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Four Winds Casino Resort

Four Winds Casino Resort review: Room / casino

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Dear FourWinds staff I would just like to start off that you are all amazing ! Thank you for your friendly service… I don’t usually complain because you all are so great and I understand things happen. So we got a room for Thursday the 17th we arrived and was told they could not find our room that was a tad scary due to we just drove 2 hours to get there from indiana … the nice staff quickly apologized and found us a replacement thank goodness … they put us in 4141 nice room might I add but walking barefooted in the room I step on another persons toe / fingernail grossed me out but got over it the fridge did not get cold but was okay we had a cooler got over that as well …like I said things happen … this last one was not expected at all and I was kinda upset we all have our favorite machines we play.. I get it so I went to my quick pick by the Buffett and guess what I couldn’t play my machine not because of another person on it … there was a kid maybe 4 sitting running around and hitting all the buttons . I thought the casino part was kid free makes me rethink spending that time to travel there anymore .

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