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I have been watching food channel for years and recently I find myself channel surfing. The reason I do is only a few nights a week and they are normally when you have diners drive ins and dives, must the food network have hours upon hours of this show I for one I have had enolf of this, and am fed up change the schedule, I do like guy fiery but I feel 3 straight hours of d d d is more than enolf we do not need to see it from 8pm to 5 am. Please help us late night foodies and change the shows so we are not bored 3 nights a week!


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    Tecumtha Apr 23, 2016

    I agree...I love the food network channel ever since emmeril lagasse...A shame he's not on there anymore. I like triple d but i sure as hell don't want to watch hour after hour of it. Same with
    ...We need variety..Que

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    Berneice May 25, 2016

    I so agree Tripple D is a good show but I'm so sick of it being for hours on end. Every afternoon use to be a really nice line up of cooking shows, I do not know what happened but now the only thing that is on is Tripple D. Who wants to watch only that for hours EVERY night. Where is Pioneer Woman, Rachel Ray, Ina Garner, Farm House Lady etc???

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    Fran Bertrand Jun 15, 2016

    please have all your cooks WASH THEIR HANDS it is SICKENING when the don't CROSS CONTAMINATION including licking spoons too

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    Sari Coady May 17, 2017

    Does Guy Fieri own this network? All I ever see is DDD which now I absoltly HATE!!! Why do we have to watch 24 hours of that show!!!

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