FOX Network - The Wendy Williams Show (NY)unprofessionalism

I would first like to say I had the worst time ever as a guest!

I visited twice in one day. I missed the first show by three minutes. A staffer suggested I return for the afternoon taping. I returned a few hours later. I arrived extremely early for the second taping - 10:50 am. I was maybe the 15th person in line.

At my second visit — the same staffer who refused to admit me at 8:03 am — and take the place of two guests who left the show in an ambulance — handed me two tickets and said "we're gonna let you in, but we don't usually do this." I couldn't see why not - especially since 1) your colleague advised me to return for the afternoon taping!; 2) in addition to the fact that I had been in line for 2 hours - practically at the front of the line; and, 3) there were less than 50 people in the entire line!

Aside from all the other unprofessional antics and odd behaviors of several staffers (that several guests in line verbally complained about), I am still reeling from being seated behind people who arrived much later than i. I was seated in front of an extended camera arm that obstructed my view. The executive producer instructed the audience not to look at the monitors during taping. So, I stared at long black camera extension throughout the entire show.

It appeared that I had been targeted because I returned to the show on the same day?? But, that should not have been held against me. I had no idea that wednesday's show taped on tuesday afternoon. It was as if I tried to break the rules. Maybe that's the reason for being ridiculed? If that were the case, I would have preferred the staffer refrain from suggesting that I return.

I was extremely disappointed. Had I known I would have such a horrible time, I would have taken the staffer's advice that morning and visited the rachel or dr. Oz show! I am sure that I would have been treated with much more respect.

Why ask people to dress appropriately when dress code is irrelevant? I first thought I was overlooked because I was wearing a black top, and instructions did state that costumes are prohibited and black and white do not show well on tv. But, after watching tuesday's show, I know that could not be the reason. Simply because there was one guest wearing a full-on revealing costume - whom wendy makes a point to acknowledge. Then there was another guest wearing a sheer, revealing blouse. She was also pulled out of the audience and showcased. They were both seated in areas where their view of wendy was not obstructed.

The whole day at that studio was a fiasco - from beginning to end. Security made jokes about mormons, the heights of two guests, constant yelling, unnecessary/incessant sarcasm, sexual innuendos, etc. It was not good at all. No one laughed, but guests complained about his behavior amongst one another.

I will admit that the hype guy did a great job getting the audience excited and geared up for the show. However, I was overlooked every single time he asked for audience participation (e.G., any mother/daughters in the audience — I was one of two — did not choose my daughter and i; anyone from out-of-town — did not choose me; even wishing happy birthday — this was most infuriating. I was one of about four people wearing a crown. He said happy birthday and pointed to every section except the section where I sat). He conversed with people who were seated in front of me — which is why I know the staff wanted to make it known to me that my presence was not wanted. I stopped participating after awhile because it was clear that I should not have been there. I am not exaggerating and I was not expecting special attention, but to intentionally mistreat a guest is unacceptable.

After driving 300 miles — specifically to participate in the show — spending $150 in uber rides back and forth to a nj hotel and the studio, (needed to check-out by 12 noon in order to return to the show for second taping) standing in line for two hours, being intentionally ignored by the hype guy and wendy — leaves me baffled, very disappointed, and actually... Very surprised. I thought wendy's guests were supposed to be her so-called "co-hosts". That's a crock! I waved to her. She was 50 feet away from me. She had to have seen me! I was the only one waving! She looked me directly in my face and did not even give me so much as a nod. My daughter noticed it as well.

When wendy's marriage was dissolved, the announcement of her association with the hunter foundation; and most recently, loni love — I went to bat for her on twitter. I did it because I hated to read such nasty, insensitive posts. I honestly thought wendy was genuine. That is the only reason I wanted to visit the show on my 56th birthday/one-year retirement anniversary.

I wish wendy well, and hope she is afforded another 11 years, but, on october 1, 2019; I came away with a feeling of disgust! That is why I left my crown on the chair. To that end, I refuse to watch any future shows.

I sent a message to the show expressing my displeasure - via email. However, taking into account the crass behavior of her team — especially security — I am sure neither she nor her staff could not care less and will most likely disregard my email. However, I hope my message will be taken as constructive criticism and that her leadership team will make the necessary adjustments to make guests feel welcome. There were a few people who were there for the third/fourth time. Not to support wendy, but simply to appear on tv.

I thought being a "co-host" would only add to the celebration of my 56th birthday/one year retirement anniversary, but instead put a damper on the entire day. I managed to somewhat recover after I left the show, but this experience was very demoralizing.

No other guest should leave the show feeling like nothing more than a seat-filler — especially when every attempt was made to be a part of an event in an effort to show support for someone who was once admired.

Oct 03, 2019

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