FlixBus / FlixMobilityviolation of my right to the information during my travel with flixbus

A Jun 22, 2019

On the 21.06.19 I was traveling with flixbus from Berlin to Utrecht (Buchungsnummer 1041914545). The drivers were rude and very loud, which kept me from sleeping and the whole bus smelled like the toilet which was impossible to use- I couldn't have my eyes open so strong the smell inside the toilet was. Besides, the drivers misinformed the passengers about the fees the passengers would have to pay in case they were using the vacant seats next to them and not having their seatbelts on. They said that one is not allowed to use the seat next to them even if it's vacant, otherwise one has to pay a 50 Euro fee. The same for not having your seat belt on. I find it unprofessional and violation of my customer rights. I also think that the employees are direct representatives of the company and if the company cares about it's image it has to work with the employees to improve their performance.

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