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My name is Kevin Brim case# [protected] I was ordered to pay support in 2010 for my youngest daughter Sara Brim of $622 a month until her 18th birthday 9/10/19. I was also ordered to pay arrears for my oldest daughter Rene Brim 5/7/90 in 2010 after she turned 18 and no longer lived with her mother of $78 a month until paid. It was ordered because the hearing officer stated in open court he had never seen a case like mine so I should just pay it. I have willingly paid it and done everything I am supposed to. So inJuly I go to the local child support office confirming as of Sara's 18th birthday I am only responsible for $78 a month. Her 18th birthday comes my employer is sent a new income deduction of $78 until yesterday where my employer is sent another one stating $700 a month. How is that correct or fair?? Im being told now that someone reviewed my case and determined since I have been paying $700 a month I can continue until arrears paid. Absolutely not my court order states $78 which actually should have never even been ordered but the hearing officer didn't know what to do. Great for me right you can even see in paperwork filed I paid everything up until and after my oldest daughter turned 18 then I sent the lesser amount. I am a hardworking parent who has done everything I can for my kids but when is enough enough. All I keep getting told is because you have been paying $700 you can continue I paid because I had to not because I am rich I am a plumber. Im just asking since I am ordered to pay for it to be the $78 a month for arrears that's what the court order states and should be applied. I also shouldn't have been lied to by the local office and told after she turned 18 it would ONLY be $78 if that wasn't the case. Who reviews these cases and determines if a court order should be used or not? Mine was clearly disregarded. Whats the point of an order if child support just makes their own decisions. Again I have another child my ex is remarried she works he collects disability and my daughter quit school. I tried to resolve with child support but was told nope your case was reviewed everyone gets reviewed and you can continue to pay $700. Where are my rights? Whats fair is fair and this definitely hasn't been for many years.

Oct 02, 2019

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