Fitness 19 Rancho Cucamonga 2child care unacceptable

R Sep 09, 2018

Nothing really bad happened to my kids, but the environment they have currently is waiting for a disaster. A couple of weeks ago when we were picking our kids up, a toddler snuck out of the room. I thought that her mom was right behind us, but it wasn't her, we brought her back in and were pretty loud about the fact that a kid had just gotten out, and the girl in charge didn't pay attention at all. It happened again a few minutes later, but the girl was still not paying attention. She just continued to put toys away and pretty much ignore what was happening around her. Then yesterday, when I was dropping my kids off, there was a toddler sitting on top of the desk, and another toddler climbing up on the chair to join the other kid on the desk. In addition, one of the older kids was chasing around a younger kid with a toy (one of those things that is supposed to be kind of like a vacuum with balls and one end and a long handle to hold onto) like he was going to hit the other kid, kids were running around crazy, and again, the girl is doing nothing. I was hesitant to even leave my kids at that time, but they were really excited because their good friend was there, so I decided to just leave it. Then when we were picking our kids up, the girl was complaining about how awful the kids were because they were all being crazy, throwing toys, etc... but that doesn't shock me at all because it didn't appear that she EVER even told any kids to stop what they were doing. Anyway, I think it's particularly unsafe if you have younger children. Mine are 4, 5, and 7, so I know they are more than likely okay as long as no one is hitting, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if kids WERE hitting. Anyway, so I just don't feel safe, and I REALLY wouldn't feel safe if my kids were little. Also, just so you know, they are not good with their ratios. They often have WAY more kids in that room with only one adult. Also, the other Fitness 19s I've been too have not been like this. They are run much better.

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