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my name is lynn gibeault i bought my refrigerator in feb of 2019. i called customer service within the first 2 weeks. the unit was making loud noises. the 1st tech came out and put insulation around it, the 2nd tech came out and said the word uummm about 10 times he had no idea said he would get back with me and never did the 3rd tech ordered a part the 4th tech put in the part the 5th tech hooked up the guadges to it and said it was running fine 4 days later the same tech came out which is tech #6 and said oh we are going to have to rebuild the unit and ordered parts i have now been without a fridge for 10 days i have talked many times to customer service and 4 supervisors and they all tell me how sorry and how they understand my fustration BS now i am waiting on the 7th tech to come all i wanted for them to do was replace it but they told me they cant until a tech says its not repairable i did not buy a brand new fridge to have it rebuilt or go 10 days without one why is this so hard fix and now i am living out of a cooler that i have to buy ice for everyday

Apr 28, 2019
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      May 02, 2019

    Hi Lynn.

    Appreciate reading you concerns.

    Frigidaire has a wonderful retailer assistance program. Please contact the retailer you purchased the unit though and I'm sure a satisfactory outcome can be determined.

    Thank you.

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