FlightNetwork.comdouble booked and being charged twice! and rude customer service!


"Last week Wednesday 6 January 2016, my sister in law had made a booking and paid for it then the next day another sum of $755.55 had come out of my bank account. I called FlightNetwork, as well as Emirates and got bounced around and told different information as to how I would resolve this issue. Last Friday 8 January 2016 I had received the refund of that exact amount back into my account. I wake up this morning to check my account and 6x payments of $259.53 had been taken out of my account, as well as a payment of $18.68 and $18.82 had also been taken out. This money has been taken out of my account without my approval. I called and spoke to Imtiaz and mentioned that I had just spoken to Karla who works for Emirates and she had said that FlightNetwork had double booked the flights which is why I was charged twice. Imtiaz then went on to raise his voice to me over the phone, he was quite rude and impatient with me, saying there is no way that your company, FlightNetwork, could have double booked. Until I found a few people online saying the same thing has happened to them! Click on the links below. — appalling service — double booking a ticket without authorisation and taking money from our credit card!! This is terrible service and I have no idea why the money would be taken out of my account when the flight had already been paid for. Attached is my bank statement to show how much money had been taken out. This issue had been resolved last week but to wake up and see more money without my approval been taken out, and also trying to get help from your employee who was very rude over the phone has given me a bad experience with your company. I would like this matter to be solved urgently, as I have been told by Imtiaz to call back in 24hours and there is a possibility that I may not get my money back, when this is not my fault. Please respond to me as I have sent a number of emails to this email address which has been given to me." This is the email i have sent to the email that was given to me by the employee of FlightNetwork, and have yet to receive a response. i am not sure why they would take money out when the flight had already been paid for, especially after a similar incident like this happened last week. to wake up and see money being taken out of my account without my approval as well as being yelled at and told over the phone by Imtiaz an employee of FlightNetwork that they could not have double booked my flights and to call back in 24hours to see whether or not i may be able to get my money back!

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