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I did not receive a credit report of any sort. I did go their web site and started to fill out a request. Then discovered they wanted too much personal information, so I left the site without even requesting a free report. Today I received my credit card statement which revealed a $14.95 charge ( [protected] CA. I did not order a credit report, and even I had, it was supposed to be FREE. Please advise them that I will NOT pay this charge and to notify my credit card company. Thank you.


  • Ed
    edrian smith Apr 28, 2008

    I went to free credit report .com to retrieve my husbands credit report. It ask me for my credit card#. After the billing was done it was a 0 balance. 30 Days later i was billed 12.95 from mini credit report for some monitoring services I didn't ask for. I called them to cancel the man was trying to convince me to keep the services. He said to call back before the 30 days is up, that's the catch. I know for myself that it is hard to remember things from one day to the next now your talking about 30 days. I got upset and hung up. Don't make the same mistake I did get your cancellation # from them before you hang up. Well I need to say that I was billed again this time I cussed them out and I did get my cancellation #. I wouldn't recommend anyone to curse someone out but it was a quick satisfaction for me. When you are retrieving your free credit report make sure it is that free

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  • Da
    Danielle Renfro May 01, 2008

    Charged my credit card $14.95 for a membership. they stated that when you log onto their website it is consider an automatic membership and they bill you later.

    They store your payment information after a free annual credit report is provided. This is the membership.

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  • Br
    Brandy Saddlemire May 05, 2008

    i requested to have my credit report done at and now they are taking 14.95 out of my bank account with out my knowing. i would like to have this problem fixed!! its really making me mad!!

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  • As
    A Swisky May 05, 2008

    This site is not free. They may give you one month free, but after that you pay. Did you read all the terms?

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  • Ch
    Charles Embly Jul 01, 2008

    I applied for what i thought was my free annual credit report and have received a charge on my credit card that i did not authorize. I would like to know why i was charged and would like the charged removed.

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  • Ma
    Marcia Godbey Jul 02, 2008

    I printed off my free credit report. I did not give out any personal info. Somehow they acquired my checking account number and charged my account without my permission. I called them and they refused to refund my money. These people need to be shut down. They are scamming people. Please stop them from doing this to anyone else.

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  • Ph
    Phyllis Aug 23, 2008

    Has anyone had success with getting this charge removed from their credit card. I was billed $14.95, however I did not realize that I needed to cancel within seven days of obtaining the free report. No email was sent to me to that effect. They have since cancelled however will not reimburse me the $14.95. Any luck, let me know. Thank you.

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  • Ju
    Judy Sep 24, 2008


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  • Ar
    Archie L Grant Nov 12, 2008

    Please cancel account they take $12.95 per mo. please stop this

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  • La
    Laura Dec 09, 2008

    This company got through to my email with a "free" credit report offer. You sign up using your credit card number, but they assure you that there will be no charge, that it's only for security purposes. There are a lot of pages to the sign-up process, and they assure you all the way through. Sure enough, no charge to my account...the first month. Here it is a month later, and bingo--$12.95 to ! Not cool!

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  • An
    angrywife Aug 23, 2009

    I called six months ago to cancel my account as of right now they are still charging my credit card for a monthly bill of 14.95. I have also been calling every month sence then to cancel and they still have not done it yet to this day.

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  • Ma
    matt_p Oct 27, 2009


    I'd had the same experience. I called was able to cancel my membership, but they would not refund my money. They instead try to tell how great their service was and convince me to stay.

    I hope they experience a class action lawsuit.

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  • Do
    Dougall87 Nov 07, 2009

    i was $14.95 for a FREE credit report. i had to put in my card information for the report but NEVER agreed to pay for any report.

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  • He
    herchild Nov 25, 2009

    They charged my credit card $14.95 for the last three months. When I call them about it they tell me they will refund my money and stop, however they don't.

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  • Cd
    cdsmith Nov 28, 2009

    The problem is simple and should be illegal: The only way for you to cancel your membership is to phone them. Not by email, not in person, not by sending them a letter...only by phone. When you call to cancel, they tell you that you will receive an email confirming your cancellation. But if they don't send the email, which they did not in my case and I assume yours too, there is no evidence of your attempt to cancel. Which means they will continue charging until you try and cancel again. I think this qualifies as a scam.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Goodman Nov 28, 2009

    I did the credit report at least a month ago and now I'm being charged $30.90 for something they said was free.

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  • Al
    Alice Garay Nov 30, 2009

    I received my bank statement and on there are three charges, I Had cancelled this
    and noted that zI have been charged on several statements $16.28 & $27.16 what are
    these charges all I received one Credit Report in June. What are thses charges?
    I am requesting that this be cancelled as I don't know what I am being charged for.
    Looking for a reply at your earliest. Thank you. What do you call a Free Credit Report Alice Garay

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  • Me
    Melody Lopez Dec 28, 2009

    I have never recieved a free credit report from this company or even entered my information to this company, yet I am being charged from my bank account. I never approved ANY transactions for this. II know that I never approved it because, for one I have no money in my account and two I already know that my credit is bad. This casused ny account to overdraw, so how can I get this amount refunded to me and stop the charges?

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  • Gi
    gina anson Jan 21, 2010

    My words mirror the words on the first page of this website! I went to this website to get a FREE CREDIT REPORT! I got anything but! I did receive a report, but I found a $14.95 charge on my credit card statement! I want it remove immediately! This is fraud!

    Gina Anson
    798 North Elmwood St
    Orange CA 92867

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  • Wh
    whatthefrenchtoast Jan 21, 2010

    Did u read the terms and conditions? Obviously not. People never read anything...

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  • Jh
    Jhonnatan Bello Mar 02, 2010

    I was told that this product was free if I cancelled withing 10 days of checking it out. I had cancelled withing 4 or 5 days. I just received my credit card bill and I'm being charged $14.95, which was the amount that they had said would charge if we did not cancelled within 10 days. I called and spoke with a representative and cancelled, but they lied. I want my credit card of those people who are lying to everyone.

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  • Jh
    Jhonnatan Bello Mar 02, 2010

    Please be careful and do not trust them with any of your information. they will tell you one thing, but then turn around and the the opposite.

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  • Kc
    kchilton Mar 30, 2010

    Please remove from the credit card Chase Visa the Info. CA the amount of $16.15 a month. I do not want this any more. Please remove from my account. Thank you. This is unauthorized billing.

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  • Ca
    CAROL0343 Jun 12, 2010

    I want this stopped. They have charged $14.95 every month for a FREE credit report which I have never used.
    There is no address or phone number to get them to stop. Any suggestions?

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  • Ac
    Aceman131963 Jun 12, 2010

    They are doing it to me too! Don't know how to stop it. Gotta go there and see.

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  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Jun 12, 2010

    Did you even read what you were signing up for? Did you cancel your free trial within the trial period? Did you even consider there might be a reason for them to ask for your credit card information? This is very clearly stated on the website:
    "If you don't cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period, you will be charged a membership fee for each month that you continue the membership. The reason you were charged was because you elected not to cancel your membership before the trial period ended."

    A simple google search will get you a phone number.

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  • Wi
    William D. Bell Jun 12, 2010

    I canceled this free credit report the same day as I signed up and my credit card was charged $24.95. I want this fee returned to my credit card immediately.

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  • On
    onnie hudson Jun 28, 2010

    took money from account showed up on my bank statememt didnot authorize that i would like to know how they got into my account i want my money put back in my account as we speak that fraud and a rip off

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  • Du
    Durand Jun 28, 2010

    When you signed up for their free report, did you not give them your credit card/banking info?

    Yeah, that is how they got it.


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  • Je
    jerry eatmon Jul 25, 2010

    I noticed my credit card was charged $7.47 cent and I never ok anyone to charge for a credit report why would I when they are free every year.
    please stop this asap

    jerry eatmon 714-296-5999 cell

    july 25, 2010

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  • Ja
    jamtech2010 Jul 28, 2010

    Just a comment guys... I'm in the neutral side because I know what you all into and I know how the business works... all I can say is its part of the marketing strategies... when you first went to the website, did you all read the contents of the homepage? the disclaimers/important notices, the ads, everything?? did you?? First, you must read every page so that you know what your signing in... second, read the terms and conditions... if you don't read it and just agree on it then your lost because after reading it and click the box to check it to agree, it means that you did agree that after the trial period that you'll be billed with the membership fee or every transactional charge... As I said, its part of the marketing strategies... So from now on, be mindful and cautious on the terms and conditions that you'll be agreeing...

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  • Ye
    yeni galvez Oct 18, 2010

    Posted Transactions
    Posting Date Description Category Amount Balance
    Description: Debit: $29.90 from merchant INFO.FREECREDITREPORT.CINFOFCR.COM CAUS

    With Card: ************1232
    EditEdit the category this transaction is assigned to. Direct Marketing -$29.90 ($30.37)
    Beginning Balance as of 06/01/2010 ($0.47)

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  • Be
    belgia Nov 04, 2010

    Anyone else notice that the ADs by Google on THIS site have a Lexington Law and (also known as mni, mni* and so on) AD? YIKES! The wheels keep on turning!

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  • Mi
    Michael H. Woodham Jan 16, 2011

    Stop this charge to my Discover card like I have requested. After several attempts, this had stopped and then started again. Do not want your service and would appreciate it if you would stop this charge for free credit reports. (this is a scam to begin with). Nothing free about it and $14.95 a month charge that will not stop no matter how many times you request for it to stop. PLEASE STOP THIS CHARGE.

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  • Th
    theadora shick Mar 04, 2011

    you put a $29.95 charge on my debit card that I did not know you where going to do.
    that charge has made me not get my electric bill pain.
    so you need to take that charge OFF!!!

    I need my money I only get $700.00 a month to pay rent and utilites. so thanks for making me short on my money. I now get to eat potatoes for 2 weeks because of this. I am disabled and the credit check was NOT FREE!!!

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  • Su
    Surfer Girl Mar 04, 2011

    I signed up for Free Credit Report.Com on the advice of my bank and a real estate agent relative to a loan to purchase a home. One cannot get their credit report on the site unless they give a credit card number and information. I was suspicious but did so due the credibility of the persons referring me to the service.

    I viewed my credit scores and logged off. Terms said service I used was free. My credit card statement came and their were multiple charges for my one time use. The charges kept recurring monthly, the company would not remedy the problem, so I cancelled my credit card and got a new credit card number. The charges were supposedly for some kind of monthly membership. Caveat emptor.

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  • Li
    Lisa Valdez-Chrst Mar 11, 2011

    Wow, I am having the same excat issues as everyone else. I want to get remimbursed ASAP and don't know how - did a search on the web to obtain some informaiton and found this site. I'm glad there is a number. Will be calling them ASAP! This is crazy!!!

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  • Er
    Erica M. Mar 23, 2011

    I followed an ad to get a free credit report from "Free Credit Report" ( I didn't expect it was part of a free membership trial, and I will be charged 12.95 monthly after the first month. I saw two charges from them on my bank statement. When I try to get a hold of someone on the phone, I'm put on hold for 30 minutes and then the call is hung up each time.

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  • Gu
    Gulleys Jun 01, 2011

    We request that the automatic charges to our Discover Card ending in 8271 for the free credit report account be STOPPED...this is the only contact information that we have - it appears on our Discover Card Bill each month for about $25-28...We do not use the Free Credit Report services and DO NOT WISH TO - WE WANT THE CHARGES STOPPED EFFECTIVE TODAY 6/1/11...Thank you

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  • He
    heath2011 Jun 12, 2011

    It is never free, you should have left when they asked for credit card info...

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