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J Feb 03, 2018 Review updated:

I am absolutely disappointed in the service. I recently had gotten a gift card for forever 21 and I ordered online a few things and put my NEW address. I was on the phone with someone to help me with the process, and I thought he helped. I get a email saying that my shipment is going to my old address and the delivery company not forever 21 helped me and I lost it. Forever 21 said that I couldn't get a refund, store credit, or a reshipment. That is disgusting and annoying.


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    jaida kelIey Feb 03, 2018

    Actually I just found out that I put my old address rather than my new address. I honestly thought that I placed my new address, but I guess out of habit I placed my old address. But still since I did not get what I ordered I feel I should get a refund. I still feel disgusted and annoyed by this.

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    Tokyocat Jun 17, 2018

    Why should you get a refund? It is your responsibility to update your address information and confirm that the information is correct, not the company’s.

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