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FreeShipping.com Complaints & Reviews

FreeShipping.Com / freeshipping.com

glendasuem on Feb 2, 2018
First of all I'm a 77 yr.old widow living on a very fixed income. I just checked my checking account going down through every transaction. All at once I noticed a recurring charge to FreeShipping.com. Kept looking back at my account and sure enough it's been coming off since July, 2017...

IC Freeshipping.com / ic free shipping.com

Weeds_10 on Jan 23, 2018
I began noticing a fee of 12.97 showing up on my statements. I realized that it's not something i paid for or approved of. I have been charged three or four times for 12.97 each time. I have not used these services before, and I would like a refund. Please and thank you. Otherwise I'm...

FreeShipping.Com / they stole from my checking account

Mt Mama on Dec 2, 2017
Part of this may be my fault for not meticulously checking my account every month. It was never a huge expense stolen from my checking account, so it got missed. Every month for months on end they were stealing from me. I went to my bank and they eventually got 2 months worth back for me...

FreeShipping.Com / unauthorized charge

Zeling on Dec 1, 2017
I don't know how this company got my credit card number. But when I check my card statement, I found that I was charged $12.97 for this website and I have never signed up, which is displayed like IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 CT 11/29. I would appreciate a full refund for the money and...

FreeShipping.Com / I am being charged for services that I did not sign up for

boomerlee51 on Nov 19, 2017
You took out of my account in the month of November $12.97, $1.97, $2.99, $4.00 and $19.99 for services I did not sign up for and do not want. Please cancel and stop taking out of my bank account immediately. It is the account in the name of Donald King at PNC Bank in Goldsboro NC. It...

FreeShipping.Com / unauthorized credit card charges

Neva Fels on Oct 31, 2017
I frequently shop online, so I don't know how they got my credit card number. All I know is that for the months of September (8/17) and October (10/17), I was charged $12.97 for a website that I know I did not intentionally sign up for. I would appreciate a full refund for those months and...

FreeShipping.Com / be careful

Christian w on Oct 20, 2017
Of course, everybody can see that this is a membership service and everybody understands that the membership is not free. But I have just one question: how are people supposed to find out how much they should pay for it? I haven't found anything on the main page, there's simply no information...

FreeShipping.Com / monthly charges

Eutrice Green on Oct 17, 2017
Please cancel, I have never authorized these charges, to come out of my checking acct thru the Schools Federal Credit Union. Please cancel ASAP. Please cancel these account. Please cancel this account Please cancel this account ASAP This so much crap, do you understand cancel this acvount...

FreeShipping.Com / charged 12.97$ without any reason

Suresh1996 on Sep 10, 2017
I ordered two books online from Valorebooks.com on 09/03/2017 and now $12.97 was withheld from my debit card. I paid the amount using my debit card when I purchased these books. I don know why the amount has been deducted by "IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 CT". Please refund my amount...

FreeShipping.Com / unauthorized charge/information stolen

KFoe on Aug 19, 2017
I recently checked my bank account and noticed a charge from freeshipping.com. I called and explained that I have not authorized or signed up for any service from them. They informed me that they got my info( including my name, address, password, and bank account info from kohls.com. I...

FreeShipping.Com / charged $12.97 without reason

Lorelei19 on Aug 14, 2017
I frequently shop online, so I don't know for sure how they got my credit card number. All I know is that for the months of June (6/12/17), July (7/10/17) and August (8/9/17), I was charged $12.97 for a website that I Know I did not intentionally sign up for. I would appreciate a full...

FreeShipping.Com / wish.com

Lorinda Parks Connor on Aug 1, 2017
Charged my card for a free shipping membership that I never signed up for, called to make a complaint and request my money be put back in my account, and he's ask me so are u cancelling your membership, I said I never signed up for a membership nor have I ever ordered anything from...

FreeShipping.Com / freeshipping.com fee???

Lisa Halstead on Jul 31, 2017
I have no idea why money was taken out of my account. My rent is going to be late now that you took money out of my account. I cancelled my membership, now I really need my money back ASAP! I recall signing up thinking it was something for coupons, if I knew i would be charged I would have...

FreeShipping.Com / unfair cashback cancellation.

Vinny Boo on Jul 26, 2017
They will find every little reason, be it ridiculous, to take away all the cashbacks. Someone lived in this address had an account, so when I signed up for my own and accrued $300 in cashback, they suddenly took it away because of the same address. What - no one has ever lived in the same...

FreeShipping.Com / unauthorized debits

William F. Vrooman Circle on Jul 10, 2017
On 2/2/2017, some purchase was made from ROKT. I have no knowledge of what the transaction. On the following dated, $12.97 was deducted from my checking as an automatic charge: 2/10, 3/13, 4/11, 5/11, 6/12/ I discovered this today, 7, 10/2017. I cancelled at once. I am retired since 2010, and...

FreeShipping.Com / charged $12.97 for no reason

Caroline Hwang on Jul 6, 2017
Hello, I was billed $12.97 for no reason on 06/28/2017 from "IC *FREESHIPPING.COM 800-515-9185 CT, " and I do not have an account with FreeShipping.com or bought anything from them. The most recent online purchase I have had was from ordering SAT and AP scores from their websites. Then I...

FreeShipping.Com / no product name given by company, but rebates on purchases made over internet

abrunson on Jun 30, 2017
Today, 6/30/2017, have received a debit to my checking account for something that I don't know what is suppose to be shipped for free. Haven't ordered anything from or through any company by the name of "Freeshipping.com" The number given on my bank statement for customer service i...

FreeShipping.Com / unauthorized charges

Amber Nelson on Jun 25, 2017
My credit card is being charged $12.97 monthly. From my statements, I have only verified two charges so far (see below). I have not purchased products nor used services from this company. I did NOT knowingly authorize these charges. I am requesting a full refund to my credit card AND to...

FreeShipping.Com / $12.97 out of my account/ unauthorized bank account charge

jason sweeny todd on Jun 10, 2017
I recently made an online purchase with Loot Lion and was involuntarily signed up for your guys website, as I see it has happened to many others that have purchased things online. I am not sure if you guys are scam or what, but I am a college student and every dollar counts for me. I...

FreeShipping.Com / "free shipping"

CharlieWain on Jun 1, 2017
This is a rip off. They're obviously not going to pay the full costs of your shipping, or else they wouldn't make any money, but they make it look like they are a service offered by Amazon so people fall for it. At no point did they mention anything about a sign up or monthly fee but both...

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