Flydubai / traveling delay and compensation

Dubai, Bahrain


I am Husssin Ghaniam. Traveling on Flaydubai on flight no FZ252 and FZ021. Traveling from Mashahad to Dubai. And Dubai to Bahrain.

Our travel time from Mashahad to Dubai should be at 5:00 am and it is delay to 6:00 am.

And our travel time from Duabi to Bahrain should be at 11:00 am.

They inform us the travel dealy until 1:00 pm and we are wait in Dubai airport tell this time after we go to the gate. Again they inform the travel delay until 4:00 pm.
Our arrival time should be at 11:00 to Bahrain. And we are in Mashahad airport around 2:20 am.
I am with my family and there is two old woman on wheel chair and they have pain in there knee from surgical operation.

When I ask Flydubai staff they said there is no solve for us only waiting more.

Is that good?!

Please I need to know about about our compensation.

Thanks and regards
Husssin Ghaniam

Mar 15, 2019

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