FlixBus / FlixMobilitybaggage charge

G Aug 15, 2018

The trip i speak in reference to has a booking number of: [protected]

My complaint, which i have tried contacting you about 3 times already, is with regards to the extra charge of 9 euro that I paid for my luggage. I would like a refund for that amount.

The driver asked me to pay this extra charge and when I asked why he showed me a CABBIN LUGGAGE and said this is the luggage i am allowed. I disagreed with him and told him ive been on 2 other trips before this with flix bus WITH THE SAME LUGGAGE and none of them said anything.

Booking references: [protected] & [protected]

My luggage is within WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS limit and i say this with confidence for both because when I reached rotterdam i immediately weighed and measured my luggage.

I was not the only person who had to pay. The driver even fought with 2 ladies at the Brussels stop.

I have contacted you via forms twoce before and received prewritten emails.

PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL and respond accordingly.

Thank you.

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