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Flexi Holiday Club / Flexi Club SA review: booked into abandoned and health hazard resort in italy

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This complaint was submitted to Club Leisure 3 months ago, to HelloPeter and posted on Facebook with numerous follow up mails to Flexiclub with NO feedback to date. Please see complaint and I've subsequently requested them to take their points back at NO CHARGE as do not want to give it to anyone for free but I just receive statements to pay the next year's levies and my complaint continues to be ignored!
Nightmare Holiday experience through the Clubleisure Group Flexiclub and Dial Exchange
We booked a week’s holiday in Italy in a resort known as LeBaite Montecampione, through the Clubleisure Group, Flexiclub who used a London Based company Dial Exchange for this reeservation. After looking forward to a wonderful holiday, what we fund was shocking to say the least. The resort was abandoned and in a shocking state, I have all the pictures but cannot attach them for some reason, please assist. I have a whole file that I can make available. Needless to say, we had a horrifying experience as the only guests at an abandoned resort with one lady caretaker who produced a confirmation for our booking and requested another Euro 80 to pay for linen and cleaning. As it was late at night and we had nowhere to go, we had to pay the money to spend the night and look for other accommodation the next day.

It is unacceptable that Clublesure/Flexiclub or Dial Exchange can allow a resort like this for their customers to visit, this resort should be closed down as a health hazard and is completely unsafe. I phoned Dail Exchange first thing the next morning as that was the number on the booking confirmation and was told that they were unaware of the state of the resort but will forward the issue to Flexiclub. I was phone by Flexiclub on the afternoon of the next day 4 July and offered accommodation at other mountain resorts which was3 hours away from where we planned our trip.We had no choice to but to resort to and look for cheap accommodation for the rest of the week. Besides the horrifying experience of spending a night in this resort, it wasted 2 of our 13 days of holiday and we will never be able make up for the lost time of precious family holiday time as some things, money cannot buy. I hold Flexiclub and Dial Exchange completely accountable for this terrible experience as want a reply from them as to how this can happen and what they do to ensure their guests visit a reputable resort. Furthermore, I've requested them to clarify the process for a claim for the accommodation we had to book ourselves. I've send 4 follow up emails that was delivered but I've had zero reply.

I have pictures that I want to share, please let me know where I can send this to?

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