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Flex Seal Complaints & Reviews

Flex Seal / Flex tape

Oct 12, 2019

Flex SealMy complaint is that I spent two days trying to seal a vinyl pool material and it leaked I purchased 8 in wide roll use the whole roll and it's still would not stick used blow dryer to heat it up still would not stick leaked out of every corner overlaid it with gorilla tape and now it...

Flex Seal / flex seal liquid

Jul 30, 2019

Flex SealI repaired cracks in concrete stairs with this product and it worked. Then painted it only to find paint doesn't stick to it. Called customer service to find a solution to the problem only to get a confirmation - paint does not adhere to it and my only solution is to remove all of it. No...

Flex Seal / flex seal

Jul 19, 2019

I had a small leak in my pool used the tape, rolled the paint on also used the spray not ant if it stopped the leak finally had to take the pool down in the mid summer. I spent $50.00on all this flex and I want my money back. In fact u should reimburse for the pool liner too. My email i...

Flex Seal / flex seal rubber coating

May 22, 2019

Have a pond that is 12 inches deep and 3' x 4' wide. Wanted to coat it so it would not leak. Bought 3 gallons of Flex Seal from Lowes at a price of almost $ 300.00. Coated it 8 times and let dry for 24 hrs. each time. Pond still drains down. I feel that this was an extremely wast of money?...

Flex Seal / flex seal spray

Apr 08, 2019

Flex SealI tried to use Flex Seal spray can to seal a pinhole in the size of a garbage disposal. I followed directions spraying an even thick coat and letting it dru and repeating this untill i used an entire 14 Oz. Can and it did absoultely NOTHING to seal this tiny pinhole... The leak is the same...

Flex Seal / flex steal tape

Nov 12, 2018

Used it on our pool. Pool had sm pea sz hole. Did not work. It ruined our new pool for our grandson and we saved our money for two yrs to buy this pool it also cost us money to fill it. We are out aprox 800.00$ will include video I want compensation for it and shame on them for all the...

Flex Seal / flex seal tape

Aug 10, 2017

Flex SealI had bought several things of the new flex seal tape because I knew that once you stuck the tape somewhere it seemed to be stuck, their was no removing it. So I decided to try it to patch a few small hole's in my 27' ft pool liner now all the hole looked like a knife cut it so it still...

Flex Seal / flex mist

Jul 13, 2017

Why will you not send me your product? I have sent you a money order TWICE! I have called two times to get the correct address. It still has not come. Do you not want me to have it? The last one I sent on June 26. Please tell me what I have to do. I have not been given an order number. I...

Flex Seal / product did not work as advertised

Jun 25, 2017

Went to Menards to purchase the Flex Seal Tape and Spray to help with fixing a small leak on a plastic hose for an above ground watering system. Multiple attempts with the tape and spray did not work, following all directions. On top of that when I attempted to seek help/refund from the...

Flexseal / Liquid flexseal

Nov 13, 2016

Bought a can and it worked great but didn't use it all so I sealed the lid back onto it and than later when I went to use it was a solid rubber didn't know if this is what it was suppose to do or not but I wanted to know if I would get some of my money back or not. Can't remember where I purchased it at right now I would have to research my recites.

Flex Seal / Flex seal bright in a jumbo can

Sep 04, 2016

Flex SealAgainst the advice of the employees at ACE Hareware in St.Clair Mi, I purchased 3 cans of the jumbo Bright Flex Seal. They told me to use Rustoleum and I had seen the commercial and thought having a coat of paint/plastic on a new bird bath would make it easier to clean and it would last...

Flex Seal / Flex seal customer service

May 13, 2016

I ordered 6 cans of flex sea and was shocked when the charge came to $215.75. Tried to cancel order, but they sent it anyway. Shipped the order back, it has been 7 months and I still have not received my refund. This company is impossible to deal with, they have sent emails stating a...

Flex Seal / Bogus Order

Jan 06, 2016

I saw the $19.95 price and went to the web site. When adding in all the ridiculous handling fees, the total was more than $75.00! Decided I did not want the product at that price, so I didn't press the order button. I backtracked and erased all my credit card and address info. Today, I get...

Flex Seal / Small amount in can

Jul 25, 2015

Saw the product on T.V. an of course it looked like I could use it on any leak around the house, WELL on the JUMBO CAN it said must apply 2 coats for sufficient sealing of leak. In my opinion there is not enough contents in that so call JUMBO CAN to finish a leak. Paid $12.88 for an empty...

Flex Seal / doesn't work

Jul 09, 2013

I bought 12 cans of flex seal for my camper roof. The stuff just pealed off and now my camper has major water damage in it. Flex Steel DOES crack, peel and not seal at all. My camper is 27 foot.

Flex Seal / False Advertisiing


Other complaints are accurate...two cans cost $49.92. The cans received are smaller than shown on TV. I ordered the BRITE which is shown and advertised to be 'white' look at the can lid caps yourself. The product arrived in cans with beige colored lids, that is the color, BEIGE...

Flex Seal / automated clerk , order not complete


yes, i was ''helped '' by a damn ''machine '' i don't like them i want a human being on the line .we went thru the sill and machine ask for credit card # and address, finally she mention a white can is available as well . thats is all i wanted...

Flex Seal / won't spray after 1 application


I purchased 2 Jumbo cans of Flex Seal (As seen on TV) from WalMart Idabel, Ok yesterday. This morning I had planned to seal a leak hose. The can did fine for 3 layers, then I went back to put on another layer and the can would not spray at all. Just a little fizzle. It acts like it is of...

Flex Seal / I would not encourage anyone to work with this company, even if the product is great


I called the Flex Seal telephone order number and went through an automated phone order process. I ordered 1 can of the product along with the free can with shipping charges offer. Before I could get a confirmation of my order and the cost, I was put through 15 minutes of additional...

Flex Seal / OVERCHARGED !!!


Same old 'crap' I've been reading about. TV ad says "Order a can of Flex Seal for only $ 19.99, [it stops leaks, etc], but wait we'll double your order. That's right get twice the number of cans, for only $ 19.99. Just pay the extra processing. " When the bill...

Flex Seal / Shipping and handling scam


Flex Seal & their new product appropriately “Slick Fix”. This is ### operating a scam. It’s beyond decptive, being charged $85 on an initial order which is advertised at $19.99 + s/h – good luck on that! As well as not being able to cancel an order immediately...

Flex Seal / Stay away, they will just rip you off


I ordered the tv special two cans of flex seal for 19.99 plus 9.95 shipping and handleing each for the two cans my order was supposed to be 39.89 on a company credit card!!! when I got the order they shipped two additional cans in the same box and the total bill was 149.61 I called them...

Flex Seal / Charged for multiple cans of Flex Seal


We wanted to order one can of Flex Seal. When my husband called in they tried to get him to order numerous other products and he declined all. When he finally got to the part to place his order, they tried to increase it by saying he would get one can free etc. My husband finally placed an...

Flex Seal / The product is very good, but the company is very bad


I am joining the chorus about reviews on the Flexseal website. Without consulting my common sense, I order “2″ cans but order shows two “orders” of 2 cans each. Nowhere on the website can you make a correction. Talked with some flunky after holding over two hour...

Flex Seal / Charged me $40.00 in shipping alone


I purchased two cans of Flex Seal at the advertised price of $19.99 each. The special deal was you get an extra can free. I had intended to get 4 cans. When the shipment came, I found out that they charged me $29.95 for each "two-can" set for a total of $59.90 plus $9.95 "per can"...

Flex Seal / I'll probably end up in CA Consumer Affairs before this is fixed


Never fails, without telling me they tacked on a ridiculous $20 worth of shipping charges. Of course the office is closed and there is no one to reach until Monday. Hopefully I can reach my bank before then to stop the charge. There was nothing on the screen prior to the final ordering one...

Flex Seal / processin charges


Flex Seali am enraged at how this company takes advantage of consumers. my dad is 77 years old. not only do they not give a verifiable breakdown of all the charges, but 6 cans cost 119.67! the so-called processing fee costs more than the product which i find absurd. and of course, when we didnt... / Stay away from these guys


As you already know, people are having a problem with this site. I basically wanted to use this product really bad but I am not interested in paying that type of money for a can or even two cans for that matter even though I really love the convincing commercial. So since many on this site... / Deceptive website, can't review order before placing.


Deceptive website, can't review order before placing... on hold for FORTY (40) MINUTES when I called. I wanted to cancel or change my order. The girl told me it was "in process" so it couldn't be changed, even though it hadn't shipped yet. Ridiculous. I finally got an RMA... / Do no deal with these rip offs


i placed an order for the buy 1 can and get the 2nd can free just pay the s&h, when I went to print my reciept I dropped it on the floor when I seen $99.74, no way. Thank god when I checked my debit card, I didnt have that amount in it. You cant even talk to anyone, computer only, thats so they dont have to deal with the people they are ripping off.

Flex Seal / scam


Product ordered...2 cans for $19.95...bill on credit card $99.74, after the product was sent...also this product does not work any better than a can of black spray is advertised to seal cracks in cement etc. also, I received 3 calls from an unknown 800#...I do not answer unknown... / over charged


I ordered 1 can of Flex Seal on Saturday and I was charged $79.78 when my confirmation came to me. (??? $19.99 + $9.95 P+H + $9.95 P+H for the 2nd can free = $39.89 by my math ???) I immediately called and the office was closed. I called Monday morning and after waiting over an hour to...

Flex Seal / Billing scam


This is a scam!!! I agree, the Attorney General should look into this criminal activity. I ordered the 'buy one, get one free' plus shipping and handling. Should only have been under $40. When they confirmed the payment, they charged me $83 dollars. They increased my order to... / Could not speak to a live person


Could not speak to a live person. i gave my credit card number and the phone went dead i called my credit card company and canceled the transaction.

Flex Seal / over charging for order


I ordered 2 cans of Flex Seal Rubber Sealant. The first can was 19.95. The second can was 9.95 I up graded to larger cans for 4.95 each. Shipping was 9.95. This totaled 49.95. I was overdrawn at the bank and couldnt figure out why. I went on line and found they had charged my debit card...

Get Flex Seal / No live person to talk to. Why??


I did not want to buy with credit card as per other complaints about over charging. Just wanted to get full price and address to send check to. But you can not talk to anyone. To bad they missed a sale. / Now i have 6 cans of cr*p that may not even work


I ordered 2 cans of flexseal and instead of what i ordered i got 6 cans and a bill for $119.67 I did not double or triple the order as they tried to sell me but they just send it to you even when you tell them you do not want it. my bill was supposed to be $29.94 and they charged my credit card $119.67. now i have 6 cans of crap that may not even work. / When I received the order confirmation my mouth really dropped open


I ordered a can of flexseal online. when I received the order confirmation my mouth really dropped open. I ordered one can at $19.99 plus a free one. Shipping was 29.99 + another 19.99 for the extra can.. total 49.99. I complained and now I can't find the order confirmation. How did they do that? / My bill ended up being $99.74


After seeing the TV ad listing the product as $19.99 plus a free can (just pay s/h) sounded good. I placed an order. Just before my card was charged, the site asked whether I wanted to "upgrade to bigger cans" for $4.95 additional. I did. By my calculations that's $19.99 + $9.95 ...