Fox TVthe removal of fox sports and other fox stations from dish network

I don't know what is going on between Fox Sports and Dish Network regarding multiple Fox Sports and other Fox Stations being removed. Fox Sports is blaming Dish Network and Dish Network is blaming Fox for the removal of these stations. If you cared about your viewers at all, you would realize that some people can't change networks and why should we. Dish Network is one that has the PAC 12 channel to where Direct TV does not offer it. Not many people can afford your APP either so they view the games on cable networks. I blame not only Fox Sports but also Dish Network for the greed of both companies. The viewers of Fox Sports and Dish Network should be appalled by both your companies. And it is bad enough that we have to listen to blame game by certain political people and media and now you mess with the channels being aired on Dish Network when people go to these Sports channels to get away from all the other craziness going on and to enjoy watching their team play. I am urging Fox Sports and Dish Network to resolve this quickly so Fox Sports can air once again on Dish Network. And if you cannot then the person who is allowing this to happen at Fox Sports and who is trying to come to an agreement possibly if he cannot do the job then let him / her go.

Sep 27, 2019

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