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Freedom Mortgage Corporation Customer Service

Freedom Mortgage Corporation

907 Pleasant Valley Avenue, Suite 3
Mount Laurel
New Jersey
United States - 08054

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 855 690 5900(Customer Service)
2 0
+1 877 684 4210(Loan Advisors)
0 1
+1 800 220 3333(Head Office)
6 0
Mon8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sat9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Freedom Mortgage Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / contractor not paid for completed services

Edgar Jimenez on Oct 2, 2018

Absolutely the worst mortgage company in the industry. From their customer service department, loss draft department, and supervisors/managers. We have a 3rd party authorization, a signed contract for the repairs, a 99% completion (at which time the full amount of payment should have been...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / mortgage process

Elizabeth Reklewski on Aug 17, 2018

From the beginning of July My Client Joshua Squires has been under contract for a property and was working with this company to get a mortgage on the property. My first contact was Michael Reese. After trying to reach out to him multiple times with no answer and no call back I gave up...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / excessive home inspection fees and incorrect updates to the credit bureaus


This company is a nightmare to deal with, severe lack of customer service. I've had an ongoing dispute for a couple years now. TransUnion has my account listed as "closed on 02/01/17 and derogatory. I had unfortunately filed bankruptcy in 2012, which this account was included. However, had...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / mortgage

Freedommortgagesucks2 on May 8, 2018

Sadly, our mortgage was sold to Freedom Mortgage! We have always had our mortgage payments scheduled to be received no later than the 6th of the month. Every single month, they call us on the 4th to remind us that we are late!! I have asked them repeatedly to quit calling and it i...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / loan servicing mistakes

Stevon111 on May 7, 2018

Freedom Mortgage made a mistake servicing my loan, the problems were resolved, Freedom mortgage admitted that they made an error servicing my loan but in the process they negatively marked my credit history. Calling them, sending them the requested documents has not resolved the issue of...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / unethical behavior - miscalculations of funds

Teshanne Phillip on Mar 29, 2018

Good Afternoon, I am sending this email because I am in desperate need of help. I have had an ongoing problem with Freedom Mortgage for over a year and it is starting to affect my health. I noticed an increase with my mortgage in 2017. I contacted Freedom Mortgage and was told that...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / mitigation process

Taisia on Mar 28, 2018

we started the mitigation process about a year to a year and a half ago to resolve our mortgage payments that fell behind due to loss of our jobs regaining employment with many different new employers this past year. we were told to send the necessary paperwork needed for the process only...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / this is my 4th loan and had the underwriter from hell that kept asking for documents already sent into freedom mortgage repeatedly

Dwain Masek on Mar 23, 2018

I provided documents for Freedom Mortgage underwrite only to have her ask for same documents repeatedly. Went to IRS and pulled last 2 years taxes/W2's. Sent to Freedom Mortgage. Underwriter wanted me to sign so she could pull taxes. Stated already sent into Freedom Mortgage. Review...

Freedom Mortgage / mortgage

Upholdjustice on Feb 10, 2018

My mortgage company sold out to freedom mortgage. I legally had a grace period to pay my december payment later in january; which I told them on the phone. I received a default letter on january 2. It said I was 30 days past due. This is in violation of my grace period rights. I has also...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / mortgage loan

Butterflies Humming birds on Jan 21, 2018

It started in late October I allied of a home mortgage with freedom mortgage I sent everything they ask for and it started from there first the person that was my contact person never called me for 3 .Weeks when she did call problem 1.was a listing off everywhere I had lived before so I...

Freedom Mortgage / misinformation

Jane surner on Jan 2, 2018

I was told I could pay my mortgage the last day of the month and was not told that December was an exception. I tried to make December's payment on 31 December online but I could not as they wanted December and January's payment. I did not have the funds to pay both payments . As I wa...

Freedom Mortgage / poor customer service / gross incompetence

Lifesaver667 on Dec 26, 2017

I called Freedom Mortgage to schedule an inspection to master bathroom and bedroom that was remodeled following water damage in April of 2016. Issue 1. rep was confused on which open claim I was calling about after approximately 30 minutes on the line she finally submitted the request for...

Freedom Mortgage / charging $30 for a payoff quote

Sherry Schwegler on Dec 11, 2017

I sold my home this week and called to find out what the pay off would be for planning purposes before closing. When I called Freedom Mortgage, I was told there would be a $30 charge for this service. This is absurd. Why would a company charge for providing this service to a customer who...

Freedom Mortgage / unethical behaviour

F Jones on Oct 29, 2017

I am a single 66 year old female Vet and I live on SS. When we heard that Hurricane Harvey was going to hit us in the Houston Tx area we didn't have much time. After Harvey went thru the Cleveland Tx area, which is where my home is, I called Freedom Mortgage know that I wouldn't...

Freedom Mortgage / customer services

Walter O Clark, CATC II on Oct 23, 2017

I've had my mortgage with Freedom Mortgage foe 2 years and was fine up until February when I lost my job and fell behind on my mortgage by 1 month. I immediately contacted them to inform them of my financial situation and assured them that as soon as I get back on track I'll catch up on my...

Freedom Mortgage / ruining my f. i. c. o. because of their mistake.

gilbert rubio on Oct 1, 2017

loan officer told me not to make a payment on freedom mortgage account (sept./20 /2016 re-fi) he told me with only a couple of days to go that loan was not going to close and to make a payment. (loan # 0094061520). I had to borrow money from my nephew and I made the payment on oct. /30 th...

Freedom Mortgage / customer service

Duvains on Jul 14, 2017

On july 14th 2017 I called to discuss a bill payment authorization issue and spoke to a representative by the name of bryan his work id number is 09058 When discussing the issue at hand bryan showed no understanding of the issue and showed a complete lack of customer service and when I...

Freedom Mortgage / loans and customer service

Debbie510 on May 15, 2017

My husband are currently selling our place that is financed by Freedom Mortgage. The home loan is a VA loan. The buyer wants to assume the mortgage, they too are also veterans. We have followed Freedom Mortgages instructions with a careful attention to detail. We cannot get a point of...

Freedom Mortgage / billing/payment

Tina Mckinney on Apr 7, 2017

I have been with freedom mortgage for 5 years and never had a issue. Until now I did a loan modification which everything went good. But I get a phone call stating I haven't been paying the full amount of my mortgage payment. I use my banks online bill pay. I told the lady who called me...

Freedom Mortgage / home loan

Surgtech81 on Feb 11, 2017

This place is crap, we been trying to close on a deal since the end of Dec 16 very beginning of Jan 17. I have had to cancel furniture delivery and taking back the check to cancel my lease. They are so unorganized and have no idea how to process a VA loan. I was supposed to close the 13th...