Florida Bluedenial of insurance claims

D Aug 28, 2018

They did Nied my insurance claims stating they were Medicaid codes and that they do not recognize Medicaid codes I do not have Medicaid I paid for these procedures myself so I'm submitting the claims by myself I spoke to the outpatient facility they told me these are not Medicaid codes I also submitted these codes back in 2016 with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Publix when I had that insurance they paid for them they told me that these are also not Medicaid codes but Florida blue keeps telling me they are and they refused to pay

  • Updated by Dawn DeSoto · Aug 31, 2018

    Well I put my complaint in with Florida blue And they contacted me the next day and resolved my issue . Which I appreciate. It was my Misunderstanding about how my insurance works .so he explained it to me..And Resubmitted my claims under the correct codes... So thank you very much Florida blue And I appreciate the quick response

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