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Me and my husbands tax refund was offset due to arrears building up on him from a case that I didn't even know was ongoing and building up and I had already moved from Florida, after terminating the order and forgiving arrears, they've held our funds for 4 months and I've expressed financial hardship and visited the local office, my husband owes nothing to the state and my children and I are in need


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    Bakari KeepsUwet Aug 18, 2019

    Have ever received those funds or are you still waiting? I think it's a shame that the Department of Revenue can sit on funds for extended periods of time, as they do. Simply COLLECTING INTEREST on Our Monies, as they should be rightfully disbursed in a more timely manner!! I Believe we should collectively file a class action lawsuit and end this practice!?! -Bakari

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