Freelancer.comthey block clients' as well as freelancers' accounts and get the money

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They block clients' as well as freelancers' accounts and get the money. That is their business model. Their ceo seem to be clever and lunatic at the same time. If you see his profile on fb he declared himself as female and when asked about this by one of the workers on their fb page he gave a funny answer. Stay away and spread this message as much as possible if you are their victim.


  • Em Jun 28, 2012

    Hi Nielga,

    My name is Emir and I work for I regularly visit to address concerns about and I came across your post here. We appreciate the feedback.

    Please be assured that will only suspend or freeze an account to validate a user’s identity or the transactions done through the site. Should there be funds inside a suspended account, it will be made available once the user has completed the account and transaction verification procedures. These policies and procedures are in place to ensure a safe environment for our freelancers and employers.

    It’s unfortunate that you feel this way about We’d still like to offer our help.
    If you have concerns or enquiries, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we’ll address them immediately.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Am
    Amanda Lucas Jan 12, 2017 That's bull####. You drag on for weeks without verifying the account and take people money while you don't respond.

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  • Fr
    freelancer_sucks Oct 04, 2012

    how can we complain those actions? to what authorities?

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  • Ma
    maxfromfreelancer Oct 04, 2012

    Hello. My name is Max and I work for I'm helping my colleague Emir with replying to user concerns posted on this site. We appreciate the feedback. Please allow us to help you. If you have any Freelancer account issues, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and I'll help you with resolving your account concerns. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Su
    sufferedFreelancer Jan 18, 2013 is scam, i done one project. The client was from dubai. He paid me $800. After three months, reverted those money and made my balance in - 800 usd. When i asked for reason, they said the client had used fraud credit card to pay money. And they blocked all my money.
    Can you f**ing explain me what's my fault in this? It is's job to verify the credit card. Why should i suffer for someone else illegal's activity?

    This is just a story made by to keep those money. They will only block the account if you have big money in your account and you have good reputation. So that you will pay back those money.

    Just single suggestion... Don't use, use instead elance or odesk or peopleperhour

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  • Wi Aug 25, 2013

    Hi sufferedFreelancer,

    This is Will from I can see that you have issues regarding the verification of the funds that you have earned. It's perfectly understandable that you're very upset regarding this and the reversed funds in your account. We appreciate your feedback and we are working on improving our processes to guarantee our users that they clearly understand how works.I would like to help and resolve any issue that you may still be experiencing. Just send an email at [email protected] along with your username.

    I look forward to your email and resolving your issues.


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  • Ad
    Adam0001 Jul 26, 2015

    Hello Will and Max,

    I am also suffering the same issue. I have done the job around $350 and after one day the all money reverse and also my profile going to the reviewed stage. I have submitted all the documents that you want again and again for 3 times. After that my profile has been blocked and no clear answer from the customer support.

    I am in the business from last 5 years with working through portals. just the good feedback I have opened the account in freelancer . but in 3 months I am facing this situation with freelancer. Where I have submitted all the verified that like passport and bank docs. and use trusted paypal. then why my account blocked, team????

    Take this seriously and do the needful.

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  • St
    StevenE Jul 29, 2015

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Steven from

    We understand how and where you stand regarding this issue.

    Furthermore, we always make sure that we exhaust all avenues in investigating every issue; hence, for an impartial and unbiased conclusion.

    We may discuss your concern regarding this issue by sending an email to us.

    If you are experiencing difficulties, or in need of our help, you may always shoot an email to [email protected]

    We are always ready to address all your concerns.

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  • On
    onlymethen Apr 17, 2016

    During the last 2 years, Freelancer has really gotten terrible at customer relations and support. Having almost 200 projects done, they are getting more and more clever in how they earn their money. For instance, the 100% money back guarantee contests that let you post a contest - if you do not choose a winner because there are no good entries, your money is not returned. It is taken. You have to apply for having the money back and that has a short limit. They have now updated their rules, but you have to search through their website in a bad-translated website to know this. Also, customer support takes many days to answer, if they answer at all.

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  • Ph
    Philippe Txr Mar 09, 2017

    Hello everyone,

    My account has been blocked for one week now after I tried to get my money back after being scammed by one of your "recommended" freelancers. I created a ticket, used the message board many times to try to get in touch with you during these last days, and I've been ignored. I also noticed how you block the live chat once you block an account. Rest assured I won't leave this case until I get my money back, even I have to seek legal help.

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  • Pe
    PerthUni Aug 12, 2017

    Hi, the site has been good for me, but it has been tough, I've had the same situation, a 263usd task, and a couple of months later i get a -263usd, in my account, i mean we're talking weeks after the money has been spent and accounted for

    there is no security of pay

    if it happened in the street, you'd call it robbery

    also blocking accounts when, as a freelancer, you have deadlines, it seems that might be what i'm facing now, i've got 10 projects due, and people i have to pay (and be paid myself) not sure how it's all going to happen now

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  • Fr
    Freelancer Sucks Oct 28, 2018

    i had almost the same issue with freelancer. they just closed my account after maybe 10 projects i have done and got 4.8 starts to my profile. it really sucks!!! now i moved to upwork and i am very happy there

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