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I'd like to warn everybody before even thinking to fly with Fly Dubai. I flew with them on Thursday 14th of July, from Dubai to Alexandria, I have booked a bag to be loaded on the plane and I had with me my ladies bag, a handbag and a laptop bag which they previously allowed to be taken with you on board, anyhow they've changed their policy and have not informed the passengers. I passed the check-in and the clerk didn't even notify me, then they stopped at the customs and I started to suffer from the worst treatment anyone can give their clients they told me that I have to upload one of the bags which of course will charge me much more since I'm going to upload it at the airport 150 Dhs, i didn't have a problem with paying the money you already pay a lot for the ticket anyway. Anyhow I explained to them that I always fly with these bags along with me, they started telling me that I have three bags I'm only allowed with one can u imagine that they counted my ladies bag as a handbag?!!! And now body even cared to explain that the policy changed when I started to argue one of their employees told me " you're flying economy " as if that's a reason for thier bad treatment.
To make a long story short, of course I paid the money but I'll never use Fly Dubai again.


  • control Jul 27, 2010

    Ia gree

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    aaron.dxb Jul 29, 2010

    3 items onboard? try flying ryanair or easyjet with 3 bags! sorry to hear you upset - but nowhere i've ever flown would let you get away with that for free. flydubai must have been really generous in the past and now realised its not physically possible to carry on that way. Most full low cost airline flights ive been on have barely had enough roon when they have enforced the 1 bag per passenger rule. A

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  • Gh
    Ghassan Feb 08, 2011

    On the 8th of Feb 2011 I was checking in for my flight from BEY to DXB with 1 back bag of 10 kg and 1 laptop bag only. They lady at the counter told me that I needed to pay 21 $ for the extra 3 kg since the allowance has been reduced to 7 kg recently. Replied that every flight I took with every other airline in the world we are allowed to 10 kg of carry on and a hand bag. Also, the price is too way expensive for 3 kg since the 20 kg allowance announced on the fly Dubai website was 50 DHS or 17 $ .
    If I knew it will cost me that much with hidden costs I would have taken Emirates Airlines or Air Arabia for the same price with more allowances. This is not fair!!
    Mentioned to the lady that I had a previous booking that was cancelled by fly Dubai itself and did not complain or say anything even tough I had to reschedule everything and postpone other plans for this inconvenience; Simply booked another flight, always trusting my previous, enjoyable, experiences with Fly Dubai.
    Asked the lady at counter to refer me to someone in management I can talk to and she referred me to Sabine, Fly Dubai representative in BEY. Sabine replied negatively, even I suggested to meet half way, no success, with ‘who cares’ attitude and incompetent customer service.
    I said fine I am going to complain. No one cares in this airport!!! Who do you think you are with arrogant attitudes and not being helpful?
    Called fly Dubai customer service in Dubai and they told me they cannot do anything for now, I should take the flight to DXB and complain afterward.
    At 9.55 I went back to the check in counter and it’s closed!! Went to see the border services and, they called the Fly Dubai staff in BEY, that I wanted to check in and board and there is no one at the counter, FLY DUBAI replied: TELL HIM TO GO HOME !!!
    Inacceptable, arrogant, unprofessional, intolerable ... never knew your staff in BEY was so incompetent and irresponsible. THEY DON’T CARE!!!
    So far I had many flights with Fly DUBAI and never had anything to complain about, this time everything was messed up. All the signs were saying DO NOT GO WITH FLY DUBAI. On my website I’ve mentioned how FLY DUBAI had good price / quality ratio and competitiveness compared to other airlines in the Gulf. I was completely WRONG!!!
    Now I’ve lost my flight because of your incompetence, and the arrogance of your staff and I will make sure to let the world wide know what a scam Fly Dubai is.
    Ps: An official complaint was filled to BEY AIRPORT MANAGEMENT

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