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Florida blue reps. Get better training on reps. Listen in and get rid of the liars and rude ones. I wanted to do something that should not be difficult. Trying to change my pcp - I was told I had to use the "proper term" by the second rep. My primary care doctor. I changed the name of the doctor on the website. I didn't want to wait seven weeks to see someone. I have had to call or contact 3 reps. And it still is not done. The first, rudy, said it would be done immediately. When I questioned it he said at the latest... By the end of the day... It was not. The next monday I called and the rep would not give her name. She was rude and wanted me to learn the lingo and use it if she was going to help. Still not done. Now that I am a third way through the 7 weeks, I wonder if the company knows how the reps tell the callers anything and/or treat them poorly. I left 2 complaints with fb and no one so much as sent one of those bs e-mail and at least acknowledged an issue. Get better training on reps. Listen in and get rid of the liars and rude ones.


  • Ma
    Marine08 Aug 10, 2017

    I agree 100%. Their customer service sucks! When you contact via social media, it is always the same auto generated reply to contact them via an email that is linked to their FB and Twitter pages. When someone finally decides to reply, they are usually not helpful, rude, incompetent, or provides empty promises. It is a total waste of time. Why do members have to continue escalating simple requests or issues because their customer service department could not care less about their members or well-being.

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  • El
    elfin Oct 08, 2019

    horrible customer service, get transgred and disconnected. very incompetent.

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