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This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. has to be the worst $60 I've ever spent. After I registered, I of course decided to try to upload some pictures. I couldn't because the website wasn't working properly and it kept giving me an error any time I tried to upload any picture. Oh well, I thought. I'll just start looking through some profiles, it should be fixed in no time. Now, with a Gold membership I was told I could email members. In all my time with Fling I have found this to be untrue, unless the members themselves actually supplied me with their email (Which is something I'll rant about later). After sending my first message I was told I had reached my message limit for the day. Wow. Unbelievable. So after a while of not being able to upload photos and not being able to send messages to other users, I decided to email customer support and tell them what was wrong with their website and voice my concerns. I never heard back from them, but the messages and photo upload problem seemed to be fixed in about TWO DAYS. Two days is a relatively short period of time, but if you're a major website who provides a service to it's customers for a fee, two days is a long time. Alright, well, no sweat, I have a 3 month membership, plenty of time to find girls to hook up with. So I finally upload some photos and rate them and what not, and the photos say 'Pending' underneath them for a week, and finally I guess they got approved. But to this day my default picture still says 'No Pic' to me. And when I try to verify my photos it tells me I still have not uploaded any photos. Wow. Awesome. So I figure, well, if this website is not letting me put any photos, I'll just write the link to my Myspace in my about me section, and people can go there and take a look at my photos. And i'll write my email address in case anybody wants to email me for pictures or to talk. WRONG. Any website or email address you try to write about in your about me is automatically deleted. Chalk up another suck point for So anyway, during this whole time I am sending messages to other users in my area, doing my thing, you know. But the only responses I ever get back are generic spam messages telling me to pay money to register to some website so I can see more pics of them, or telling me that they don't meet guys unless they view them on their webcam first, which of course, costs money. I've had different members message me back with different generic spam messages but with the SAME email address! WTF? And it's always something at I was suspicious in the very beginning when I was browsing profiles of girls in my area, and I came across two different profiles with the exact same 'about me' section. Word for ###ing word. Anyway, here are a few of the generic messages I've received back from these fake women. Message 1: Hey (Name censored for privacy, but I will tell you it was my display name letter for letter, number for number), how are you? So whaddya looking for on here. I'll tell you what I want...a really good time LOL! The last couple of dates I went on were very, very bad blind dates. The last guy I went out was telling about my food digesting while I was eating. Ugh! To be honest I don't wanna find a 'hubby' on here, I just wanna find someone looking for the same type of no-strings fun that I am. IF thats you and you're interested in me get in touch with me at [protected] Its a lot easier to check that email at work, if you know what I mean. Well, cant wait to hear from you, maybe we can meet up for oral, I mean coctails soon? LOL!. Message 2: hey...what's up? wanna chat? bizzybee02 at hotmail dot com Message 3: Hi! how r u? wanna chat? bizzybee02 at hotmail dot com *NOTE* Messages 2 and 3 are from different users. Message 4: Nice of you to contact me darling, I´d really like to get to know you, but I can seldom log in here from work. Could you send me an email to SandraTaylor847 at hotmail dot com please? I´d love to get together soon... Here are some of the emails I received back from users when I gave them my email address in a message. Email 1: Hey (censored)! How are you? Thanks for getting in touch! I am so glad you wrote, actually I was hoping I would hear from you so this is great. So, with regard to hooking up, I did want to tell you it has been a while for me and I really miss being with a man. If you can make some time for me at all today that would be great. Like I said I was thinking a few drinks would be good to help us get a little more comfortable around each never know where it may lead then. Let's just say you have no idea how ready I am for you to break my little dry spell, it really has been a while for me. I did want to address a few things beforehand - just so you know my last STD & HIV tests were about 4 months ago and the results came back clean. You? Also, I insist on condoms (except during oral) and that's non-negotiable for me. That being said, I should also tell you what gets me hot...a few things I don't think I mentioned in my profile are like, I get wet from things like passionate kissing (along with a few well placed fingers), my breasts are very sensitive so almost anything you do will get my nipples hard, I enjoy watching movies before/during sex, I enjoy some use of toys, and I occasionally like being tied up. I'm also open to new suggestions. How about you? What are some of your turn-ons? Well I'm babbling on and blowing my cover a little here but I wanted to get back to you while I had a minute. You can call my cell whenever you want so we can set something up, I posted my number for you (and a bunch more pics!) at my favorite personal site, it's at My profile is listed inside that site under 'backsidebec'. I use this site mainly cause a couple of my friends use it and it's discreet and safe. It's definitely much better than most sites I have tried plus it has some great pics of me! I do hope to meet real soon but if it's not today let's definitely do something this week. Call me! Becky ***The following is a requirement of this website: 'If you are offended by adult material or are not of legal age to view such material, or if you simply would not like to hear from any members from this website, follow this link to be removed:' *End of email* And that website wanted me to pay $20 so they could 'verify my age'. I didn't pay, so I couldn't get in. Email 2: Hi! Are you online? I am at home on my computer. I normally have to share it with two other girls I live with but they went to Mexico together so its just me here this week. If you are on and want to chat let me know. When I am online I am on my blog, so you can find me there. We can even chat there if you want. ttry Stace *End of email* That website also requires you to pay to get in. Email 3: (Note: I have no idea who this last person even is, but they still managed to send me an email somehow) Hey what's up, did you get my last email? I emailed you a few days ago but never heard back. I was wondering if you'de be interested in getting together sometime. I put up my own webpage so if you're interested check out my pics and if you think we have chemistry drop me a line and we can see where things go. Here is my site and this is the password: sexy (my friend told me to add a password feature so not everyone could see my pics) Well, I hope to hear back from you and we can get together or chat sometime. Talk soon, Kelly My site is intended for a mature audience only. If you are of legal age, or if you are offended by mature material, or if you don't wanna hear from me ever again go to this link: *End of email* And every single girl I've messaged has done that exact same thing. Given me that same type of response. So needless to say, I'm utterly disgusted with this website right now, and I sent them an email telling them to go ### themselves and that I'm cancelling my membership. Only problem is, I went to cancel my membership and IT DOESN'T EVEN ###ING WORK! I enter my information and click cancel and then the page just sits there for an hour. I tried hitting stop and refresh and trying again but it did the same thing. It sat there for an hour and then it said 'Page Cannot Be Found' or something like that. Way to ###ing go Fling... Your website is a worthless piece of fuking ###.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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