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Good day
I have been with Flexi-club Access for 4 years now. I receive 3 vouchers when joining and the vouchers we can only use once a year. For the 2 years I struggle to get a full 7 day holiday of which I did not get. As my husband and myself is only taking leave in February/ March we would love to take our break in these period. I tried to make a booking just to find out there is no full weeks only midweek. I am very disappointed because this is our third year with our last voucher and we lose out and these vouchers is not for free. Yes I know we are in arrears 2019 was a very rough year for us as a family, but we are willing to pay the R3225.45 before we go on holiday. 2019 we were at your offices at club Mykonos and there we complain about the midweek we only get, there we were told to phone these numbers [protected] and [protected] Jacque and they will sort us out. Was this now only for us to take out a package again? The must not make promises and at the end the cannot deliver. At this point in time I feel to cancel this club but I will be the person losing out. My question, is this the way u treat your or is the package we took out too little money, or do u have your favourite clients.

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Jan 20, 2021 12:32 pm EST

Wow, a comment section with Comment guidelines. You must really receive a lot of complaints of furious customers, as I am another one.
After years not able to book our choice of holiday we were so lucky to get our first choice - Sobhengu lodge.
I thought it is too good to be true but less than a week before we leave for our holiday "our unit burnt down"
I'm aware that something like this can happen but the terrible bad service and support from Flexiclub was horrific!
I received an email with a couple of options (NONE that fitted us, as I was not able to speak to a person ONCE!) NO calls or messages were returned after numerous calls to the office.
I had to make the call and pay privately for our guests, as Flexiclub ONLY had a 6 sleeper unit available and we were 6 adults and a 4 year old (sleeping on the bed with his mom) Luckily everybody involved were able to use the COVID excuse (overcrowding)and I had to pay in R5840.0 for the other 2 adults who had half of the food with them! The resort, La Rochelle was not even at 50% occupancy at that time but Flexiclub was not able to not make any arrangements!
We returned on 8 January 2021 and up to now I had a lady who called and could not understand why I am still upset as she offered an apology! She could not understand that I was the victim in this whole process and lost R5840.00. EVERYTHING could have been sorted with ONE courtesy call from the office - pathetic!
I've only been a member for 25 years, not by choice.


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