Flydubai / life threatening experience

United Arab Emirates

Dear customer service team,

I am writing you this email about the worst experience ever that I had today before even going on board of your flight flying from dubai to jeddah 8:10am and the reason it we have been exposed to a life threatening situation during our transportation from the airport building to the aircraft.
We have been locked in the bus for more than 40 mins in a freezing cold temperature if I am not mistaken 10-12 degrees celsius with a maximum fan power and I tried multiple time to inform the driver to low the AC but he was standing out of the bus and what had me loss my temper and almost make a big fight that that employee from the ground services team named Afsar.
I kept on waving to him and signing that there is an emergency, please come to help and he had an eye contact with me and in the most rude and unmannerly and aggressive way he waves his hand in a shut up wave sign and kept on ignoring my call for help and left all of the passengers freezing and let me tell you that I am a young man 33 years with a military background and I am a tough guy and I was freezing cold and shivering, of course you can imagine how old and sick passenger would be feeling and most of them are wearing very thin pieces of cloth for doing umrah. Sorry to say that but if we were chicken or cows that unhuman employee will make sure that we arrive in the best condition to our destination.

I expect a prompt response and this employee should be properly punished for that act as it affects the brand image and worsen your passenger experience to the max.

I am really sorry to say that but such kind of employee throw all the hard work that Fly Dubai do in all its hard working devisions in the garbage.

I need some of your respectable manager to give me a call urgently on [protected])

Thank you and waiting for your reply
Mohamed El Adawy

Mar 15, 2019

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