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T Oct 05, 2019

I was excited to watch the 1st episode of "Bless the Harts". That is, until I actually tried to watch it. 10/5/2019. I 1st tried using the On Demand feature through my cable Provider - Spectrum. There is a Bless the Harts and a Bless the Harts EXT. The EXT shows an ad for the show, lasts a minute or so. The Bless The Harts shows episodes available. So I came to Fox online to try and watch it but couldn't. The stupid video kept buffering so badly, despite waiting a little while to even try and start it, that I gave up.
All I am now is frustrated and disappointed. And it'll be a cold day in "you know where" before I try again. Sad, since the 2nd episode airs tomorrow and I won't watch it without having seen the 1st.
You need to contact Spectrum and get them on the ball and, more than that, you need to fix your buffer issue.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Teri Markanson

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