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Flex Seal Complaints & Reviews

Flex Seal / flex seal tape

Becky wommack on Aug 10, 2017
I had bought several things of the new flex seal tape because I knew that once you stuck the tape somewhere it seemed to be stuck, their was no removing it. So I decided to try it to patch a few small hole's in my 27' ft pool liner now all the hole looked like a knife cut it so it still...

Flex Seal / flex mist

christmassprite on Jul 13, 2017
Why will you not send me your product? I have sent you a money order TWICE! I have called two times to get the correct address. It still has not come. Do you not want me to have it? The last one I sent on June 26. Please tell me what I have to do. I have not been given an order number. I...

Flex Seal / product did not work as advertised

Norman Peterson on Jun 25, 2017
Went to Menards to purchase the Flex Seal Tape and Spray to help with fixing a small leak on a plastic hose for an above ground watering system. Multiple attempts with the tape and spray did not work, following all directions. On top of that when I attempted to seek help/refund from the...

Flexseal / Liquid flexseal

Linda Hle on Nov 13, 2016
Bought a can and it worked great but didn't use it all so I sealed the lid back onto it and than later when I went to use it was a solid rubber didn't know if this is what it was suppose to do or not but I wanted to know if I would get some of my money back or not. Can't remember where I purchased it at right now I would have to research my recites.

Flex Seal / Flex seal bright in a jumbo can

j kill on Sep 4, 2016
Against the advice of the employees at ACE Hareware in St.Clair Mi, I purchased 3 cans of the jumbo Bright Flex Seal. They told me to use Rustoleum and I had seen the commercial and thought having a coat of paint/plastic on a new bird bath would make it easier to clean and it would last...

Flex Seal / Flex seal customer service

Peggy McLaughlin Hogan on May 13, 2016
I ordered 6 cans of flex sea and was shocked when the charge came to $215.75. Tried to cancel order, but they sent it anyway. Shipped the order back, it has been 7 months and I still have not received my refund. This company is impossible to deal with, they have sent emails stating a...

Flex Seal / Bogus Order

Reviewer86462 on Jan 6, 2016
I saw the $19.95 price and went to the web site. When adding in all the ridiculous handling fees, the total was more than $75.00! Decided I did not want the product at that price, so I didn't press the order button. I backtracked and erased all my credit card and address info. Today, I get...

Flex Seal / Small amount in can

Douglas Jedlicka on Jul 25, 2015
Saw the product on T.V. an of course it looked like I could use it on any leak around the house, WELL on the JUMBO CAN it said must apply 2 coats for sufficient sealing of leak. In my opinion there is not enough contents in that so call JUMBO CAN to finish a leak. Paid $12.88 for an empty...

Flex Seal / doesn't work

Donna Ferno on Jul 9, 2013
I bought 12 cans of flex seal for my camper roof. The stuff just pealed off and now my camper has major water damage in it. Flex Steel DOES crack, peel and not seal at all. My camper is 27 foot.

Flex Seal / False Advertisiing

Fos1110 on Oct 3, 2012
Other complaints are accurate...two cans cost $49.92. The cans received are smaller than shown on TV. I ordered the BRITE which is shown and advertised to be 'white' look at the can lid caps yourself. The product arrived in cans with beige colored lids, that is the color, BEIGE...

Flex Seal / automated clerk , order not complete

yes, i was ''helped '' by a damn ''machine '' i don't like them i want a human being on the line .we went thru the sill and machine ask for credit card # and address, finally she mention a white can is available as well . thats is all i wanted...

Flex Seal / won't spray after 1 application

Impson on Jul 4, 2012
I purchased 2 Jumbo cans of Flex Seal (As seen on TV) from WalMart Idabel, Ok yesterday. This morning I had planned to seal a leak hose. The can did fine for 3 layers, then I went back to put on another layer and the can would not spray at all. Just a little fizzle. It acts like it is of...

Flex Seal / I would not encourage anyone to work with this company, even if the product is great

Halibeke on Jun 19, 2012
I called the Flex Seal telephone order number and went through an automated phone order process. I ordered 1 can of the product along with the free can with shipping charges offer. Before I could get a confirmation of my order and the cost, I was put through 15 minutes of additional...

Flex Seal / OVERCHARGED !!!

bencat28 on May 8, 2012
Same old 'crap' I've been reading about. TV ad says "Order a can of Flex Seal for only $ 19.99, [it stops leaks, etc], but wait we'll double your order. That's right get twice the number of cans, for only $ 19.99. Just pay the extra processing. " When the bill...

Flex Seal / Shipping and handling scam

DArsee on Apr 26, 2012
Flex Seal & their new product appropriately “Slick Fix”. This is ### operating a scam. It’s beyond decptive, being charged $85 on an initial order which is advertised at $19.99 + s/h – good luck on that! As well as not being able to cancel an order immediately...

Flex Seal / Stay away, they will just rip you off

Sidonete on Apr 18, 2012
I ordered the tv special two cans of flex seal for 19.99 plus 9.95 shipping and handleing each for the two cans my order was supposed to be 39.89 on a company credit card!!! when I got the order they shipped two additional cans in the same box and the total bill was 149.61 I called them...

Flex Seal / Charged for multiple cans of Flex Seal

Boika on Apr 18, 2012
We wanted to order one can of Flex Seal. When my husband called in they tried to get him to order numerous other products and he declined all. When he finally got to the part to place his order, they tried to increase it by saying he would get one can free etc. My husband finally placed an...

Flex Seal / The product is very good, but the company is very bad

Weretelle on Apr 10, 2012
I am joining the chorus about reviews on the Flexseal website. Without consulting my common sense, I order “2″ cans but order shows two “orders” of 2 cans each. Nowhere on the website can you make a correction. Talked with some flunky after holding over two hour...

Flex Seal / Charged me $40.00 in shipping alone

Boolone on Mar 5, 2012
I purchased two cans of Flex Seal at the advertised price of $19.99 each. The special deal was you get an extra can free. I had intended to get 4 cans. When the shipment came, I found out that they charged me $29.95 for each "two-can" set for a total of $59.90 plus $9.95 "per can"...

Flex Seal / I'll probably end up in CA Consumer Affairs before this is fixed

Numalde on Mar 2, 2012
Never fails, without telling me they tacked on a ridiculous $20 worth of shipping charges. Of course the office is closed and there is no one to reach until Monday. Hopefully I can reach my bank before then to stop the charge. There was nothing on the screen prior to the final ordering one...

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