Food CityI was very insulted by the cashier named trina

C Oct 22, 2019 Review updated:

I recently went into the location on 67th Av. and Thomas which is closest to my Home until today I was shopping at food city a total of 3 to 4 times a week but after the service I received today and the insult because a cashier was mad because Apparently some other employees walked Off the job and And she had an attitude I asked her her name because I miss heard her She was telling the customers to go to cashier number six I thought she said she was off at six And there was a line around the store practically I apologize to her for asking her name because I thought she said she was off at six she continued to have a funky attitude and told me the customers are the reason why people are quitting and I told her I would let her corporate office know that we are the reason that they're quitting apparently and she told me to go ahead and contact corporate that nothing would happen because they are shortstaffed I understand the frustration but when she is telling your customers it's their fault to their face that's a bit out of line I will never shop in that store again so she Won't have to worry about customers pretty soon because with her attitude you guys will probably lose more than just me and if anybody mentions the name food city I will definitely tell them not to go there for anything because the way I was treated i would not have a job had I said that to a customer the customers are the reason they are short staffed and going on about how nothing would happen if I told management of my experience she is above the food city policy apparently and is confident so I will not shop there anymore The customer is why the young lady has a job and you have a company I feel like exercising my first amendment rights and standing outside the location and informing my fellow customers of there worth to that store and I will be contacting the BBB about this experience as well Thanks for your time and God bless


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