Freedom Mortgagecustomer service on my mortgage


On Aug. 31, I first began calling Freedom Mortgage, as we had received a letter that my hurricane insurance (walls in) has been dropped for nonpayment.
For weeks -- weeks - we called over and over. At first, they assured us the payment had been overnighted. How do you get that wrong?? Freedom Mortgage assured us that the payment had been sent to the correct address and that another letter was sent to our home telling us we were in fact going to be covered. The letter was at our request.
The insurance still has not been paid for one month later by Freedom Mortgage. We also did not get any letter about it being sent in the first place. We haven't received phone calls and e-mails that have been promised us.
These days, they have been telling us that we aren't really paying for the insurance out of our escrow -- so they won't pay for it. And they also are telling us they would never pay for this anyway, as walls in hurricane insurance is not necessary in Hawaii. What??
Every day a different story.
We finally had to pay for the hurricane insurance again -- through our first mortgage company before it was bought by Freedom. They're going to want their money back.
We have yet on Sept. 29 --To have received good customer service or the money back. How about the money we have in escrow for this insurance?
What a waste of a lot of time. Today, I was told by a person higher up in the company that he would help me to be sure I have hurricane insurance, since that's the priority here. Not anymore -- really. The priority now is to hold your company in check. Figure out a way to treat your clients like they matter. This should not have gone on like this and for this long.
No matter what happened here with the insurance, we have been told so many different stories that frankly we deserve a huge apology. And not only that -- we deserve to be told that changed are being made. Does anyone at Freedom Mortgage really care??? I wouldn't recommend Freedom Mortgage to anyone. You're paying for a headache.

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