Frigidaire / Electroluxmicrowave

D Aug 06, 2018

My husband and I bought a new house in June of 2017. All new Frigidaire appliances. We had a problem with our microwave at the 10 month mark. Every time I boiled anything that created steam, the steam would leak into the door of the microwave...not inside the mircrowave but in the door which created about 50 cracks all inside the door. I was actually afraid to cook because I thought the steam would blow out the door. After many calls with Frigidaire, they paid for a new door but not the cost of installation by one of their recommended repair services. The repairman said it was definitely a defective door allowing the steam into the inside of the door.
I am very, very upset with Frigidaire not paying the $80 repair fee. The defect created a cosmetic problem so because the defect caused a cosmetic issue (50-60 cracks in the door) you wouldn't pay for the repair?? Come on now, the door had a defect that actually stopped me from going anything on top of the stove. Frigidaire couldn't affor $80??? The product was defective, did you get that? DEFECTIVE. Now that I have a new door, the problem hasn't happened again.

I am looking for the $80 refund. That is a weeks worth of food for me but a drop in the bucket for you.

Thank you
Diane Cerulli
4770 Yellowood Drive
Shallotte, NC 28470

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