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Good morning,
My name is Sol and i am really dissapointed with the service. On February 8th i chose your company to go from Tempe to LA. When the bus stopped in Blythe after 4 h, the bus driver told us that was going to leave in 20 minutes. He left 5 minutes before so the bus left me there all alone without my luggage at 11pm. I had to ask a car to make me a huge favor and take me to LA paying him 50 dollars. The passanger that was sitting next to me, tried to tell the bus driver that i was still in Bythe and he did not care at all.

I had a really bad experience and i would like to at least have a refund of the way there.

This is my phone [protected]. The number of confirmation was #[protected]

Apr 15, 2019

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