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My incident is dated from November 08 2017 to november 22, 2017
second Last person spoken with Melissa who the complain is about
requesting a simple exchange through best buy (where stove was originally bought). Stove Serial # VF70723183 Model # 3016LWH name: Arshad Subzwari.

My stove stopped has been fixed at least 5 times in 7 months since i got it. Final time it stopped working i called the customer rep in regards to having it fixed and told me it will need to be exchanged through best buy because it has been fixed to many times and same problem is occuring. I had 1 year manufacture warranty and 4 year best buy warranty. THe rep told me she sent a confirmation number to the best buy location (etobicoke queensway) and that someone from best buy will give me a call within 5 business days, however no call was heard from best buy therefore i called Frigidaire asking them what is going on, the rep i spoke to told me its been sent but since they haven't called she gave me a reference number [protected] and told me to go to best buy and give them this number and they will replace it. I went to best buy and they said they cannot replace the stove until Frigidaire/Electrolux sends an email to them approving for the exchange. So the rep at best buy emailed Frigidaire/Electrolux asking them to send the approval authorization code. No answer from Frigidaire. Therefore i decided to call Frigidaire/eletrolux asking them what is going on. The rep Melissa lied to me saying frigidaire emailed bestbuy 4 times and told me that she is sending an email again and to go to best buy in an hour. When i went after an hour yet again no email reply. I went to best buy (november 23 2017) asking them why they are lying about not receiving email. they showed me everything that they have not received the email there fore i called frigidaire again while at best buy asking them what is going on. THEY basically changed the whole scenario saying this would be a in house exchange and this has nothing to do with best buy. I want to know why it has nothing to do with best buy when I bought my stove from best buy and I have my extended warranty with best buy. I am not interested in another frigidaire product from you guys. I am tired of the lies and [censor] that you guys have given me, I want frigidaire to simply send best buy an email confirmation with a authorization number indicating a direct exchange. I do not want an inhouse exchange and take frigidaire warranty I want to keep my best buy warranty and want to deal with best buy. Please send a authorization number to best buy at [protected] if this situation is not resolved I will be taking this to the ceo of the company along with twitter and facebook in explaining how bad and garbage your customer satisfaction is. I do not want another frigidaire stove or an in house exchange I want frigidaire to directly send a authorization number for an exchange to best buy at [protected] and I want this situation resolved its been almost one month I am without a stove the customer satisfaction is ridiuglous.

contact number [protected]
OR [protected]

Frigidaire / Electrolux
Frigidaire / Electrolux
Frigidaire / Electrolux


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      Nov 26, 2017


    So you returned a G.E. range and exchanged it with a Frigidaire range initially?

    I have a considerable amount of background within the appliance industry. Frigidaire does some pretty decent models of ranges. I wouldn't hesitate to own one. However, I would also suggest you way over paid for such a basic level model (3016). That's possibly why you're likely wanting credit back. For very little more, you can move up into a Gallery line product from Frigidaire or a nicer equivalent from a competitor.

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