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Your news videos can be informing. However, when I set my volume where I can hear the commentator the ads are so loud they shock my system. This is ridiculous. Obviously fox knows it is obnoxious because you hide the controls during the ad. I would never buy anything from an advertise who does this. Now I only view the ones that I feel are really important... Most of the time I don't play any. It didn't used to be this bad.


  • Ma
    Marian Michel Jun 26, 2011

    My name is Marian Michel and I am a faithful viewer of Fox News. I must tell you that I am so disappointed that you
    have given so much coverage to the "Casey Nelson" story, I will be looking at other options. I'm particularly disappointed
    that you have devoted all of "Shep's program to that subject. That is not the high quality news programming that I'm
    used to and I'll look somewhere else.
    Marian Michel
    Anna, Illinois

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  • Ba
    barbara glackin Mar 03, 2013

    I would like to complain about the female newscaster that was covering the Vatican and the Pope's last days, from Rome. I saw her both on Shepherd and Geraldo They both seemed to pick up on her negativity about the whole thing and returned nice remarks to counteract her sarcasm, Shep's was beautiful, talking about the history and majesty of it all .When she snidely said to Geraldo, the pope's banner was still hanging outside his cottage, Geraldo said" well this is all new to them" Her whole demeanor and what she had to say was so skeptical and obviously anticatholic . She was AWFUL! Totally sour.It cut through me and I can still see her expressions.

    I watch Fox News every night from As early as I can until Greta. I feel it is so important in my life and I
    enjoy it. I have, obviously a high regard for your reporting but I am dissappointed you don't screen who is reporting what and their own feelings about it. prior to their report.

    Barbara j. Glackin

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  • Li
    Liberty2 Apr 19, 2013

    America's newsroom is much better without the "ah, ah, and, er, ah ah, ah" Martha McCallum. She's so in lover with herself, definitely not a team player. When Martha comes on, we leave. Otherwise, we're regular viewers of Fox. Thank you from Colorado.

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  • Ma
    Margaret Mercy Oct 20, 2014
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    I am very upset at Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling of THE FIVE show. Regarding a female fighter pilot on a mission to bomb ISIS Greg Gutfeld said - she can fly it but can she park it? - Eric Bolling then made a remark about - boobs on the ground. I find those remarks disrespectful, degrading and sexist to that female pilot and all women. As a long time loyal viewer of Fox News I am disappointed that those remarks were not addressed on air with a public apology from the two buffoons who made such derogatory remarks. I am also surprised at Bill O'Reilly who still has the two of them on his show all the time.

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  • Jo
    Joy Walden Jan 13, 2015
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    when or will FOX appear on DISH again? I need a time frame before I switch to DIRECTV and sign a multi-year agreement. For now they claim their contract with FOX does not expire for at least 24 months. I don't know whether to believe the telephone operators or not on that promise.

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