    Note that your prize is protected by a hardcover insurance policy, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before it is been remitted to you. This means that the said charges can not be deducted from the prize and hence must be provided by you before the delivery of your winnings can commence.

    This is in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the National Promo Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winnings and to avoid misappropriation of funds.


    Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

    Mr.Paul Smith
    Dispatch Officer
    +44 7045756580

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  • Lo
    lotfi mharrech Jun 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have win in uk lottery than i have receve a email from mrs Gary smith jnr from your compagny i want my founds so would help me please

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  • Pa
    Parvin Yeroushalmi Dec 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm Parvin Yeroushalmi ; once I sent charge courier to Mr. Paul Smith to bring me A draft, ...we decide
    when I will reach to LONDON they send to me it or send me addres let me go to their office to collection the parcel content the draft checq ; kindly ; if you study this message co-operat as your promise ; THANK YOU

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  • Ta
    taybey Mar 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Does anyone know Brandy's email address? I have her phone number its 425 261 8483

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  • Ta
    taybey Mar 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last Saturday, I was on the Internet and got disconnected. I picked up my phone and had no dial tone. I sent my hubby over by the neighbor to put in a trouble ticket at repair, by the way frontier's repair service is just HORRIBLE, you really need to look in to it. I was told over and over that there would be someone coming out THAT DAY to fix my service and on Wednesday, I was still calling there. I finally called cunsumer relations, and got a nice woman named Cheryl, and she had my service restored within minutes. I was also told that my account would be credited for $25 for all the inconvenience I went through, I do work from home and lost money. Can you please make sure that my account does get credited? Also please look into your customer repair service, they are terrible, each person gave me a different answer, and I must have called there over 20 times using my husbands trac phone, which by the way also cost me money because I had to buy minutes for it, in order to use it.

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deceptive practices

I recently upgraded my telephone service to include high speed internet.

The sales representative told me it was available in my location, explained the costs involved for installation and monthly service and the requirement for a 12-month commitment, which carried a $200 fee for cancellation). I agreed to all of this.

Almost as an afterthought, the sales representative asked if I wanted to add unlimited long distance service for a marginal additional cost, then explained the cost and features. I agreed to the addition. Note that the sales representative did not state that the long distance service was included in the 12-month commitment or identify any "package" or "plan."

In the past 60 days, my frontier communications bills have totaled $365+, a long way from my previous $26/month local service bull. I was willing to spend the extra $55/month for high speed (dsl) internet, but the additional long distance charges put it over the top at $111/month.

The friendly folks at Frontier now tell me that ANY change in service will incur the $200 cancellation fee and maintain that I was told this when the upgrade was ordered. My service is not part of a definable "package" and no "price guarantee" is associated with my service - a common feature of package plans available with Frontier Communications. End of story.

If you order via telephone, be aware that you do not get to read the fine print and what the sales representative writes down is gospel according to the company. A clear and definable contract is never part of the process and you have no recourse.

  • De
    dew2 May 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm going throught this right now! Frontier Lied to me! even though I ordered online and have printed receipts, I had to prove to Dish TV by Faxing my receipt to them! They stated they are having problems with Frontier overstepping the deals and offering more than agreed with with Dish TV, I got settled with Dish But even though I have the printed receipt Frontier keeps telling me there is no free mini computer in my deal, I faxed them the receipt! now I cant get any replies Only a 300 dollar bill that the deal I signed states $79.99 a month for one year with a two year contract.
    THIS Is A typical BAIT & SWITCH!!
    If your thinking getting a deal from Frontier all ya get are false promisses and lies!! Order online and printout ALL order forms! I'll bet like myself you'll have problems getting frontier to honor their end of the deal!! LIARS<CHEATERS BAIT & SWITCHERS!!!

    -1 Votes
  • Fr
    frontierrep Jul 10, 2009

    "I'm going throught this right now! Frontier Lied to me! even though I ordered online and have printed receipts" I am wondering what receipt you are talking about? I work for Frontier Communications and the company has no such system where you have the option to order online. When you input your information through the website and submit it that information is kicked back to a sales rep which in turn you will get a phone call for the rep to set up your service. Maybe you were dealing with a phony scam website? you should not of gotten a reciept of any kind, just a comfirmation that your request for service was submitted so it was sent to a rep. I sugges that before you call anyone in the company or liar you get your information straight, also you can consult your local Frontier Business office to determine this fake reciept that your recieved.
    Switch to Verizon. the company doesnt want ### like you as a customer anyways.
    Have a great weekend!

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  • To
    Toni King Jul 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was billed on my July Frontier bill for calls made in April and May to Cadiz, Oh from a company called USBI. I have unlimited long distance on my phone plan. I am not sure what kind of scam this company is pulling but I am not falling for it. Frontier removed the charges from my bill but I feel this is something that needs looked into.

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ripping off customers!

I used to have phone and internet with this company when I moved I had my services turned off and asked to...

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