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Complaints & Reviews

COVID-19 Mortgage payment reduction

We cannot get a hold of anyone at Freedom Mortgage. We have been trying to call 3 different numbers which we receive recordings and/or busy signals and then we are disconnected. We have been calling since March 1st and it is now March 31st. Horrible.

loan payoff

We have called multiple times. Once we where told loan payoffs take a week. We called a week out and where told it only takes 24 hours. We called 24 hours out and are now being...

family medical emergency

I have been with this company since 2016... I had a major medical issue and asked for interest only payment for one month, this company would do nothing to help us, we don't want...

refinance problem

Freedom Mortgage currently holds my mortgage so I contacted them about a refinance quote. Peyton Morris in customer service was supposed to take my application over the phone and call me back in 15 minutes with an estimate.
1. First problem, she called me back late, apoligized and said that she had my information and would try again when she returned to the office.
2. I called and left a meesage to please give me a call with the numbers as soon as possible.
3. Next day, I called in the morning, her line was busy, went to voicemail. I left a message.
4. A few hours later, no return call from Freedom yet, I called again, left another voice mail.
5. A few more hours, no return call yet, her line is reporting that she is out to lunch.
6. A few more hours, I called she is again on the phone. I asked for her manager, Spencer Aucoin. He is on the phone as well. Left a message requesting a call back.
7. I called after my lunch, now her line is reporting that she is gone for the day. Seriously unprofessional.
8. I called the manager again and he is not available again. What is going on with these people?
I must say that for them to claim that this will take 15 minutes and then not be able to complete it in 24 hours, says that maybe they do not appreciate their current customers or possibly they don't know what they are doing. Or both.

Payoff mortgage

I am doing a short sale on son's house and I cannot seem to be able to get a payoff on the deal. I have loss on short sale due to Freedom not responding to me and the buyer walked This is the second time I have a buyer and I cannot lose this sale because of the incompetence of Freedom Mortgage. Every time I call I get a different person and have to tell the whole sorry story again. I am fixing to call and file a formal complaint with the government. Would be happy to have someone call me and rectify the matter.

Wade Richard [protected]

Va home loan

I have been victimized by this company for several years. I have been praying for GOD to help me with answers and boy did he. I went to a library and came across a brochure for...


Freedom mortgage is currently holding onto thousands of dollars owed to my daughter and her husband for six months now. They sold their house and paid freedom mortgage off. There...

applying payments to your loan

Our loan payment increased due to escrow shortage. Freedom Mortgage expressed repeatedly that we could break the payments up meaning as long as the principal & Interest is paid then the escrow can be paid on the backend of the loan, this was all stated on their recorded line. Even when we would call the automated number to make a payment the automated message stated thre principal& interest payment was the minimum payment due but the full payment including the escrow was the suggested payment due. Sure enough we make the p&I payment and now they are reporting our payment 30 days late which is hitting our credit report! Now I'm having to escalate the matter.

loan modification

loan number [protected]. I have been trying to have my acct handled since 7/2017 with a loan modification. Since then FM has been tacking on fees and keep sending my file to...

loan pay off

They are the worst. A normal lender you call with the proper info and you get a payoff there and then. With these guys its just the run around. They dont want the loan to be paid off. 4 days now and still no payoff. Same old tired answers. It takes 24 hours to process. Then it never shows up. When you call its the same. Repeat process. If I could give it minus zero stars I would but this site wont let me. They are obviously not an ethical company by any stretch of the imagination. I am a real estate broker and occasionally you run into these lenders that are more like car title loan lenders.


In February of 2018, we received a phone call directly from Freedom maortgage stating to us that we had extra money in our account and they wanted to know what to do with the funds. We always pay extra on our account each month. We asked them to put the money toward our loan payments. That money was applied to our loan putting us two months ahead on payments. Each month we continued to receive statements resulting in 0.00 due. We continued to make monthly payments in September 2018 we decided to not make a payment because we were two months ahead. That's when they called us and informed us that we were behind and they would forclose if we didn't pay immediately. Now saying they took our money back without notice because they misallocatednwhere the funds should have went. Then gave us a bad credit rating and refuse to fix there mistakes. Basically they stole our money due to their lack of a proper accounting system. Left us with negative reports and zero repercussions for their mistakes. Totally taking advantage of us. Now we have to pay more money on a loan that was paid two months ahead of schedule. Poor business and poor customer service.

contractor not paid for completed services

Absolutely the worst mortgage company in the industry. From their customer service department, loss draft department, and supervisors/managers. We have a 3rd party authorization...

mortgage process

From the beginning of July My Client Joshua Squires has been under contract for a property and was working with this company to get a mortgage on the property. My first contact was Michael Reese. After trying to reach out to him multiple times with no answer and no call back I gave up trying to reach him for information of my clients mortgage and found a new contact. Her name was Kaye Kerzner and she was much more responsive. When there was a change in the contract and I notified Faye on July 12 that the settlement date was moved up. She told me that the loan was going to under writing and that when it came out she would be able to provide me with an updated mortgage commitment date. After that is was radio silence again. I tried reaching out to Michael again when Faye no longer answered me and finally got through to him. I asked him is we were on track to close with the updated settlement and when to be expecting the Closing Disclosure. He had no idea what I was talking about. That's when I find out that Faye was no longer with the company and my client was forgotten about. Then the mad scramble began and Michael told me unless we had missing documents that day we would not close on time. I asked for a list of things needed and radio silence again. I called him every hour emailed him multiple times and even tried reaching out to superiors. After finally reaching through to customer service she provided me the email to the Vice President. At an hour to end of business day, I finally got a partial list of what was needed. Every day after that I was tossed around to different people mostly I've been working with Doug Frimmet who is not only incompetent but was in capable of working in a timely matter. From the start of my interactions with him I asked him for what specifically he needed. Everyday he needed something else. If he had told me from day one all the things he needed i would have provided them to him. What he did instead was drag the process out. If I did not call him I did not get an update if I did not push for him to do something he would not do it. This is unacceptable and My client runs the risk of losing his house over this. Now it's 8 minutes to end of business day and I don't have what I need even though I have worked my tail off to provide everything they need.

  • Jo
    John Beins Sep 11, 2018

    Hi, My name is John Beins. I am an attorney outside of Washington D.C. I am investigating Freedom Mortgage's business practices on behalf of a number of unhappy homeowners. I would be interested in learning more about your problems with Freedom Mortgage. Please call my office at 240-235-5040 or email me at [email protected]

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excessive home inspection fees and incorrect updates to the credit bureaus

This company is a nightmare to deal with, severe lack of customer service. I've had an ongoing dispute for a couple years now. TransUnion has my account listed as "closed on...


Sadly, our mortgage was sold to Freedom Mortgage! We have always had our mortgage payments scheduled to be received no later than the 6th of the month. Every single month, they...

loan servicing mistakes

Freedom Mortgage made a mistake servicing my loan, the problems were resolved, Freedom mortgage admitted that they made an error servicing my loan but in the process they...

unethical behavior - miscalculations of funds

Good Afternoon, I am sending this email because I am in desperate need of help. I have had an ongoing problem with Freedom Mortgage for over a year and it is starting to affect...

mitigation process

we started the mitigation process about a year to a year and a half ago to resolve our mortgage payments that fell behind due to loss of our jobs regaining employment with many...

this is my 4th loan and had the underwriter from hell that kept asking for documents already sent into freedom mortgage repeatedly

I provided documents for Freedom Mortgage underwrite only to have her ask for same documents repeatedly.

Went to IRS and pulled last 2 years taxes/W2's. Sent to Freedom Mortgage.

Underwriter wanted me to sign so she could pull taxes. Stated already sent into Freedom Mortgage. Review existing documentation.

Underwriter wanted W2's for last 2 years. Again, already sent to Freedom Mortgage IRS version. Review existing documentation.

Underwriter stated since did NOT send in W2's, must have gap in employment. Statement requesting gaps in employment for last 2 years. Provided statement showing complete employment with NO gaps. Also, sent in current W2 as it had just arrived and request underwriter explain where it might show gaps in employment. Underwriter approved loan and we were able to continue to close.

Is there a reason I kept sending documentation to Freedom Mortgage that the underwriter kept ignoring? Only to keep requesting same documentation and not read it?

I never did get an answer from the underwriter where the "gaps" in employment were located on a W2.

Freedom Mortgage mortgage

My mortgage company sold out to freedom mortgage. I legally had a grace period to pay my december payment later in january; which I told them on the phone. I received a default letter on january 2. It said I was 30 days past due. This is in violation of my grace period rights. I has also decimated my credit report. I request my credit report immediately be repaired and an official apology be made.

mortgage loan

It started in late October I allied of a home mortgage with freedom mortgage I sent everything they ask for and it started from there first the person that was my contact person never called me for 3 .Weeks when she did call problem 1.was a listing off everywhere I had lived before so I sent that in
2. Was the date of birth on my husbands divers license so I got that fixed
3. They needed his birth certificate so I had to go thou that
4.Spelling of our last name because on my dl I had a E at the end and my husband didn't
5.keep in mind that I have talked to more that one person during the whole 3 and half months trying to get this loan in all I talked with 5/6 people the straw that broke this camels back when I received a email and 1/18/18 saying that my account had been closed but on the day before I tried to log in on my account and customer service told me that there was an account under that email nor name.
So I was fed up with freedom mortgage so I ask for help else were my advice to anyone wanting a mortgage loan don't use freedom mortgage

Freedom Mortgage misinformation

I was told I could pay my mortgage the last day of the month and was not told that December was an exception. I tried to make December's payment on 31 December online but I could not as they wanted December and January's payment. I did not have the funds to pay both payments . As I was given incorrect information I feel it was not my fault and I do not want this error to effect my credit score. I did make December's payment on 2 January when the office was reopened. I would appreciate assistance so my credit does not get dinged! My account # is [protected].
Thank you,
Jane Surner

  • Bb
    B B11 May 26, 2018

    Did they fix it? I am.having similar issues.

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Freedom Mortgage poor customer service / gross incompetence

I called Freedom Mortgage to schedule an inspection to master bathroom and bedroom that was remodeled following water damage in April of 2016.
Issue 1. rep was confused on which open claim I was calling about after approximately 30 minutes on the line she finally submitted the request for inspection. Somehow my phone number in my account was changed so the inspector could not reach me. After 1 week I called again to attempt to schedule another inspection which I was assured would be done expeditiously. The rep added information n my account that prompted all future request for an inspection to be automatically cancelled. I called back AGAIN the following week and everyone is confused spoke to a very RUDE woman in loss draft who claimed she will handle the request for an inspection I AGAIN verified with her that this was for my master bedroom and bath. Inspector shows up with the wrong paperwork...HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?? Lost Draft rep states my papers for all claims are mixed up not show how it happened but she will try again to get my inspection scheduled. In the interim I am receiving MULTIPLE letters and phone calls from Freedom Mtg asking why my inspection has not been scheduled. Requested another inspection on line to note that the online site claims I am missing a "Waiver of Lien" form and they cannot schedule an inspection...SERIOUSLY!!! the form is included in all of my documents that are viewed on the website, not to mention that this is a mandatory document required before releasing the check to me. The website shows the check WAS released to me almost a year ago. NO one knows what's going on, every customer rep is rude, or condescending no one takes responsibility for the million and one mistakes made that has caused almost a 3-months delay in inspection. And requesting a supervisor or manager to resolve the issue or attempt to remedy the level of incompetency is impossible.

Freedom Mortgage charging $30 for a payoff quote

I sold my home this week and called to find out what the pay off would be for planning purposes before closing. When I called Freedom Mortgage, I was told there would be a $30 charge for this service. This is absurd. Why would a company charge for providing this service to a customer who is already paying a mortgage and interest? I have never had a mortgage company charge for this service in the past. This mortgage company is by far the worst I have dealt with. I have an excellent credit rating and pay my bills on time. In return, I expect quality, timely customer service and not to be charged for such a minor request.

Freedom Mortgage — unethical behaviour

I am a single 66 year old female Vet and I live on SS. When we heard that Hurricane Harvey was going to hit us in the Houston Tx area we didn't have much time. After Harvey...

Freedom Mortgage — customer services

I've had my mortgage with Freedom Mortgage foe 2 years and was fine up until February when I lost my job and fell behind on my mortgage by 1 month. I immediately contacted them to...

Freedom Mortgage — ruining my f. i. c. o. because of their mistake.

loan officer told me not to make a payment on freedom mortgage account (sept./20 /2016 re-fi) he told me with only a couple of days to go that loan was not going to close and to...

Freedom Mortgage customer service

On july 14th 2017 I called to discuss a bill payment authorization issue and spoke to a representative by the name of bryan his work id number is 09058
When discussing the issue at hand bryan showed no understanding of the issue and showed a complete lack of customer service and when I specifically asked for a supervisor he refused to allow me to wait for one and decided to argue with me about waiting to speak to management by far this is the worst customer experience I have ever dealt with I hope this gentleman is fired and replaced with someone who understands their role and provide great service to a paying customer.

Freedom Mortgage — loans and customer service

My husband are currently selling our place that is financed by Freedom Mortgage. The home loan is a VA loan. The buyer wants to assume the mortgage, they too are also veterans. We...

Freedom Mortgage billing/payment

I have been with freedom mortgage for 5 years and never had a issue. Until now I did a loan modification which everything went good. But I get a phone call stating I haven't been paying the full amount of my mortgage payment. I use my banks online bill pay. I told the lady who called me that I also checked my bank account with her on the phone. I told her I payed 995.00 March 15th you guys cashed the check. I payed 985.00 on April 2nd you guys cashed it April 6th. She was rude got a attitude with me and just kept saying call your bank. I told I would and she just said uh huh. So I called my bank and they doubled checked my payments and they were for the right amount. So I three wayed a call back to freedom mortgage and this time I got a guy who was rude as well to me and my bank. My bank asked if he had acess to the check image or number he said no..that we could mail it fax it. What kind of business is that? This is fair to me it adefects my credit and now late fees. This needs to be fixed!

Freedom Mortgage home loan

This place is crap, we been trying to close on a deal since the end of Dec 16 very beginning of Jan 17. I have had to cancel furniture delivery and taking back the check to cancel my lease. They are so unorganized and have no idea how to process a VA loan. I was supposed to close the 13th of Feb and we still are doing stuff with the underwriter. Funny they have to get a whole file before sending stuff to the underwriter. I think someone dropped the ball and I keep sending the same documents over and over. I want some kind of compensation for the crap they have put me through

Freedom Mortgage — mortgage statement fees

I all of a sudden got a $555.00 fee added to my mortgage. The fee had no description so I called and questioned. the representatives were so NASTY that they didn't even...

Freedom Mortgage — mortgage payment

53841 On Jan 1, 2017 your company sent me a letter stating that you did not receive my mortgage payment which is not true. My mortgage payment is paid by the Government every month. I...

Freedom Mortgage — refinance

53841 In October I was contacted by Carrie Oliver with the option to take advantage of a streamline refinance. She explained to me that I would be charged a new mortgage insurance...

Freedom Mortgage — failure to process loss mitigation package

I have submitted my loss mitigation package 3 times in connection with loan number [protected]. I have been trying to work with Freedom Mortgage to sign over my home since the...

Freedom Mortgage mortgage company

I m writing to let you know that this company treats people horribly. I am a veteran, and they still treated me like trash. I went through a rough time losing my job, still kept my mortgage up while on un-employment, and they harassed me non-stop! When I lost my unemployment they were super nasty to me, I was laid off illegally and waiting to restart my job, not earning as much at a different one. I am also a single mom of two small kids. Do you think I wanted this to happen? Or that I had options? I mean come on? I also kept in touch and notified them, but they wouldn't leave me alone. Sometimes calling me over 20 times a day. So I pay them right away when I am back to work no problem. Turns out they didn't accept my bill pay, but never notified me or refunded my money till months later. Then I start getting phones calls and letters saying my mortgage is behind... I took care of all my bills once back to work... I provided proof of the bill pay errors, they say they lost, and never got. Also, they keep giving me different account numbers... So you have to watch them... Long story short, I pay my bills. And when I fell on hard times and could prove it, they harassed me. Plus they made an error after and wanted to freak out at me saying it was my fault when I could prove otherwise.

Loancare / Freedom Mortgage — mortgage

I'm at my wits end with these two company I made a Payment to loancare 5/2016 . Our loan had been transferred to Freedom, sometime in May not sure when. This payment was never...

Freedom Mortgage mortgage refinance

Currently trying to refinance with Freedom Mortgage and it's taking over 3 months.My husband and I have great credit, make very good money, have twice the necessary equity in our home, have never been late for a single payment and yet they are giving us the hardest time, looking for anything to nit pick at.

There is clearly an issue with this company. I wish we had gone with a local bank who could have had this loan done 2 months ago, but we've already paid $500.00 for the appraisal. They have been saying just 1 more week, every week for the past several months. I fear it will never end!

Dont walk, RUN away from this company!Ugh!

  • Di
    DiF Jan 24, 2017

    We have also had a horrible experience, and have pulled out the re-finance all together. Freedom Mortgage - Applied for a refinance 10/15/16 and was approved for a no fee no closing cost loan. Delays from the personnel, which I know believe to have been done on purpose, caused this particular refinance to span over 4 months. They requested paperwork late, were not good at communicating with me, changed processors and just complete disregard to timing of the loan. The rate lock had to be extended several times due to their incompetent individuals. Finally got a call we would close, was told I would get my paperwork to review the closing. As it turns out, I get someone else s closing paperwork from another property address and then no response when I inquired about it being inaccurate. When i call several times to get the closing docs, finally get them the evening before we were to close the next day. They had tacked on ALL fees and points to the loan, which was solicited to me for MONTHS as a no cost loan. When asked why, they indicated the last rate lock extension was at my cost. I find this very convenient considering my call to close was 2 days after the last rate lock and I was not informed there would be a charge. I feel this is a scam to get people to pay closing costs. Shame on Freedom Mortgage for trying to pull this scam, I feel bad for those who fall for it. I will re-finance my loan...but not with them EVER.

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Freedom Mortgage — incompetence processing mortgage for home purchase

Our neighborhood has deteriorated over the last 3 years, so my wife and I decided to buy a home in a nicer neighborhood and turn our current home into a rental. Freedom Mortgage...

Freedom Mortgage — home loan for veterans

We are constantly receiving mailing from this company in my wife's name as a veteran. She is not now nor every has been a veteran, which means they are getting their information...