Fred Loya - Vision Insurancefraudulent practices


My car totaled after Loya insured ran a stop sign and rammed me with a truck. Contacted by ACCESS, VISION, LOYA insurance - they play quite a shell game, but Alfredo Loya heads every one of the 4 or 5 companies. They use fraudulent valuations from a company that's been sued for low-balling; they refuse to accommodate handicaps; they paid a $300K fine in April. Everybody with a complaint should file with the Texas Insurance Commissioner; BBB had over 130 complaints on them in the last 3 years and rates them F. I filed a suit against the insured and the insurors and the adjusters and Loya, himself: Texas Financial Responsibility statutes creates an agency between the insured and the company and MANDATES that the insuror pay damages to the injured person, which creates a statutory obligation between the insuror and the injured/damaged party - so use that rather than the "contractual" obligations that exist only between the insured and the company. That's how most insurance companies get out of being sued by the damaged party, but in Texas you can do it by citing those statutes. Good luck.

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