FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus did not show up at all!

P Aug 18, 2018

booking number: [protected]
Sunday 12 August 2018
From Offenburg to Darmstadt at 18:05

I want to complain about this strange thing I have experienced with flixbus.
I waited in the station for 4 hours and the bus did not show up at all.
half an hour before departure time I got an email that the bus gonna be half an hour late, and one hour later got another email that its gonna be 1 hour later! an dafter that nothing!
After two hours passed, I called the customer support and they said it should be there at any moment, please wait!
One hour had passed and it never showed up, after 3 hours and a half I called again and they didn't even have any idea themselves whats going on and after waiting for 10 minutes on the line they said that the bus has already passed that town and is 30 km away!!!
They said book a train ticket or wait for the next bus the day after at 18 again!!
I asked to book another ticket to Frankfurt for the day after but I lost my appointments for Monday morning and got into so many trouble at work.
There were even some people there who did not have any place to stay overnight and still the customer support was telling them to wait even more cause the bus will come soon!!!
Is there anyone who can explain this? I am really pissed.

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