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FreeShipping.com Complaints & Reviews

Freeshipping.com / unauthorized debits

William F. Vrooman Circle on Jul 10, 2017
On 2/2/2017, some purchase was made from ROKT. I have no knowledge of what the transaction. On the following dated, $12.97 was deducted from my checking as an automatic charge: 2/10, 3/13, 4/11, 5/11, 6/12/ I discovered this today, 7, 10/2017. I cancelled at once. I am retired since 2010, and...

Freeshipping.com / charged $12.97 for no reason

Caroline Hwang on Jul 6, 2017
Hello, I was billed $12.97 for no reason on 06/28/2017 from "IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 CT, " and I do not have an account with FreeShipping.com or bought anything from them. The most recent online purchase I have had was from ordering SAT and AP scores from their websites. Then I...

Freeshipping.com / no product name given by company, but rebates on purchases made over internet

abrunson on Jun 30, 2017
Today, 6/30/2017, have received a debit to my checking account for something that I don't know what is suppose to be shipped for free. Haven't ordered anything from or through any company by the name of "Freeshipping.com" The number given on my bank statement for customer service i...

Freeshipping.com / unauthorized charges

Amber Nelson on Jun 25, 2017
My credit card is being charged $12.97 monthly. From my statements, I have only verified two charges so far (see below). I have not purchased products nor used services from this company. I did NOT knowingly authorize these charges. I am requesting a full refund to my credit card AND to...

Freeshipping.com / $12.97 out of my account/ unauthorized bank account charge

jason sweeny todd on Jun 10, 2017
I recently made an online purchase with Loot Lion and was involuntarily signed up for your guys website, as I see it has happened to many others that have purchased things online. I am not sure if you guys are scam or what, but I am a college student and every dollar counts for me. I...

Freeshipping.com / "free shipping"

CharlieWain on Jun 1, 2017
This is a rip off. They're obviously not going to pay the full costs of your shipping, or else they wouldn't make any money, but they make it look like they are a service offered by Amazon so people fall for it. At no point did they mention anything about a sign up or monthly fee but both...

Freeshipping.com / $12.97 out of my account/ unauthorized bank account charge

Theresa Duvall on May 31, 2017
I have a pre-paid bank card through King Soopers/ Kroger. I never gave anyone to take this money out of my account, and my bank is the ones who called me about this, cause they know I am a fix income due to I am receiving chemo treatments right now for my Lupus and I can not have thi...

Freeshipping.com / I was promised free shipping but got charged

Naddi on May 9, 2017
This site is nothing but a huge scam, do not believe Freeshipping, they are cheaters and not to be trusted. They'll make you believe you'll get free shipping but later they'll apply charges. When I asked for a refund they said that I agreed to their terms of use and agreed to pay for...

ICFreeShipping / Took money out of my account without authorization

Katie Spurlock on May 1, 2017
I was entering debits in my husbands bank account and I saw a charge for 12.95. I called my husband and he said he didn't authorize that, and he had no idea what that was for. I called them and told them they better send my money back. I don't know how they got my husbands bank account...

Freeshipping.com / Subscription scam

tahoetripper on Apr 11, 2017
I found a charge of $12.97 for Books/Magazines/Newspapers that I did not recognize. The charge was made by IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 CT on 04/07/17. I contacted Freeshipping.com and was told that I registered on their site for a $20 off offer on a item I was looking to buy on Sear...

Freeshipping.com / Stolen money

MoonCat11 on Mar 29, 2017
I was looking to order a custom pacifier for my niece but i was able to order it because i did not want to put my credit card in since i had a gift card but then i realized the gift card doesn't pay for shipping so i just canceled the order. I did some looking around on the internet and...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charge

Jose Orrego on Mar 27, 2017
On March 08, 2017, an unauthorized charge of $12.97 was withdrawn from my credit card. I have never authorized anyone to deduct any amount of money from my credit card; I want a full refund immediately. My email address is mcpepemilenium.com transaction number IC*FREESHIPPING.C 800 515...

Freeshipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charge

bddadany on Feb 10, 2017
From March 15, 2016 to Feb 08, 2017 unauthorized charge $12.97 with my credit cards. I want to refund my immediately. My email is bddadany@gmail.com. Transaction number is IC*FREESHIPPING.COM8005159185CT. Posted Date Feb 08, 2017. Category Merchandise-DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY...

Freeshipping.com / Freeshipping.com

Family Shopper on Feb 7, 2017
I was suckered. Do Not try a FREE trial. You will be charged every month, even if you do not want it. The ad that appears at the end of any order you make lets you believe you will get savings. The initial shipping charge might be refunded, but unless you plan on ordering tons of stuff...

IC *FreeShipping.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Judy H Johnson on Feb 6, 2017
these site took money out of my credit card without my permission on 12/23/2016-1/23/2017- in the amount of 12.97 each month for subscriptions and category- other services. Never heard of them and did not subscribe to this. Never came them my permission to touch none of my accounts. Thi...

Ic Freeshipping / Unauthorized credit card charges

Gimsler on Feb 6, 2017
I am registering complaints about an online ordering service of Zulily and fraudulent billing of IC FREESHIPPING.com On 9/21/16 I placed an order (#939646250) for an item and was offered free shipping with 10% rebate on future purchases. I agreed to that and set up my account with my VISA...

Freeshipping.com / Charges i am receiving on my credit card

BETTYF910 on Jan 25, 2017
Did not sign up for this service and been charge for it for 2 months and have been unable to cancel. I do not want to pay to cancel this as i never signed up for it. Please remove my name immediately and refund my 2 months charges. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Betty reedy 80 grove st., apt 113 Melrose, ma 02176 Liz6389@aol.com

Freeshipping.com / Freeshipping.com online service

Kelly33 on Jan 24, 2017
I am writing this in regards to the online service called Freeshipping.com. Upon checking my online bank account I noticed that I had a reoccurring charge of $12.97. I have no idea how where what or why this is going on. I have never created a account for this site. So how is possible for...

Freeshipping.com / Money taking out my account

kirk abney on Jan 10, 2017
This is day 2 that 12.97 has been took from my account ...i ordered a ring back in November and has ben charged for it already y is it more money is being taken i want my money back. I paid for my service's delivery and merchandise. And can not figure who or why my money is coming out my...

Freeshipping.com / Charged for no reason

Craig d whitley on Dec 31, 2016
On 12/31/2016 @ 6:03am I was charged $13.97 on my Netspend card and I never even ordered anything please fix this. My name isCraig Whitley my email is rammy251.cw.cw@gmail.com. i would really like it and consider it to be the professional thing to do is to handle this refund quickly since...

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